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#RIPNjeri : Dr. Samson Misango Pens Moving Tribute To MaddTraxx Late Sister

Real life is stranger than fiction….is it Murphy’s law or Karma, or both?

You leave your house running late for work in the morning and find you have a flat tyre.

Soldier Waingo (your favourite gate man) is absent today… (?funeral) so u make the tyre change alone…10 mins taken

You drive off straight to work and don’t fix the flat…. (you are late…remember?)

After a hectic day, you return home for a late lunch and a power nap..on the couch.. (where else?)…

Mental note to fix puncture and refuel car….light was blinking red… (4 months unpaid Salaries does that)

You wake up disoriented…clock reads 8…is it am or pm…? Panic…thank God for phone clock….its night time!

You open your lap top…some reading as you catch up on social media…..

Some disturbing news of a brilliant cheerful young Kenyan doctor who passed on.

I didn’t personally know her but the deep personal messages from colleagues are something else……I can relate. A special person.

She touched enough people…personally….We related on FB…(that’s our world now)

RIP Doc. You did your bit for humanity…Njeri Muigai

Moral of the story…

Be a pencil or torch or beacon that touches people….in whichever way.

Be remembered for life changing things….make a difference before you bow out….changing the world positively

That’s what we should all seek in our own ways…..(why else do you think you live)


Then you go back to the loud telly…

You see some politicians and the public on the telly in various forms of physical and verbal confrontations

It’s nomination time again….Kenyan Style…. (who needs general elections? This is the real deal)

Featuring power hungry politicians and non voter educated masses….toxic mess..everyone screaming.

Everyone is a victim…..or so they claim…..

Some have been kidnapped and shot at.. (tho no one ever heard of them before)

Electricity power goes off….typical night…

You remember it’s still night and you have options….only 10pm. Tribeka beckons. Mseto night.

Car park again, night time now….

The replaced spare tyre is flat!
?? .. (those things are supposed to be bullet proof…how now?)

Neighbours happily asleep… (at 10pm..nkt….!) help there.

You attempt to disrupt the peace by blowing your horn…nothing….silence.. (what!??)

Ignition….nothing….flat battery….really…?…?

Mental shutdown for now…..Karma or fate?

A man has gotta do what a man has gotta do.


Tribeka still beckons…

1st driver keeps you hanging….you cancel. (Karmar is real)

Next driver delivers but has no change… (Wah!)…

Mpesa….it hangs…..(Driver looks at you suspiciously..he obviously doesn’t want to write about his night chronicles…)

You scramble some notes and coins for him…(now you know why u should carry bundles and coins like a traffic policeman)

You loose yourselve in the mseto music as you watch your sentimental team Leicester City being finally bundled out of UEFA Champions League….

Then Real Madrid are struggling while stairing at a similar fate….xtra time is a relief….

Some person at the club gives you a personal story about a recent tragic loss of a loved one….it digs into you as you imagine their painful journey to find closure.

And you have an early morning…..with all the pending issues…..

The personal life loses and adjustments still tug at you.

You think about your circumstance. It is nothing really….things could have.been far much worse….

If it’s Karma….

Whoever I wronged today…call off this Karma B….

I am making a public apology……let’s have a fresh start. .. for real….its never that serious

Then Real Madrid eventually wins…


That should turn things around…

Things always work out eventually. Remember that.

Just keep doing what you believe in if you think it makes a difference. That’s why we are alive.

It will work out eventually. It could have been worse.


Keep smiling and make humanity work again.

Do your level best and let the world adjust….


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