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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


THE DRUNK PRESIDENT: A Golden Opportunity For Our Liberation

CAPTION: The defiant stand. The picture that gave us hope that for once the cartelic shadow state is about to fall with a thud.

Some sections of the media (blogs) reported that Kenya’s President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta wanted to do a press conference while drunk necessitating a frenzy of events one of which was tightening of security at state house.

Whatever the tightening of security means.

More is that the president had arrived at State House Nairobi in the evening, recently, at around 5:43 p.m. and wanted to do a press conference.

The reason he wanted to address Kenyans might be unknown to us but we can speculate that the son of Jomo might have been drinking with some ‘sober’ buddies who might have nudged him whether to fire some people or even to resign. Who knows?

This is the same guy who doesn’t have the same outlook on life as the majority of us, Kenyans.

This is that guy who might not be good at making personal decisions and being assertive.

This man, your president, it is well to speculate, has a good heart and is cheerful, but in the matter of ruling a nation, he scores zero. Such people are like those friends (you’ve encountered) who have everything but don’t ‘have any intelligence on how the natural world works. They live in a bubble and any lie told to them, taking advantage of their myopic view of the world, goes in as fact and truth.

I started writing this article even before the events I have described above and so I will go on.

CAPTION: Uhuru Kenyatta has always blamed others for his incompetence.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Having been elected in 2013 under the campaign to defeat International Criminal Court (ICC), president Uhuru seemed as someone who was forced to come to power.

The son of Jomo often described by peers such as the Economist David Ndii, as a person who cannot even run a Mutura shop successfully, has lived to that tag.

It is often whispered that Uhuru Kenyatta is the only family member who doesn’t know how to run a business. All the family businesses he was given to run, failed.

How then did they come up with a plan to put him in politics?

This just shows how important politics and people welfare is to the Kenyatta family. To them Kenya is just a property like a sitting chair, you can take it anywhere you like i.e. play with it outside, sit under a tree, carry it to church, in short, Kenya is ‘just a mere thing for their convenience’.

The presidency: Running Kenya

Since 2013, the duo of Uhuru and Ruto have run things like a person should not even run their own house.

Theft of public funds is free-for-all.

The amount of bribes asked has grown.

No one talks in millions anymore.

People are bribed in billions.

You wonder how these two guys sit pretty and run a country to shit, yet many economists have complained that the debt is not sustainable and Kenya might default causing chaos to this society.

Well as we wait for ‘our time of slaughter’, it is well to ask if these guy have feelings or foresight at all.

It seems they don’t have any, but why?

Answer: Human greed is not easily caged, and as one gets money, their view of the world changes. Money is a god that can answer any question. Most don’t care to reflect, others have given up pointing the right direction and have joined the ‘feeding frenzy’. They forget that the ‘meat’might run out and in the end they might end or we might end up eating them or each other.

For the few who care to reflect about this mad situation. Perhaps they can’t help but tell themselves, ‘I have stocked enough money; if Kenya goes down, I can just relocate to another country’.

Well. That might be, but that’s not the point.

Kenyatta has left the wheel to a ghost to run the country.

He seems out of touch and surely he is. Because, despite all the warning and all the good advice that we have around, including common sense, this guy has not woken up.

Is there an agenda by some unknown power to exploit Kenya when it collapses financially?

The blinding greed, the myopia, the careless leadership that doesn’t seem to know what is happening. Is it a calculated move?

Barking toothless dog

The fact that Kenyatta can’t bite makes it even more laughable, because it emboldens thieves and looters.

The president has on many occasions wanred corrupt people, yet no action has been taken against those.

These looters and thieves forget the primal reason for making of a state. That the state protects the weak from the strong and menacing by itself becoming a monster threatening both the strong and the weak into submission.

We have laws, which are not followed.

In the global scheme of things, powerful and rich individuals have often formed societies (many are secret) to discuss, come up , execute and follow up some sinister slavery agenda. Kenya seem to be bold about this.

There’s a sinister motive to roll back the gains made over the years and plunge this country into a darkness never before seen. My only worry is that the current generation seems to be senile to respond.

‘A country cannot be run like this, even one’s house cannot be run like this’, so said that Kalenjin farmer.

Time will come

With things spiralling out of control in the slippery floor we are currently in. It might be well to assume that this Kenyatta is also our friend in these things.

He might be the necessary evil, the catalyst to speed up the fermentation of the revolution we so need.

He is hands off in the whole melee of plunder, looting and rape of our conscience.

He is the one who tell us, ‘look, my hands are tied by the cartels and family interests, but am this clumsy so that things can go haywire’

‘Don’t you see, that you need to stand up for your rights and salvage what is left of Kenya, don’t you see that you have a case to make against we, the ruling class?’

You can’t see?

Peace-loving people

Kenyans have always been said to be peace-loving people.

However, where is the peace and humanity in lynching small thieves and not demanding that big thieved leave power?

Where is your humanity in feeling privileged that you are able to pay expensive loans yet the large majority are stuck in a rut of poverty, lack and low wages?

What is so great about having more than one can finish in one lifetime knowing too well that over 40 percent of youths and other Kenyans are unemployed, can’t afford basic needs and are pulling others down through total dependence?

What are you gonna do?

Humpty dumpty, the story of a fallen King (read cartel network) that couldn’t be put together again no matter how they tried.

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