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Shock As Wife To Mombasa Tycoon Alnoor Jiwan Accuses Bisexual Husband of Sexually Abusing Young Daughter

Mombasa Tycoon Alnoor Jiwan and his estranged wife Fauzia Shazmeer: She has accused him of sexually abusing their thirteen-year-old daughter

In one of the most shocking revelations of the year, the wife of famous Mombasa tycoon Shazmeer Alnoor Jiwan sent netizens talking this week after she chose to air out her long-hidden marital frustrations to the public.

Through her social media pages, Ms. Fauzia Shazmeer Alnoor Jiwan accused her controversial billionaire husband of all the evils of this world.

From his unquenchable thirst for the other gender to the most shocking of all; sexually abusing his thirteen-year-old daughter across multiple occasions.

Yes, you read that right.

To guide you better into the scope, Mr Alnoor is a shrewd businessman who boasts of various dock facilities within the Kenyan coastal port.

Prior to his wife’s latest shocking revelation, his rather private life had only once come to the public’s attention when he appeared all over the news over a Sh450 million land tussle in 2019.

In this case, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) fingered his company African Marine and General Engineering Company (AMGECO) for illegally acquiring 3.2 acres of public land from the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) in order to secure a bank loan.

At the time, investigations indicated that on December 19, 2002, senior KPA officers colluded with Alnoor Jiwan and acted against the law by facilitating the guaranteeing of a loan of Sh16,461,000 from Barclays Bank using the property, which was contrary to the terms and conditions of the land lease.

Al Noor is also the CEO of ShipServ – a marine and offshore online trading platform and also the owner of the famous Sheheena Marina Apartments in Nyali, Mombasa.

Strange habits

Now that you have a basic understanding of this billionaire tycoon, let’s get back to the story.

According to Al Noor’s estranged wife, the two had been in a happy 14-year marriage until 2016 when she began noticing some of Alnoor Jiwan’s “strange habits”.

In her viral narration, Ms. Fauzia Shazmeer claims that after further investigating her husband’s sneaky behaviours, she came to the shocking realization that he was a closeted bisexual.

She noted that despite his preference for both men and women, Alnoor seemed a lot more biased towards his own gender when it came to those whom he really loved.

His male mistress at the time is said to have been another man who was also married with three children.

The two men made it their life’s duty to ensure their wives never found out about each other, let alone get an opportunity to meet.

“He kept inviting his man to our home and they would get a room in the house and sleep together till morning. Family and friends kept asking me why we hadn’t gotten another child yet but I couldn’t explain. Shazmeer didn’t want me to visit his family he didn’t let me even visit my own family neither did he want them visiting me cause he was afraid of me complaining to both families (both my family and his) about his behaviour,” she writes in part.

Due to the fear of the shame and stigma that would come with opening up about such a controversial issue in a conservative Muslim environment, Ms. Fauzia Shazmeer says she opted to remain quiet and even adopted her own coping mechanisms, like the alternative to sleep in their daughter’s room instead of the master bedroom.

This, she adds, went on for months until she finally grew the courage to confront her husband and demanded a divorce, failure to which she would go public with all his dirty linen.

Fauzia’s unexpected card sent Mr Alnoor into panic and as a damage control measure, he relocated his family to Dubai so they could find some peace of mind away from the “disturbing events” back at home.

He also promised to quit his adventurous ways, sell all his businesses, and in a few months, join them in the Arab world, where they would settle down and just like the old tale goes, ‘live happily ever after’.

“He said he would relocate us to Dubai where I would not see them. He said he wouldn’t leave the man cause of his reputation and that’s why he suggested that we would move to Dubai to avoid colliding. But he promised to sell all his companies so that we would settle down together in Dubai and we would depend on the interest,” she explained.

But as expected, this was certainly not the case.

In Dubai, things only went from bad to worse.

Although he would visit every 4 weeks, Fauzia narrated, it became apparent that he was still continuing his relationship with the other married man in Kenya.

He also began mistreating his wife and daughter by denying them access to bank accounts and imposing heavy limitations on their life abroad.

Whenever she asked questions, the business tycoon would turn it into a LIVE UFC match.

“We finally moved to Dubai and Shazmeer kept showing me that he had “broken up” with the other man. He usually went back home after every 4 weeks. They were actually still together but he kept hiding it from me. Shazmeer kept changing from the man I know. He started denying me access to bank accounts, he started limiting me to certain things. I kept wondering if they were still together with his man. Whenever I asked him if he was still with his man, he turned out to be violent. He kept beating me up whenever I could ask such questions and at the same time he would promise to make it up to me but this continued for a long time and it became a routine,” she adds.

In an equally shocking and heartwrenching part of the intriguing story, Ms. Fauzia narrated how a 2017 trip to Disney Land turned into hell on earth for their thirteen-year-old daughter after her drunk father sexually abused her for the first time.

She says that on that fateful night, he got into their shared hotel room while drunk and slept between her and their daughter before he began the despicable act.

“In 2017, we travelled to Disney Land with our daughter and we were in the hotel. Shazmeer got drunk and came and slept between me and my daughter. He started touching our daughter. I heard our daughter crying and when I woke up I looked at him, he pretended to be sleeping,” she wrote on her long post.

This he allegedly tried to repeat again in 2019 during a family trip to Canada.

On that day, Ms Fauzia claims that Mr Alnoor first attempted to sleep with her in the morning but she angrily turned down his advances since she had growing suspicions he was now also seeing another younger woman in Kenya.

At night, he returned drunk just like the last time and slid into bed where she was sleeping with her daughter.

But that time, Fauzia stood up to him and all hell broke loose.

He threatened to kill all her family members in Kenya if she ever spoke up about it.

“In 2019, we travelled to Canada with our daughter. Shazmeer wanted to sleep with me in the morning but I declined cause he was violent. He promised to hit me with a machine he was using for the gym. He then got drunk that night and came to sleep between me and my daughter and the same thing of him touching our daughter while we are sleeping happened but this time, I saw him. Our daughter started crying and I screamed and we started arguing and he started threatening me how he will kill all my family members in Kenya if I spoke of what happened,” reads the post in part.

Fearing for her life and that of her daughter, Ms Fauzia made calls to friends and family in the UK and Canada and asked them to help her call the police to their hotel room.

Moments later, uniformed men showed up and she explained her husband had tried to physically assault her.

She asked them for help on how to get to a friend’s house in Canada where she planned to stay for a few weeks before plotting her next move.

What followed were his insistent calls and messages from Mr Alnoor asking for forgiveness.

In an attempt to convince her into getting back to Dubai, he even promised to buy his wife a house in Canada and even took her for viewing.

“He called me and asked for forgiveness and even swore on his mother’s grave that he would never repeat that behaviour again. He apologised to us and touched his daughter’s head and swore on his mother’s grave not to do that mistake ever again. He even promised to buy us a house in Canada and actually took us to view certain houses on which he would buy,” she writes.

Sadly, she fell for his old manipulative tactic again.

After a while back in Dubai, Ms Fauzia says that she decided to visit Kenya where Mr Alnoor had returned to attend to his businesses.

When she landed, a bunch of realities dawned on her.

First, she confirmed her suspicions that Mr Alnoor was dating a younger woman in Kenya, and, Second, she discovered that her husband had not changed a single bit: He was as vile and wild as ever before.

During the trip, she says, he abused their daughter yet again: This was the third time.

This forced her to finally file a divorce case against her husband in Kenya but before proceedings even took off, he sent them both back to Dubai following a heated confrontation.

“I decided to go to Kenya to know if he still pushing out with the boyfriend but instead I discovered he had a girlfriend and still continued seeing his man. When I asked he got drunk and came to our bedroom and touched our daughter, again. We argued and decided to file a case here in Kenya. He strangled me and told me to go back to Dubai. He wanted us to quickly leave Kenya. My daughter’s school was ongoing in Dubai and I had no choice,” she writes.

It was at this moment that Ms Fauzia realized her husband had the power to get away with almost anything.

She says before she boarded the flight back to Dubai, he forced her to sign multiple documents without even according her time to read through them first.

“He told me we had no choice and he would “make me a dustbin” and if we tried anything, he would finish me and my daughter would end up being an “uneducated b*tch” just like me,” she continues to narrate.

Back in Dubai, it was back to old ways.

Constant arguments and threats became the norm.

During one of his monthly trips in this period, Mr Alnoor is said to have repeated the unspeakable act (now a habit) on his young daughter.

“In December 2020, the same thing happened, he got drunk and came to touch my daughter again things worsened, we fought and he beat me so hard. Me and my daughter closed ourselves in the room. We called the police but my daughter requested me not to mention what exactly had happened on fear that she wasn’t ready to testify anything. I kept quiet on the real issue cause I didn’t want my daughter to feel inferior or commit suicide due to such shame. I told my daughter that I would just file for divorce so that we would live a free life,” writes Fauzia.

After several unsuccessful cases, Fauzia finally found reprieve when Dubai authorities finally issued an arrest warrant against Mr Alnoor who was outside the country at the time.

“I went Dubai police and filed for divorce case but it was unsuccessful because, in the Sharia Law, men are more protected and powerful than women. though the Dubai police put arrest warrant for him since he wasn’t in Dubai. When my daughter heard of the arrest warrant, she got relieved and decided that she would open up so that we could file a case and I encouraged my daughter to speak up for herself and I told her that she would get justice,” she adds.

When he heard of the case awaiting him in Dubai, Mr Alnoor began withdrawing from all his responsibilities to his wife and daughter.

At the end of her long Facebook post, Ms Fauzia notes that right now, she is stuck in the city with nowhere to go with her sickly daughter .

“In front of people he speaks so nicely that he is taking good care of us, that we stay at Burj Khalifa and that everything is going on well but we don’t have an access card, we can’t access anything, he doesn’t provide for his daughter anymore and totally does not care. He only put delivery food for his daughter, rent and school fees. He doesn’t provide medical fees and yet my daughter is sickly,” she writes, before finishing off by begging for help on how she can return to Kenya.

“I have used up all my savings and now I don’t have anything. I wrote all this to get justice, I have not been helped by the lawyers I got. Neither was I helped by the Dubai police. I was kept on being referred to Kenya Embassy since Shazmeer isn’t in Dubai but still I couldn’t get help. I need help to get a divorce from Shazmeer and I need my daughter’s passport which he took with him to Kenya saying that we would run away and he has put a travel ban on me,” she added.

Attached to the post were the screenshots shared below of a WhatsApp conversation between Ms Fauzia and Mr Alnoor.

Below is her full narration as captured from Facebook.


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