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Toxic Feminism & Lesbianism: Why Matiang’i Must Re-Introduce Mandatory Mixed-School Policy In Kenya

CAPTION: Girls in high-school should be allowed to unwind like this in presence of their male counterparts, not just amongst themselves, to reduce the source of Lesbianism which has grown in the country. 

Kenya must be the only country in the emerging/aspiring middle-income economies, which is still holding on to this retarded 8-4-4 model of education, which almost demonised inter-gender relations amongst teenagers. Coupled with religion being intertwined with education, this has led to a cultural confusion in society, where specific genders are pit against a non-existent competitive structure.

Of prominence is the recent death of a 21-year old lady, who was having sexual relations with former IEBC IT Manager Chris Msando. We expected the incident to provide an opportunity for introspect to society, but clearly nobody wants to tackle the elephant in the room, with opinion leaders preferring to sweep dust under the carpet whilst awaiting for the system to “miraculously” correct itself.

How does a young girl of 21 years sleep with an old man over 50 years? This was never the norm 20 years ago. And if it did happen, these girls were the bottom-of-the-foodchain rebels/outcasts in families, many of whom have gone on to become drug junkies and rehab center-frequenters.

A song released by institutional-clusterfuck Avril featuring her fellow Eastlands Hoodrat Marya called “Chokoza” a few years ago, puts this catastrophe in perspective. Hereby attached are a sample of lyrics in that third-rate song, written by two ratchet hoochies who confirmed our worst fears; that the space between their ears is empty.

“kuna chali anaangalia” “akatupa shoti za tequilla” “tukaenda loo kisha tuka-disappear” “when I smile at you,
don’t mean I want to spend the night with you” “jamaa hajui hata kama unapenda machali ama madame”

Now when these two raccoons were releasing this song, they were straight/fresh from high-school. Avril was in some high-school in Uganda while Marya was a student in some even shittier high-school in Nyeri. Basically these are your typical village urchins who came to Nairobi and got lost in the hype.

By their own confession, they say in the song that girls (bitches) only hit the club’s to solicit for drinks without any plan on compensating with sex, an attribute we have covered widely under toxic-feminism and extortion. Basically the Kenya Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions MUST start treating this as a crime in Kenya, for obtaining money through false-pretence. That is outright fraud and should be treated as such.

But then the song throws another hitherto unseen angle. The two Hoodrats castigate men for doing what nature expect of them, which is flirting/hitting on skimpily dressed bitches, because they could be lesbians.

Two things come into perspective; our female high-schools have become breeding grounds for toxic feminism and Lesbianism. Due to lack of interaction points between the opposite genders, it’s evident that these girls sleep with their male teachers, a reason why they find it easy to sleep with the Chris Msando’s of this world. Alternatively, if they’re not sleeping with their teachers, they’re fucking themselves which is why Lesbianism is on the rise.

Indeed, Avril Nyambura’s photos where she was having lesbian sexual intercourse leaked on the Internet, further confirming my theory that Lesbianism is nurtured in all-girls high schools.

Avril was famously praised for being “brave” by the feminist dominated media after her nudes leaked a few years ago.

However, now these nude Avril pics have been brightened to reveal her body and and breasts in all of its degenerate glory. As you can see, “brave” is certainly not the word that comes to mind when one looks at these photos, as “nauseating”, “repulsive”, and “enraging” are much more appropriate adjectives.

Of course now that Avril’s vile nudity has been brought to light we can say with certainty that she has absolutely no value as woman as her soft mushy frame would not last a week out in the fields pulling the plow in our maize farms in William Ruto’s North Rift, unlike her lesbian partner who looks more masculine.

As you can see from these pics, Avril’s lesbian partner is one impressive beast of burden which any red-blooded Kenyan man would love to have chained up in his cattle-shed. For there is no doubt that this powerful ox of a woman could not only pull the plow through many hectares of land, but could use her mighty hindquarters to till even the toughest terrain thus greatly increasing the yield on our maize plantations in the Rift Valley, ultimately boosting our food security in our strategic grain-reserve and mitigating against our perennial food-shortages, which was subject to recent political intervention.

CAPTION: What a waste of good pussy when such a beautiful lesbian girl chooses the dark side. Mixed high-schools must be mandatorily re-introduced! 

Many girls high-schools especially the unfortunate ones owned by religious institutions, have psychotic headmistresses and teachers, who condition poor/helpless women to hate/loathe/look down upon men, leading to the contempt we are witnessing today from basic bitches in the country. A four year conditioning program is enough to destroy the souls of these women for life.

Which brings us to the proposed remedy of action that Fred Matiang’i must enforce in the immediate. Matiang’i is a Kisii like myself so he definitely reads this blog.

Fred Matiang’i must immediately send a circular to overzealous school principals who intentionally block students from opposite genders to interact, to immediately halt such moves. Social interactions by way of sports, music festivals, drama, science congresses, mixed mass, should be introduced. They should be done weekly.

Secondly, Matiang’i must send a warning to school principals of girls high-schools and primary schools, to stop embedding pro-feminist and anti-male messaging/rhetoric in their lessons, lectures, assemblies and even sermons.

Finally, as the transition to a new education system takes effect, religion should no longer be embedded in the new curriculum as it’s the No. 1 cause of anti-intellectualism in the country. Any form of religion from Christianity which breeds inherent stupidity, to Islam which breeds radical fanaticism. Let children be allowed to choose their preferred religion outside the confines of education.

Dumb head-teachers exploited the moral high-ground environment, to only allow Gospel singers to attend functions and gigs in schools across Kenya. The so-called “exponential” growth of Gospel music is only so because Gospel musicians have been allowed a free hand to attend funkies and gigs in high-schools, under the guise of spreading the word. Fuck that bullshit!

When you listen to some of these Gospel songs, they’re void of content, sense, logic, inspiration and even form, and are just computer-generated beats with mumbled words like Bazo Kizo, meant to please a mediocre Republic, that wouldn’t know any better.

These neo-conservative/rural-bred teachers and head-teachers must be warned henceforth to stop suppressing the potential of youth by limiting their exposure to their various interests be it in sport, art, and the likes. We cannot prepare Kenyans to face the future, when retarded teachers are still holding onto “Dr.”  Julia Ojiambo’s ideology.

Morning and evening Preps should be discarded and a day-school model adopted. The American public school system which could be identical to Kenya’s best private school, is largely day-based. From 8am to 3pm. America has produced some of the leading brains in the world. What does Kenya have to show for shoving a redundant curriculum down the throats of students from 7am to 9pm? Absolutely nothing!

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