Suspended National Irrigation Board GM Daniel Barasa Impregnates Thika Town MPig Alice Nganga

Caption: Baby Daddy. Suspended National Irrigation Board General Manager Daniel Barasa will father Alice Nganga’s third kid.

Daniel Barasa, the man who conspired with others to loot National Irrigation Board (NIB’s) Galana/Kwayu projects, where over Kshs. 7.5 Billion is missing has impregnated his girlfriend and co-conspirator Alice Wambui Nganga.

The two have been living together since last year, when they mutually connected in pursuit of the billions meant to achieve Kenya’s food security and fill the strategic grain reserve. The project also encompassed funding of Mwea, Bura and other irrigation schemes.

These are the short-term characters who prefer to compromise national interests, so that they can build flats. Pathetic individuals who deserve the death penalty.

Alice Nganga was previously a single mother and this Daniel Barasa character took her up when she had two kids from two different guys. Barasa’s kid will be her third, from different fathers, leaving one to wonder just how such children will grow up. What greed or horniness is this, that would make a woman get three kids by three different guys? No, Kenya cannot go on accepting this as the norm.

Caption: Shrewd single-mother Alice Nganga is said to be 2 months pregnant with the man they plundered National Irrigation Board coffers with.

Ofcourse now since Barasa is no longer in office, she will quickly abandon him as Kikuyu women especially such single mothers are famous for bailing out on men that have outlived their usefulness. Barasa should start packing his bags.

You will all realise that the Thika Town MPig is very cunning, as the apartments being constructed in Hurlingham Shopping Center are in her three names, despite the fact that both of them executed the heist together.

We know such Kikuyu women very well Bwana Barasa. Heartless bitches whose main target is to secure a good future primarily for their children, not you. Wait and see Bob Collymore. His productivity will go down as this woman will subject him to unnecessary sideshows and mental torture tactics that he won’t be the same Bob that we knew.

We keep telling Kenyans to avoid single mothers as these are women who will drain the life out of you. Look at Jimmy Gathu for instance; he was the pioneer of single-mothers almost 20 years ago. Despite the many years he has been in media, he’s only been job hopping from one station to another, doing menial jobs while his colleagues who shot to prominence at around the same time, run their own successful operations.

Caption: A young Jimmy Gathu who had his entire life ahead of him, opted to settle with an older single-mother. Talk about life’s biggest goof!

Jimmy Gathu had all the opportunity to marry a single girl who would worship and nurture his potential, but he opted for a single mother whilst trying to prove a point. He would now be a media owner had be married a supportive woman.

Again Kenyans, this sympathy we seem to have for single-mothers is unjustified and choreographed by the feminist-dominated media. These are women who curved many decent guys and settled for the “bad boys” because they wanted thrills and excitement to spice up their lives.

Others like Alice Nganga spread legs strategically, to suit their financial aspirations. Bottom line is that it’s all premeditated and this nonsensical theories that men bailed out on them is playing victim to the gallery.

To the basic chic reading this, curving good brothers for some bad boys, know that we are starting a movement against the sympathy on single mothers. We speak on behalf of the ladies who made good choices and settled with great men, who by far outnumber the noisy few that manipulate the mainstream media.

To the ladies waiting out for a better “offer” please note that time is never on women’s side. Trust your instinct and make your move. Men are made. Make your own and he’ll never leave your side.

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