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Peter Munyiri: An Arrogant Bastard Who Wants A School Closed Because Of Noise.

From right to left: Police officer, Peter Munyiri and others in court to answer to charges of money laundering

Caption : Peter Munyiri who is now walking free despite mountains of evidence proving that he engaged in Money laundering and Fraud while at Family Bank. Munyiri has bribed EACC and other investigating Bodies. 

We were shocked to hear of a Kenyan or rather group of Kenyans, who have petitioned authorities to relocate a school in Karen, because it’s making noise for them. The arrogance and contempt towards young people by the old pompous bastards who think they own the air we breathe, is nauseating.

As a group of young progressive Kenyans, we decided to dig deeper and know more about this Peter Munyiri character, who has mobilised some neighbours to petition for the closure of St. Elizabeth’s school due to noise. I mean, shouldn’t any logical human being with a functional brain welcome the prospect of educated individuals?

Why do residents of Karen seem to imagine that they’re God’s gift to humanity? Because we were also informed that Karen residents petitioned to have Mamba Village stop hosting Blankets and Wine due to noise, which leaves us baffled. Isn’t hosting such events a plus to the neighbourhood? Wouldn’t the value of the land go up?

Karen residents need to get it in their thick heads that living there is not a Guinness record. White settlers moved from there and made another Karen in Nanyuki without making a fuss. Kenyans who stumble into stolen funds and buy houses in karen need to breathe easy. You’re not special species.

Peter Munyiri lives right next to St. Elizabeth Girls Secondary School right behind Karen shopping Centre and he has been pushing for the school to shut down claiming that the children make noise to him and they throw balls in his compound. The wealthy “born again” deacon at Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC) valley road is a big land owner in Kajiado and Juja and a real estate mogul hosting supermarkets tenants and Petrol Stations in Ngong town. The school madam and Munyiri went to court.

One would expect that feminists and so-called girl child-activists like Janet Mbugua or the sexually-frustrated Betty Waitherero or the betting guru who’s laundering proceeds of crime Julie Gichuru would be concerned that a girls school is under threat, but we have come to discover that they only heckle when paid by corporates. Never for the sake of public interest, truth or justice. It’s all about the money for them. Such a cosmetic lot.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 09.34.33
CAPTION: Screenshot showing the case instigated by Peter Munyiri against St. Elizabeth’s Girls Secondary School.

So who is this Peter Munyiri?

No significant corruption can occur in this country without banks and the NYS Mobsters both in government and in the outside knew this very well and therefore searched the home boy’s networks for a banking system for a business partner who would be willing to facilitate for a fee. They quickly arrived at the hopelessly greedy and restless Peter Munyiri, then Managing Director Family Bank.

Peter Munyiri is a greedy small man with an unbridled ambition for raw power and wealth. He had been hanging around Karen Golf and Country Club hoping to catch the eyes of the power brokers. But without the financial muscles, getting to be noticed or accepted as an equal was a tall order for the skinny but skimming man from Mathira.

As he was craning his neck around town, Munyiri caught the eye of his friend and mate, Benson Gethi from a dusty village in Karatina where they both hailed from. They were on a similar mission, quick and easy money. Benson had connections in government from which they could steal funds and Peter Munyiri had a bank that they could use to launder the stolen funds.

Munyiri hastily introduced Benson Gethi to open fraudulent accounts at the family bank, and the money laundering game commenced. The fraudulent accounts that Munyiri helped open were used to Launder the Billions of poor Kenyans funds from NYS.

As a banker with over 15 years experience, Peter was clearly a key architect of the money laundering scheme and as a senior banker and CEO, There was no way illegal transactions of this magnitude would have taken place without his knowledge. There is also no possibility that a chief executive officer of a bank, Like Family Bank, would naively allow himself to be used and dumped by the political crooks in the NYS saga in the name of collecting deposits for his bank. Peter had joined the party and as part of these connections he quickly got himself a firearm license and today has a gun that he lets anyone who cares to listen to know he has.

Peter Munyiri was the linkman to the politicians and shadowy figures around NYS who would call him directly anytime they needed the looted NYS bucks withdrawn.

All these transactions were done against very crystal clear Central Bank of Kenya prudential guidelines and Peter Munyiri personally authorized them to pass through Family Bank so that the stolen funds would be shared between the involved politicians and the mob. In return, Peter Munyiri as CEO Personally received huge cash payments in brown envelopes as facilitation.

The Multi-Billion money transfers were all illegal as has now been confirmed by government auditors who revealed that nothing had been supplied to NYS. Any serious bank should always ask what the payments are for. In Munyiri’s bank, documentation didn’t matter because Munyiri’s word was the required documentation.

If he hadn’t accepted to be compromised, he wouldn’t have let this blatant theft take place as a senior banker with 15 years experience. Inside the family bank, Munyiri earned the Mr. 10 % title because he always asked for 10% of any fixed amount he facilitated.

This was not the first time Peter Munyiri had been crooked. At Kenya Commercial Bank, Where he was the Deputy CEO to Martin Oduor, and before his attempts to throw out Martin Oduor Exploded, He had micromanaged the Triton Scandal. In the Triton Scandal, Munyiri also received millions of shillings from the now fugitive Devani and an all-expenses paid holiday for himself and his family in Dubai, as a Bonus. The Board at KCB was quick enough to see his schemes. They had to cut short his tenure and paved way for Mr. Joshua Oigara to clean up Peter Munyiri’s mess.

As they worked on NYS looting, to quench his greed, Peter was promised CEO Post at National Bank of Kenya and, therefore, didnt care much about Family Bank sinking since he would make money in the scheme then move his successful looting Career to NBK.

After the explosion of the NYS Scandal, as it is the norm with many officials, many Jumped boat abandoning Munyiri and those in the political world blocked his number and never responded to his messages. The only friend he has is Erastus Mureithi the former MP for Ol Kalou.

Many Celebrated at Family Bank when he was sent packing. Staff bought beers and celebrated his exit. Now oxygen is free for people at Family Bank.

The Biggest question is why EACC is taking too long to arraign Munyiri in court, yet his file is ready, and all evidence shows he was the key architect in the whole theft. He has damaged family bank reputation and should pay for his sins.

Munyiri used the bank for personal gain, and that was not a good example. Was he competing with  those that were stealing from Uchumi?

Peter Munyiri is now running his micro-finance institution after being fired from Family Bank . Why is he using stolen money to run a micro-finance institution as Kenyans watch ? Is this not another pyramid scheme ? Shouldn’t he be in Kamiti?

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