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WhatsApp Etiquette: Dump Your Partner If They Exhibit The Following Signs

Follow these helpful tips if you want to survive in the mating game. It’s a jungle out there, and these bitches are smarter than you think. They want to scam food, drinks and trips from you, and not provide sex in return.

As a matter of fact if you ask for sex, they make you feel guilty as if you’ve committed a crime.

1. If she has disabled her “last seen” time-stamp feature on WhatsApp, she’s a hoe my brother. Leave her immediately. This is the universal sign of hoeness.

2. If she has disabled the blue-tick feature, meaning that she doesn’t want you to know when she saw your message, my friend that’s an A1 malaya.

3. If she replies to messages after hours without any logical explanation, bitch is playing mind-games with you. Move on to a more rational woman.

4. If she gets offended by slightly immoral forwards, she is the sanctimonious/self-righteous feminazi-types who will give you hell on earth. If she openly expresses displeasure at the concept of sending nudes, then she will give you problems.

5. If she posts or forwards motivational quotes, or Bible verse, then that’s a bona-fide psychopath.

If she’s offline on weekends, then she’s definitely playing you with one of these old married men. Legit chics always have their phones on since there’s nothing to hide.

6. If her WhatsApp profile picture is a motivational quote, then that’s one of those feminists who try to project themselves as smart women. But truth is that there’s nothing between their ears.

7. If her profile picture is that of another hotter, maybe celebrity woman, or more prominent figure, then she probably has low self-esteem issues. That one will just drain the life out of you.

8. If she doesn’t take or have time to view Insta-Stories/Whatsapp Stories, then she’s projecting a false sense of self-importance. Leave her ass to those “important” guys that she wants to associate with.

9. If she doesn’t do video calls, then she’s definitely hiding something. And if she does, it’s not just pre-planned video calls, but random ones.

10. If she has to request an extra 10 minutes before video-calling back, that’s a commercial sex worker my friend.

11. If her profile picture is of a brand, or logo to a company she’s affiliated with, then she might be abit too busy for you. And as a compromise, might require you to support her business one way or another.

12. If her profile picture is of manicured nails, or shoes, or hand-bags, or expensive watch/ring, she’s a materialistic parasite who might drain your coffers.

Remember young black Kings, you have a very limited period to vet a worthy candidate to be your wife. You cannot afford to be spending more time on the wrong candidates.

In this digital-age, WhatsApp has become very integral in our lives. These are the resources at our disposal to form accurate conclusions, since we don’t have the resources to hire Private Investigators to trail our partners around.

It’s a jungle out there. These women have been prepared ever since they were toddlers watching shows like Beauty and the Beast. You also need to be alert to their tricks.

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