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WOMEN: Victim Profile Of Conman Wilkins Odinga Fadhili

A brief survey of the victim profile who were baited by scam-artist Wilkins Odinga Fadhili shows that it is women entrepreneurs and celebrities. From Marini Naturals, Pinky Ghelani, to Elani to Safaricom Blaze which is run by Sylvia Mulinge, Fadhili managed to dupe women into toeing his line.

His start critic Ruth Ambogo just so happened to be his lover. So we can only guess what happened to the others. Even as they try to deny him now, it’s evident that they all had sexual relations with Fadhili.

But why would women be so gullible? Can they be trusted in strong leadership roles when their judgement is easily manipulated by superficial trigger-mechanisms?

I have interacted with professional women alot. Especially these wannabe boujee-types. They harbor contempt at ordinary Kenyans whom they imagine don’t have value or social-capital to trade off. They only like hanging out amongst themselves or if letting anyone in their circles, it has to be someone famous.

So what would any desperate person do? Simply game the system. Create a false profile of yourself, a few interviews here and there, acquire a fake accent, some eccentric fashion and boom! You’re in. And with such small accessories, you can get any celebrity or corporate woman in bed. Mostly, their own beds. Over and above that, they’ll give you access to their finances.

I’m pretty sure that there are many victims out there who have been defrauded, but can’t speak for fear of stigmatization.

It is amazing how women rationalize and prioritize things, without any thought process going into it. It’s even more comical how they get duped using small trappings like drinks at Brew Bistro, fake accents, good shoes and the likes. Even in the age of social-media, they don’t bother to verify simple details.

And that’s how easy it is to make it in Nairobi. You just need to create some cock and bull story, bribe a journalist and you’re sorted. Because Nairobi is all about shameless self-promoters. Merit is no longer a consideration.

From jobs, to tenders to even social-networks, Nairobi is for the pretentious. Walk into a club and all the people you see there are fake wannabes. Each looking for one scam to uplift them from poverty. They talk a big game, saying elaborating fictitious financial status, travel backgrounds and drinks.

They live in debt, drinking over-priced whiskies at boutique joints, dressing in designer wear and flaunting fake accents. Yes, Nairobi is riddled with fraudsters of all levels.

And our women have become too gullible. Because of being breast-fed on consumerism and vanity, they’ve become very materialistic. They choose their mates based on car you’re driving, clothes you’re wearing, drink you’re ordering and the likes. And the dudes who’ve mastered this art have really enjoyed and accessed some of the best pussy that the city has to offer.

If you look at this photo, you’ll see a bunch of horny women ogling at Wilkins, pretending to be coached on personal branding, but essentially they’re just wishing to be banged by him.

Personal branding in itself is the art of deception. I don’t know why we try sugar-coat it. It is simply someone who wants people to view them differently than what they really are. Political scum-bags approach personal branding merchants to help repair their images. Because gullible masses will always consume Githeri media and will always be easily swayed.

I keep telling you that Business Daily is trash and that they’re bribed by Hass Consult, Knight Frank, and the likes to peddle fake statistics to drive up the price of rent/real-estate. You guys thought I was tripping. That’s how Kenya works these days. As of last week, The Standard was still running Hass Consult’s fictional report word for word.

Even with the opening up of the digital space, Kenyans don’t want to get tired verifying reports. They imagine that just because Business Daily is online, that its a different presentation from the Print version. They’re all Githeri media at the end of the day.

Business Daily listed Wilkins Fadhili in the Top 40 Under 40 List. That list is one big sham. There was one time a pilot and his wife just happened to be in the same list. Is that even remotely possible? But still, dumb/low IQ Kenyans will find time to peruse and consume Githeri media’s garbage. And we can only wish them the best.

I have had journalists seeking me out. When they ask for bribes, I always tell them to go fuck themselves. I have no time to bribe you for doing your job. If you want to profile my achievements, fine. But don’t expect me to pay you. Go get money from Wilkins or any other shameless self-promoter. I also don’t have time to sit there and stroke your ego, which is what the likes of Larry Madowo or the likes want.

You will notice that journalists have formed social circles with the same people they profile or give interviews to. Blatant conflict of interest right under our nose. For instance Larry Madowo is always hanging out socially with Boniface Mwangi (a creation of the media). This is wrong.

The bottom line is that it’s unfortunate that people are so gullible and easily baited by such criminals/fraudsters. Women especially have been a major disappointment. In Nairobi, the corporate women only give tenders and jobs to men they’re sexually linked or attracted to. And that’s why productivity is so compromised.

Style up you bitches! It’s 2019 for heavensake. Make merit not your sexual fantasies to be the cardinal rule. And if you’re expecting someone like Nyakundi to send you flowers or take you for drinks at Brew Bistro just so that I can endear myself to you, then you’re confused. I’m bila time my nigger!

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