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Were the Soysambu Conservancy Giraffes led to their deaths or accidentally electrocuted?

Thre Rothschild giraffe (they term them rare) lie dead under the electric poles at the Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru

On the 21st of February, Kenyans woke to sad news from Soysambu Ranch and Conservancy based in Nakuru County

Two rare giraffes had succumbed to electrocution. The ‘low hanging’ electricity wires were put up by Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (Ketraco).

Tributes poured in from every part of the world, especially western countries, for the two Rothschild giraffes.

Many Kenyans joined the bandwagon to condemn KPLC, many don’t have an idea that there’s another govt agency that deals with such electricity transmission, over long distances, other than Kenya Power. Of course, Kenya power is still responsible for the power in those lines.

In the melee, most couldn’t fathom what had happened and went on to call out the agencies supposedly involved in animal conservation for not doing enough. They bit the conservancies propaganda, hook, line and sinker.

Also, what most Kenyans are not aware of, is that the ranches usually do PR in order to attract donor funding or arm-twist the govt into accepting their policies. A state capture kind of.

What happened at Soysambu on the night of 20th February 2021, may never be known, but this is the other story of so called wildlife conservation in Kenya.

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Corrupt conservancies

Many Kenyans are unaware that the so-called conservancies have grabbed land in Kenya that was freely used by the locals for hundreds of years to graze their livestock. This in turn has caused conflicts that have ended up in pain and death

According to statistics, over 7 per cent of prime land where the Masais (this tribe was everywhere) used to graze their animals, stretching all the way from Baringo, through central Rift Valley to Northern Tanzania, and some which have huge mineral deposits, have been grabbed, under the guise of conservation.

What is not answered though, is how Masais and other tribes lived with those animals and plants for many years without depleting them such that it warrants protection by white people, who curiously, under them, the animals and plants are disappearing at an alarming rate.

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Enter the book titled The Big Conservation Lie by John Mbaria and Mordecai Ogada. This book opens the eyes of one to the corruption and state capture by NGOs that operate in the conservation world.

How the grab land

These NGOs working in the conservation industry have sabotaged govt policy, pushed for the diabolic hunting of animals for sport (killing for fun), and land grab.

The book names UNESCO, a UN agency that the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump banned.

UNESCO is showcased as a land-grabbing NGO which pronounces barren and potentially resourceful landmass in Kenya (and potentially elsewhere in the world) as World Heritage sites, which in turn mean, that white people are the only ones who will be allowed to move in, construct lodges, and commercially exploit the land as natives are pushed out of their lands.


These descendants of British from the lower class moved away from Nairobi’s Karen area to Laikipia, and now due to pressure from contemporary Kenyans are planning to move south coast. Mark you the lands they leave behind are put in Trust, as they gain more. The announcement on the findings of an ancient cave at Panga Saidi at the Kenyan coast just shows how land grabs happen.

The 6th of May 2021 news has been repeated in all the major international news agencies, respected university websites and newspapers controlled by these land grabbers. “Cave site in Kenya reveals the oldest human burial in Africa”, the headlines screamed.

With all these accounts, it even makes one wonder if the giraffes at Soysambu conservancy were actually electrocuted, were shot and planted there, or they were chased towards the electricity transmissions direction, so as to drive some narrative.

Because, one other thing the protesters of the deaths of the animals pointed out, is that, some birds of prey such as the raptor were also affected by the electricity wires. A picture of an electrocuted raptor, beside the giraffes, was shared.

Aren’t raptors very intelligent and quite unlikely to suffer such a fate? It would’ve been easier to believe the narrative if it were crows. We’ve seen them get electrocuted in cities.

Animals are not this stupid, also how many giraffes have been reported dead through the same means by the well managed, drone surveilled conservancies. How many?

A conclusion, therefore, comes to the mind about the events leading to the deaths of the rare giraffes. They might have been led to death in order to force Ketraco and KPLC to reroute their power lines or in the bigger picture to force the state agency to not pass powerlines through conservancies. (because conservancies need privacy when they are carrying out atrocities on the environment, wildlife, plants and natives).

Ketraco isn’t a very clean state agency. It is corrupt to the core.

The same can be said of Kenya Power.

Kenya Power and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) later agreed to re-route their poles from the ranch. Bingo, the conservancies had won, and no staff of KPLC or Ketraco would stumble upon their sins of killing animals for sport while on a routine ‘killing animals for fun’ expeditions.

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We have commenced the process of enhancing the clearance of the electricity distribution infrastructure at Soysambu so as to forestall a recurrence of the unfortunate incident,” KPLC said in February 2021.

INSANE: A picture of a raptor allegedly electrocuted by the ‘low-hanging’ power lines at Soysambu ranch. Climate Change Kenya wrote, ‘Cases of the endangered Raptor birds and Rothschild’s giraffe been electrocuted have also been reported at Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru County due to the low hanging electric power lines running across their habitats. We Demand Action Now’.

The book

The ‘evidence’ can be found in the book The Big Conservation Lie by John Mbaria and Mordecai Ogada where the book says (in part).

‘In 2011, the Kenyan govt embarked n the development of a power line to supply electricity to the Kenyan grid from Ethiopia and routed said line through Laikipia. The white landowners protested vehemently…’.

Most protested saying many things among them, ‘…the line interfered with wildlife migration’ (as if the caging and fencing off of animals in the conservancies is natural and doesn’t interfere with wildlife migration). However, it was ludicrous that they also said the lines opened the ranches to poachers yet, for those who know, the security in those ranches is impenetrable. It is not possible for anyone from outside to breach the security apparatus, enter the ranch, kill animals and walk out undetected. Curious thing is that animals die.

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Killed for fun by the white landowners for those who can afford to pay a lot of dollars.

Kibaki resisted these laws on killing animals, but your favourite president UhuRuto signed them into law.

Oh God, elephants!


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