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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


The experience of this Kenyan shows there’s clearly a Corona Extortion racket

Mutahi Kagwe, the Cabinet Secretary For Health

Coronavirus is 99 per cent survivable.

Other respiratory diseases such pneumonia and Tuberculosis are way more dangerous and deadly.

Since the world was drowned in the ‘corona is real and dangerous’ news. Nobody uses their head anymore. The so-called conspiracy theorists are living in a golden age, all their so-called theories have been proven true. But only for those who read and research for themselves.

Why then would the governments of the world continue in a narrative that is so misleading, putting millions in poverty and taking away civil liberties?

The answer is varied, but in Kenya, it is to make money from donor funding. The funds, as shown in 2020, ends up in private citizens and politicians’ pockets.

Threats often signify the incompetence of the threatening authority

Here is one case in point where the arrow points to the extortionists:

  1. I arrived in the country early Saturday 11/12 /2021 at 1.20AM with a negative PCR result as required before travel and as a prerequisite of entry into the country.
  2. I was subjected to mandatory Rapid Antigen testing (random) at JKIA upon arrival yet there are no guidelines available for travelers.
  3. The Port Health officials claim a positive result and offered Isolation locations including Hotel Rio (50K for 10 days), Golden Turnip (150K for 10 days), Mbagathi Hospital (gratis for 10 days).
  4. I chose Mbagathi Hospital and was assured a PCR test result would soon follow. The results of that PCR test never arrived. Only left JKIA at 4.30pm when the ambulance arrived. No food or water was offered to me and I could not go and purchase as we were confined.
  5. As a result of Jamhuri Day I could only be tested again (PCR) on Tuesday 14/12/2021. No one explained to me what happened to the sample taken at JKIA.
  6. Tuesday morning a routine doctor check made a call to discharge me based on the fact that I was in good health based in my oxygen levels, my heart rate and my blood pressure levels. I waited. They said I could self-isolate at home since I had somewhere to go – being Kenyan.
  7. That same afternoon, a doctor from NMS came and suddenly authorized a PCR test. A 2-day wait for KEMRI to get results.
  8. I was assured by the same doctor who had checked me that even if the result is positive I would still be discharged.
  9. Thursday 16/12/2021 morning came, results arrived. Positive. I strongly believe the results are doctored (I do not think PCR tests are reliable to detect the presence of Sars Cov-2 virus).
  10. The doctor (different from Tuesday) told me that I could not be discharged.
  11. I became adamant and asked her to escalate to the Coordinator of this Isolation Unit.
  12. The lady assured me that she would bring the issue to the attention of the National Multi-Agency Committee on COVID-19 (NMACC*) on a routine meeting on Friday 17/12/2021
  13. I spoke to her again after the meeting on Friday 17/12/2021 about 3pm where she and the doctor who authorized a PCR test be done that Tuesday, told me my request to be discharged to self-isolate was denied.


  1. Hey Mutahi Kagwe: Where did money to pay Hadassah Hotel for hosting Covid-19 response team go?
  2. COVID-19 Cons: Pathcare Kenya Laboratories punished staff instead of improving

That the guidelines dictate that I should stay at this Isolation center for 10 days. She went as far as saying that if I like, “NMACC would be prepared to pick me up and hold me in their care until the 10 days Isolation period is over.”

Tyrant: NMS Director Mohamed Badi

The things that I find inconsistent are as follows:

In the melee at the airport I believe Port Health either

  1. Allocated someone else’s results to me or B. Doctored the results.
  2. What is considered the basis of my Isolation is a handwritten report diagnosing Sars Cov-2
  3. The results I received on Thursday 16/12/2021 were either doctored to fit a narrative or I was deliberately exposed to sick patients to get that result. My vitals and health is still 100% nonetheless.
  4. I have witnessed patients – Kenyan and non-Kenyan – who have been released before 10 days
  5. The port health officials are holding illegally my Kenyan Passport at JKIA so I am not officially in the country; they say until I go with a discharge form showing a negative result.
  6. I have been stopped from getting a second opinion – a privately done PCR test – yet I am aware the same was allowed for other patients who received a negative result and have been discharged as a result.

The help I need from you is:

  1. I need to get the word out anonymously (since I was threatened)
  2. I need legal aid (Pro Bono) for wrongful imprisonment and willful exposure to disease and infection. The NMS and Ministry of Health jointly run this operation here. I would even argue slavery since they continue to hold my identity document. Not to mention the mental anguish endured by seeing very sick patients here.

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