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#UhuruTheLameDuck : AUDIO Recording Exposes Uhuru As A Lame Duck-President Who Begs Swazuri For Favors

Clueless President

That Uhuru is a Lame Duck-President is not in contention. Recently he hosted an anti-corruption conference where his most genius idea was to “order” the attorney general to draft legislation barring civil servants from registering companies and doing business with Government. In his mind, this was a revolutionary concept that would solve the corruption riddle.

But the audio below indicates that high level corruption isn’t necessarily domiciled in the construct of conflict of interest. There is extortion, racketeering and outright fraud, which is by far a bigger threat than officials registering briefcase companies and paying themselves hefty sums of money.

So while #UhuruTheLameDuck is chest-thumping and pandering to the Githeri-induced masses who get easily carried away by grammar and semantics, the truth is that he is more confused and has been unable to slay corruption. He just talks big then reappoints people accused of the same vice. A very confused fellow. Says one thing then does the exact opposite.

Surely before the AG drafts a bill, can he tell us how many people he’s suspended for being linked to graft? He is a hostage of conscience and the problem is that everyone knows he made away with our Eurobond monies which nobody can account for. In essence, that money is being used to expand the family’s NorthLands Development Estate, where his brother Muhoho wants to build a small kingdom.

Muhoho Kenyatta masquerades as a corporate guru, but he’s just another piece of shit, who was recently linked to a scam for tendering for hospital equipment. He was also accused of importing sugar and exploiting a duty-free window to acquire cheap sugar for re-sale and also for making his yoghurts. Yet he has a coterie of groupies who suck his dick for a living, and regard him as some extra-terrestrial being who should be worshipped and adored.

One of his habitual sycophants is John Gethi who also doubles up as the General Manager of Brookside Dairies. His father is the one who murdered JM Kariuki on behalf of Jomo Kenyatta and thus the family feels obliged to repay the favor by keeping him in employment. Like David Murathe whose only claim to fame was being the courier for Ganja 1’s Marijuana stash, Gethi carries Muhoho’s scrotum for a living.

Moving on, Muhammad Swazuri has married four (4) wives and has to constantly feed them leading to his insatiable appetite for stolen money. Professor Swazuri is living proof that education is NOT the key because how he executes his criminal activities, leaves a lot to be desired. One would expect some element of sophistication, but these are literally bandits who operate in a very pedestrian manner.

Man with Four Wives

In this audio, Muhammad Swazuri’s personal assistant is heard openly extorting a bribe by promising to manipulate the valuation of land. If you were wondering why the SGR is a white-elephant which has consumed unnecessary amounts of money, this is the reason why.

The audio reveals that Uhuru once telephoned Swazuri, begging for a favor. A whole head of state using his position to solicit for favors from a state official. What a shame! Instead of creating an environment where land fraud is a thing of the past, Uhuru was shamelessly soliciting for a favor.

The audio has been availed to the DCI and Cyprian Nyakundi and it will now become a matter of public record, so that Kenyans can hear first hand, how Government officials connive to steal our taxes. Somehow this retarded professor was able to bribe the courts to have him reinstated as the Chairman of the National Land Commission. He is due to retire next month too.

So to the DCI and ODPP, instead of compressing 31 cases in a single charge-sheet, why not nail Muhammad Swazuri alone? Why not concentrate on him and leave the rest to be handled by natural selection?

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