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The “Personal Branding” Scam

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi
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Of late we have been hearing of the word “personal branding” . People have made careers from telling people how to run their lives, what to post on social media and even who to be seen with in public. These are some of the whack jobs created by Jubilee because during Kibaki’s time, we never heard of such bullshit. People actually did real work and grew the economy.

So here you are, living in a rental somewhere in Kilimani or Pangani, and you hire someone to tell you how to project your image to the public, as if you’re some sort of celebrity or famous Silicon Valley entrepreneur with actual/tangible achievements.

I mean what’s wrong with you Kenyan women? Are you tooled to be subservient to some human who has mind-fucked you? We spend all this money empowering women and they’re still subconsciously aligning with the very attributes which feminism was meant to obliterate? Because for women, if it isn’t religion, then it’s boyfriends with good dick and bad energy. If it’s not that, it is them falling for the “personal branding” scam.

Why do you need a personal branding Coach if I may ask? What is this perfection that you are seeking? In between your educational background where 8-4-4 created all these barriers on your head, to your religious conditioning where church is scamming you off your hard-earned money while telling you how to live your life, why would you then pay someone to create more imposition in your life?

And other than KOT where we have a “woke” set-up, all other social-media’s have become too fake. There’s no realness. Everyone is desperately trying to put their best foot forward. Nobody wants to say the wrong thing, or post the wrong picture. Women have to test out like 30 filters before posting something.

What’s this desperation with perfection? The market has started growing resentment with too much perfection. It is in this illusion of perfection that fraud thrives. Wilkins Fadhili had an impeccable profile, curated photos and the likes. Just like our fashion bloggers. But the first signal of fraud is that. When the deal is too good, think twice.

I don’t know where the social construct of perfection and self-righteousness came from. I can trace it to one of the leading lights in the vague business of “personal branding” called Robert Burale, himself a former conman who redeemed himself through religion and this bullshit personal branding business.

Burale himself isn’t an entrepreneur of repute. It’s not like he’s built his own residence, or has invented some life changing app or secured a patent for a brilliant invention. He’s just a hustler like you and me who invokes God’s name to pander to sexually-starved women. So why would you allow a fellow struggler to tell you how to live your life? You Kenyans amaze me.

These fashion bloggers all live in rented spaces like everyone else. They keep posting all these motivational-quotes pretending to be doing “better” but truth is we are stuck in this shit together. And the conversation shouldn’t be how one can help you jump the queue to success, but rather how we can all achieve collective progress.

Which means we should be vibrant in our discourse about governance, and the likes. Anyone trying to suppress your ability to speak out on important matters under the guise of “it will hurt your brand” is just a conman who wants your money. And Burale, Wilkins, and all other personal branding merchants are conmen.

Why must you concede your thinking faculties to third parties? Why this propensity to submit to some advisory body or individual? Is it some compulsive disorder? Isn’t life supposed to be lived free where we seek progress and not perfection?

Kenyans, you stomach too much bullshit. And you allow ain’t-shit niggers and bitches to control/manipulate your lives. They call themselves “influencers” because they’ve mastered the art of deception into tricking ideological-orphans as yourselves, into doing whatever they conjure.

The brain is a muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Please Kenyans, master the art of thinking for yourselve. We live in an Era of unprecedented access to information. Make your own choices and don’t be influenced or emotionally-blackmailed into conforming to some social construct created by conmen desperate for coin.

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