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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


The Young Kenyan Man Is In Danger

Dear young Kenyan man, you are at war. With enemies you never imagined existed. First and foremost, the system is against you. If you look at this piece of shit called Uhuru Kenyatta, he has been appointing retiree’s like Moody Awori into positions. Uhuru is an asshole beyond measure. His stupidity is infinite.

Another enemy is toxic feminism. Everyday we are finding women just talking crap about men under the guise of “girl power” and the likes. They use derogatory terms to obscure their genuine hate for us. Like “dead-beat” or “broke ass” and the likes. Yet the same women readily give themselves to married men for casual sex when the financial incentives are offered to them.

Third, the job market is now anti-male. All Human Resource managers in nearly all companies are women. In-turn, they pack those companies with fellow women and block men who probably have more productivity. Safaricom now has more women than men on its payroll. All this made possible by the men who run these companies.

Finally Kenyan ladies have made it their business to hyper-publicise their break-ups with Kenyan men, to spread the sentiment of how “useless” we are. They in-turn take on foreigner trophy boyfriends and project them as some sort-of aliens who have discovered a new solar system. We recently saw the demeaning tirade by Vera Sidika towards Otile Brown. Now we have Anerlisa Keroche taking on a Tanzanian boyfriend trying to subliminally send the message to her peers that Kenyan men are ain’t-shit niggers. She’s the new mascot of this mindless agenda.

Who is the beneficiary of this grand scheme to undermine young men? Ofcourse it’s the old men who are taking our jobs and fucking our bitches. Feminists may not know, but their agenda subconsciously benefits the old men of this country.

The old men have found perfect agents in the likes of Caroline Mutoko, Ciku Muiruri and others, who spend their days spreading the anti-male sentiment. If you listen to old men, they’re always degrading us with phrases like “young boys of today….”. One would expect these old retarded prices would embark on mentorship, but they love spoiling our names especially to our women, so that they can continue fucking them.

Why Kenya cannot develop wealth to compete with developed economies is because the people who are supposed to use their money to propel our ideas into action, are just buying us alcohol and fucking our women. The most they do is build flats and act as if they discovered life on Planet Mars. Our country cannot develop if every idiot is just planning on stealing from Government so as to build flats. We need that capital to fund ideas.

Look at an idiot like Lillian Muli’s clande for instance. He has probably spent Kshs. 30 Million on her since they started dating in the form of clothes, trips, dates, etc. That is money that could have incubated a brilliant idea. And that’s how stupidity has thrived in the country. Such an old bastard is happy spending on bitches, as opposed to incubating ideas.

In Kenya this is the cycle of “success” . You know someone in Government, you steal using a bogus tender, get a clande, build a flat, and boom! You’ll even get Githeri clergy to acknowledge you in church. That is the highlight of success from a Kenyan perspective.

We need a mentality shift. Old men need to stop thinking as if they have sperms in their head. Your stupidity is like that of Uhuru’s. Use the phone in your hand to learn more about the world. Don’t confine yourselves to the stupidity of Githeri media. Think outside the box.

Funding malaya’s is not a means to the end. Fucking young pussy cannot be your core-business. Find something better to do with the disposable income you have. Kazi sio umalaya saa zote. It’s sad that us young kids are asking our older men to grow the fuck up. Never before has Kenya had dumber people, than this current crop of old men.

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