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Opinion: In Ruto Versus Raila, Ruto Might Win 2022

The Kenyan Presidency is a reserve of those who can steal, kill and loot without flinching.

When Jomo Kenyatta took over the reins of power, he swiftly embarked on the constitution changing spree. The end goal was to amss power for himself.

He hated checks and balances and soon some people who stood on his way paid with their lives.

Whether he was involved in their killings is still subject of debate but what is now clear is that JM Kariuki, Pio Gama Pinto and Joseph Tom Mboya stood in some way on the way of the new monarchy.

Fast-forward to 2019, the 2022 elections if indeed Raila Odinga will be running against William Ruto, then it has a clear winner.

William Ruto represents the quintessential Kenyan presidential material.

Raila Is an Outsider

Former Vice President Kijana Wamalwa captured Raila as evoking a strong phobia and mania at the same time.

The infamous Raila mania and Raila phobia comparisons still rings true to this day.

It is not a secret that Raila is loved by almost every Kenyan. The problem is, those Kenyans don’t count the votes.

Raila is said to have won the 2007, 2013 and 2017 elections but he was not sworn in. He lost, why?

Raila comes from a family that believes in social justice and is very friendly.

There’s no recorded history even rumor that the original Odingas have ever killed, stolen hugely without blinking or don’t care about the people.

Now that’s the problem. Or maybe am just a Raila maniac.

The owners of Capital that have put over 80 per cent of Kenyans down (in poverty) don’t like his revolutionary background.

He might turn on them anytime and side with ‘the people’ who are increasingly growing discontent over the way the country is being managed.

This has always been the Achilles heels of Raila.

On the other hand, if his opponent for the presidency is William Ruto, that’s a big problem.

Ruto has been rumoured to have killed some people. In fact one of those chilling confessions came from one his former best friends.

Cyrus Jirongo was the leader of the Youth for KANU 92 (YK92). During the burial of fierce Jubilee and Ruto critic Jacob Juma, Jirongo said that during the formative years of YK92, he had witnessed Ruto strangle someone who had disagreed with him to death. There’s a video to that effect, showing Jirongo making those remarks.

DP Ruto has been adversely mentioned in many corruption scandals. Some of his business associates are now being haunted by their acceptance of his cash injection to their businesses.

It is rumoured that Keroche Breweries and Bidco both accepted Ksh5 billion each. The monies are believed to have come from proceeds of stolen Eurobond.

A man who earns less than 3 million per month and whose businesses are located in this struggling economy can afford to gift churches over 20 million per Sunday. It is evident where the monies that William Ruto dishes out are proceeds of crime, so much for the looting of state corporations.

In choosing between a man who has spent his years as a proper human being and a man who is willing to steal, rape, murder and plunder the state coffers and let the status quo remains, the deep state which is funded by or mostly made up of Mount Kenya Mafia would rather die with Ruto and not Raila.

It is the evil fear that Raila might side with ‘the people’ at some point.

The poor and wretched Kikuyu masses will be fed with talks of being an industrious tribe and more wealthy than others; a line which they always bite, hook, line and sinker.

(Kikuyu are among the poorest of Kenya).

Then they’ll be told that Raila is bad for business.

This (above) second line affects even the learned so-called middle class from other tribes. They picture a Libya, Iraq or a Somalia like country which is bombed out of existence by the western military because of trying to come out of depths of poverty and deprivation and having differences with the west because of a steadfast African statesman.

Cambridge Analytica tried this line, even Kibaki in 2007 tried it.

Both were defeated; but there’s something that happened.

The only things is that these fear-filing lines never change the aspirations of the majority whose embodiment is Raila Odinga. The thing it does is to make it easy for an election to be stolen.

They create a strong basis for confusion.

This is how they’ll steal elections for Ruto to be president come 2022.

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