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Why Raila Odinga Is The GodFather Of Toxic Feminism


Hiding behind his credentials of activism and the 3rd liberation of Kenya (the biggest sham of our political life-cycle), Raila Odinga continues to alienate the boychild by enabling legislation meant to suppress our gender.

He spear-headed the passing of the 2010 Constitution which among other things, created useless posts like women representatives, whose work is to sit in parliament and fart all day.

Recently, Raila was paid a visit by feminists parliamentarians, pledging his support for the passing of the two-thirds majority agenda.

Which is weird because one would expect Mr. Odinga to have some brains and see how the Muslim world has prospered by using religion to control women from such excesses.

And the media is aiding him from that liberalism agenda, by signing up useless, ratings-less shows like the one Anita Mogere is hosting on KTN, or Sharon Mundia is hosting on NTV, which basically are the biggest waste of time and money.

Muslims see the choices females have made in the West or in Kenya for instance the former hawker who married her lover’s wife…

Porn stars

Fake rape allegations

Multiple fathers etc

They understand in places like Kenya for instance, men can find sex, but not quality wives.

Birth rates decline.

Muslims have seen that society functions better with females constrained.

The brazen antics of western and Kenyan females empower the religion globally.

If the only way you can find a quality virgin wife is via X belief – YOU WILL BELIEVE.

What’s the alternative?

To be a broke nobody at the bottom end of a ruthless western sexual market place?


Society is a large group.

Families a small group.

Destroy families destroy society.

Islamic family’s function far better than western.

From a purely binary standpoint – reproduction divorce rate etc –

Islam has proved female subjugation is the best route for a society.

90% of the west’s problems are Females in government making ill-educated liberal decisions.

Men struggling to find a mate due to females wanting to share an alpha.

Fathers uninterested in staying home being with the kids due to a complaining bitch wife.

The cure?


Muslims like for instance the Somali’s, preserve the important parts of the faith to keep their wives submitted.

Then drink alcohol, chew miraa and fuck our Kenyan girls left right and center.

They enjoy unrestricted female sexuality while also having a virgin wife who cooks cleans and reproduces.

The benefits of Islam are impossible to deny.

A virgin wife who allows you to cheat and obeys you like a slave, who NO OTHER MAN can talk too, is something every male dreams of.

Every man wants this – if they’re honest.

This is why they defend the faith so savagely.

The Taliban fight back to prevent Americans destroying their access to virgin pussy.

From freeing women from chains and realising you’re a nobody with nothing to offer her.

They blow themselves up for virgins.

ALL of Islam is PUSSY driven.

Western females fuel it.

“But why must I wear a burkha?”


*turns on ANY tv channel*


Guess what.

The mans not wrong. It’s vile.

Message to Raila Odinga is to stop disenfranchising the male gender. Stop hiding behind credentialism to front a liberalist agenda. Just because fuckin muzungu’s fund you, doesn’t mean you bow to their demands.

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