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Opinion: Safaricom Is Our Google, Our GoldMan Sachs and Our Doom!

Safaricom, East and Central Africa’s biggest Telco, recently declared a net profit of over 63 billion shillings.

That’s not bad, but for a company that uses underhand tactics to kill competition; that’s not great news.

Even as the Jubilee regime fat cats loot revenue and use the National Treasury as their personal piggy banks.

Safaricom our Google

One of mission or vision of Google Inc (currently known as Alphabet) is to have everything about everyman archived on the eternal web. Safaricom is our version of google in Kenya.

Years ago, Safarciom won the tender for the government of Kenya (GoK) mass surveillance systems.

Safaricom Plc also runs the biggest bank in Kenya, which is M-Shwari and KCB MPESA Account.

Spying on us is not a big deal and it is in a better place to do so. Even as the stupid government spokesperson Nzioka Waita shamelessly said recently in a TV interview, while defending Huduma Namba.

The problem with Huduma Namba is that it won’t be used for what we are being promised. This is my opinion.

Spying on people for what? What happened to civil liberties?

If the government is doing the right thing, why should it see the need to spy on its citizens?

See, any government that doesn’t represent the will of the people must be removed from power. Simple!

Safaricom our GoldMan Sachs

GoldMan Sachs is one of the biggest financial corporations in the world; of course it is profoundly American and largely a friend to that creepy and infamous private institution known as the Federal Reserve. Well, the Federal Reserve is America’s Central Bank and in turn the Central Bank of all Central Banks in the world. (A few Arab countries – Iran and North Korea have not signed up to it, that’s why you see them demonized on the world stage).

GoldMan Sachs Group Inc is one of engineers of the 2008 financial meltdown that brought the world to its knees.

A few people benefited from the world’s predicament. That is the curse of greed disguised as free market and capitalism.

Isn’t there any other way we as humans can do things?

When the rich rob the poor, it is called business, when the poor protest and fight back, it is called violence – Mark Twain.

In 2016, a National Treasury report, the Budget Policy Statement (BPS), warned that the collapse of Safaricom’s M-Pesa service would cause widespread disruption in the economy.

The report also recommended that as a fiscal risk, MPESA money transfer should be placed among other potential threats to the economy that are watched keenly by policy wonks.

The authors of the report predicted that an M-Pesa outage would cause loss of revenue — direct excise tax and corporate tax by firms running the systems — and reduce confidence in the services.

Recent reports have also pointed to this and more about MPESA.

A few years ago, Greece was a guinea pig to what all of the world might soon go through. The country went bankrupt and the government couldn’t afford to provide basic social services such as medical care and education. They are still struggling.

Africans are used to these, we’ve been in slavery for long. Slavery never ended.

No to modern day slavery.

From the west with death

Americans are people in debt. House loans, Car loans, Credit cards and more.

Those guys don’t have a better life, they are slaves, because DEBT = SLAVERY.

Our glorious Safaricom and the afb are the leading loan sharks in this market. At least in terms of cost to the clients.

In case, you didn’t know, Airtel and Afb (which physically left the Kenyan market a few years ago), run the most expensive loan known as KOPA KASH. The loans are charged at 30% per month.

Of course, we have other very expensive loans from TALA, OKASH etc.

Loaning us to death!

Safaricom is also loaning us to death.

Take a look: FULIZA, OKOA JAHAZI, OKOA STIMA, M-Shwari Loan, KCB MPESA Account Loan and maybe soon to come, Safaricom might loan us for every imaginable thing you want.

In the year 2015, three powerful American, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and John Kerry, visited Kenya. What was their agenda?

Apart from advancing gay rights, there was more.

Surveillance and destruction of Kenya’s economy was on the agenda.

Of course, Kenyattas don’t love Kenya; they take this country as some kind of plantation to be exploited.

This is why the USA supported this leadership even when it was clear elections had been rigged twice. They saw a friend in an undecisive mama’s boy.

America is a sick country and copying most of its ways is myopic.

How are these people even our teachers? For goodness sake, we are humans, we want our humanity back.

We as youths, we want jobs, not loan sharks and death!

We don’t want a life solely lived from the credit card.

This diabolic system ultimately ensures that money goes back to the bank and you remain broke and you die poor and your child comes up and the circle of debt and poverty repeats.

Stop this Greed!

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