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Thieves! The Disgusting Story Of Kenya Red Cross’s Intellectual Property-Heist

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CAPTION: Todays media release by Kenya Redcross whereby they were launching a stolen idea.

We had once written that First lady Margaret Kenyatta’s “Beyond Zero” project was an intellectual-heist by Statehouse from a young St. Andrews Turi student called Erica Njeri.

In Kenya, there seems to be an anemia of ideas by 8-4-4 educated managers, who often in their zeal to justify their jobs and salaries, embark on widespread intellectual property-theft. Kenya is a country that doesn’t recognise intellectual-input, meaning brain-oriented functions are not considered as commodity, and rewarded.

For young creatives and geniuses like the group of contributors to this side, we have opted to let our ideas rot inside our computers, because any meeting with a corporate will end up being stolen and implemented in a mediocre way.

We warned Kenyans with good ideas to totally stop engaging corporates and big groups in Kenya, because all the managers you see in senior positions in the country, didn’t ascend to them by merit, but by either bribery, parting their legs or family relations.

It’s the reason why you see for instance, pathetic adverts being produced by ALL ad-agencies, which are choking with 8-4-4 educated retards. Our mediocrity is woven into the country’s fabric, meaning that the redundant education system created a false sense of equality. Meaning that we have a country choking with individuals who are jacks of all trades, but masters in none.

A notorious idea-thief for instance is Charles Gacheru of IMG PR. Being a short, pompous character with inferiority complexes and unresolved issues, his work is stealing ideas and presenting them to corporates he works with, as his own. Delivery of the initiatives is always flawed, meaning output and content is mediocre.

The corporates he works with, for instance East African Breweries Limited also don’t demand quality and brilliance, but instead work on copy-paste systems that simulate the semblance of success. The result means that Gacheru will split the money he is paid with senior EABL executives, which is basically how Nairobi operates. One toxic ecosystem of mediocrity and big talkers who then bribe Daystar journalists to always appear on mainstream media.

Kenya Redcross today will launch a campaign dubbed “Treeathon 2016” whereby the Society will claim to want to plant 5 Million trees. To endorse this intellectual property-heist will be Environment CS Professort Judy Wakhungu who is a corporate bootlicker, and speaks in one of those fake accents that Uhuru likes to associate with, Kenya Redcross boss Abbass Gullet who was heavily involved in the Kenyans4Kenya pyramid scheme, Steven Githaiga the CEO of Tana and Athi River Development Authority (TARDA), Emilio Mugo director at the Kenya Forest Services, Fatoumata Nafo-Traore International Federation of Redcross and RedCrescent and Thiery Meyrat, Head of Delegation from International Committee of the Redcross.

These are just a bunch of sorry intellectual thieves who will be launching a project that was pitched to them by Greyfos Consulting’s John Ambuya, in April this year. According to information in our possession, Elijah Muli and Halima Saado both of Kenya RedCross may have been directly involved in the intellectual property-heist as they were to initially jointly pitch it at a seminar and as part of the wider Go Green Kids Festival. Greyfos wanted to incorporate the Red Cross logo as partners.

Halima Saado and Elijah Muli ofcourse with the blessing of the Kenyans4Kenya thief Abbas Gullet simply hijacked this idea, altered it slightly and is now presenting it as an original idea to the public. The two thieves kept evading the signing of an Memorandum of Understanding, signalling their intent to steal the idea from Greyfos Consulting.

Greyfos had developed a very succinct proposal to Kenya RedCross with the same partners that the Society has opted to go alone with. The My Tree App is an ingenious way of integrating technology with the environment. If seen to its conclusion by the originator, the project would have probably met it’s objectives in flawless delivery instead of the copy-paste mediocrity that Judy Wakhungu will be launching today.

Kenyans from all walks of life need to join hands as we get rid of this scourge of intellectual property-heist. Let’s crowd-source to encourage corporates and mediocre institutions to only engage the real concept-creatives. Let’s encourage corporates to desist from engaging copy-paste firms like ScanGroup and instead scout for brilliant/exceptional individuals who have so much more to offer than the mediocre ad-agencies in the country.

Is it possible that going to a local university is a guarantee for impeccable marketing ideas? Are ideas nurtured in university? Ofcourse not. Kenyan Universities stifle creativity. Recruiting content-generators from university or using university-degrees as a threshold is the cause for the death of the media industry.

Shame on Kenya RedCross for stealing Greyfos idea.

Attached is the copy of the concept Greyfos Consulting pitched to Kenya RedCross.

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