Running out of tactics, GoK now goes for Miguna’s Twitter

Canada based Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna is the target of a well orchestrated campaign for deplatforming by the Kenyan govt.

Tuesday morning, Miguna Tweeted a screenshot of one of his messages that has been flagged or reported to Twitter.

“The desperation, fear and incurable low self-esteem of Fat Toad @makaumutua, Conman @RailaOdinga and Despot Uhuru Kenyatta has reached fever-pitch. I’m still going to sue @makaumutua and will continue with the fight for social justice. Let them tremble. Aluta Continua!,” he Tweeted

If the bots or shadowy persons behind the reporting of Miguna Twitter accounts continue the onslaught, he will sure lose his account.


Censorship of free speech has been on the increase over the past 5 years and with the rise of Donald Trump, the world was treated to the absurd.

Those that spoke the reality underlying all existence and rationality, found themselves grappling with lack of audience; because either they had been deplatformed (deleted) or their accounts shadow banned.

Shadowbanning is worse, a person won’t know that their message isn’t reaching the targeted audience because in shadowbanning, your message isn’t deleted, but the systems make sure no one sees it through algorithmic manipulation.

The screenshot Miguna Miguna shared.

Fact checkers, who are they?

There’s a saying, ‘fact checkers didn’t exist until the truth started coming out’.

No other person in Kenya has suffered the wrath of the so called fact checkers than blogger Cyprian Nyakundi.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is the most deplatformed in the whole of Africa.

Nyakundi lost his powerful Twitter account in 2018, his YouTube was also deleted together with his Facebook account with over 330k followers and just as many likes.

Who fact checks the fact checkers? What are the facts?

There’s another saying that, ‘whoever controls information, controls the media’. And from this, I’ll give an example.

So, the media for example would support the lame agenda of homosexuality, which goes against the natural order of being. Then, this special interests will buy (use a lot of money) space in all the media houses, confuse children with stupid education, traumatize some others with inuendos through what they call entertainment. Then when time has passed and the lie has been repeated till it appears like the truth, they call it fact.

So, you, a fully grown human being with rational thoughts, you come across this malaise being peddled somewhere and go on the offensive; defending the right position of nature.

The fact checkers will pounce on your posts, filter them, shadow ban you or even delete your account.

See, what we in the modern world call facts? Laughable.

If it is a fact, why fear the opposite of it?

The argument against bullying is in fact a creation of another diabolic state of being; a feminised society.

A feminised society is one where emotions rule decisions. No rational thought is given audience. This just feeds into the bigger scheme of making the world a very depressing place to live.

Back to Miguna, the Kenyan govt has abused the constitution, disrespected nearly 20 court orders that supports Miguna’s entry back to Kenya.

They had deported him twice, violated his rights, held him incommunicado without legal representation, and sedated him; and as if that is not enough, they are now trying to gag him.

Because on YouTube and Twitter, Miguna continues to churn his message of justice and the state is in panic.

Glad that Twitter chose the right path this time.

However, this just signals that the Kenyan govt has started in its deplatforming campaign against one of the fiercest defenders of justice in Kenya.

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