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Princess Akinyi : Hey Ladies, Change Your Attitude!


When you walking around town for example, have you ever thought of the kind of looks you got? Am not talking in terms of being cute or handsome, no..but like the kind of facial expression you always put on. Is it a happy face,is it that face of ‘what are you staring at’ is it a sad face, is it a don’t care face? Whatever face it is, you should consider the kind of impression you show other people. Especially strangers.

Some time back, I went to an institution to inquire about various programs they offer and all that. I didn’t know my way around, I couldn’t locate the faculty office. So I stopped two young ladies to ask them. I should have known better. Trust me when I tell you always trust your instincts at times. When I passed the entrance gate, I felt like I should ask the security guard for direction but I was like “Ntajua tu uko mbele” (I will just find my way). But I was forced to ask two strangers who acted like I had done something seriously wrong to them. Like snatching their boyfriends from them or something because that’s the look most of them give to other ladies. Ladies would understand what am trying to say.

Okay so I kindly stopped these two young ladies to ask for direction. My English teacher taught me etiquette, to always start by greetings when talking to someone, especially strangers. I said good morning and to my surprise I didn’t get any response. They were actually busy on their phones. But anyway I asked my question and that’s when I got their attention. The looks I was given was like am a form one. You know how it feels like to be a form one. “And you are?” One of them asked. In my head I was like “Who are you to ask me that?” Mark you, they still haven’t answered my question. When I was still thinking of how to answer that question, the other one pointed to some buildings..she wasn’t even looking to what she’s pointing at and just said the offices were behind that building. Before I could ask which building, they were already walking away. Cursing out loud “some people just don’t use their eyes”

I was shocked. That attitude. Actually I was confused. I was dumbstruck.

Still surprised, I went to one of those buildings, and asked the security guy who was there. He gave me totally different directions, and to the point. I felt more satisfied. And at ease. That is when I remembered I should have trusted my insticts at the entrance gate. By the way, if you ever feel like you need directions, anywhere, always ask the security guy or lady. That is what I have learnt. Though there are few people (like me) who would be kind enough to give you directions or any information you need about directions. Security guys are always kind and willing to help. But why do ladies have this awful attitude towards each other?

You can be walking in town and the looks another lady would give you is scary! Till I ask myself, is it that am too pretty, is it my shoes, is it my hair style or my fashion. Or maybe she knows me? It’s complicated. If anything I always try to keep a happy face, a smiley face when am walking around. For the sake of those who need a smile. You can brighten up someone’s world by just smiling. But when you cross paths with a lady, she will look at you like you did something illegal. You can even get suspicious of yourself. Atleast there are those handsome guys who smile back or give you that look that makes you feel like you are miss world (haha)

Do men also give each other ‘I hate you’ look when they cross paths with each other? I would love to know.

I myself wouldn’t mind appreciating another lady’s shoes or handbag or hairstyle. A stranger that is. Or people i know. Even in washrooms, when you maybe fixing your makeup, the other lady would just find it necessary to look at you with bad eyes. Or give you that attitude like “am so pretty than you” Jeez! Even if you are, keep your bad eyes to yourself. Better still, mind your own business!

Is it being insecure or what? Ladies make me understand. Please.

Article Written By Akinyi Ogode
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