Open Letter To Uhuru Through Raila Suggests The President Benefitted From Fraudulent EADB Loans

CAPTION: High-level recipients of an email sent to President Uhuru Kenyatta via the Right Honorable Raila Odinga detailing massive graft at the East African Development Bank (EADB), under the stewardship of Vivienne Yeda Apopo. Instead of engaging us directly, Ms. Yeda has engaged unscrupulous IT operatives in Nairobi to flood our websites with DDOS attacks. As you can see, no mainstream media house was included in the mailing list because they are the most corrupt operatives in the country.

We have received an open letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta from Africans of goodwill, who have revealed the extent of rot that the East African Development Bank (EADB). Despite having tried all means to contact the the President, the media and other board members including senior treasury officials, Vivienne Yeda Apopo the Director General continues to operate with arrogance and impunity because she is convinced that the President cannot take her anywhere.

Frustrated and dejected, the Africans of goodwill have penned an open-letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta via former Prime Minister the Right Honorable Raila Odinga, imploring on him to also use his influence to highlight the on-going corruption and fraud at EADB.

As of yesterday when we telephoned her lawyer to inform him of the current email drop together with new information that touches on her integrity and character, which needed her response, she blatantly responded that she is busy and anyone who wants to run the article can do so, as she is protected.

The letter is to the Right Honorable Raila Odinga is attached here below;

Dear Hon. Raila Odinga,

We are senior citizens in this country who have been following the case of corruption, abuse of office and taxpayers’ money at the East African Development Bank as orchestrated by the Director General Vivienne Yeda Apopo.

We have attached documents detailing what has happened at the Bank and a call for the Director General to step aside so that a forensic audit can be carried out by an independent entity and thereafter the Director General to resign, so that another capable member of the EAC community with high moral principles and integrity takes over the top leadership of this regional institution.

Caption : EADB Criminal Operative Vivienne Yeda Apopo. She has been looting EADB since time immemorial with no action from relevant authorities because she has pocketed most of them .

Please take time to read the attached documents which include;

1. A report prepared by African Development Bank and addressed to the Director General highlighting gross abuse of office. This Letter was sent to Vvienne in May 2016.

2. A report prepared by a staff member which whistleblowers addressed to the Chairman of the Board of the Bank Dr. Kamau Thugge (Principal Secretary to the Treasury Republic of Kenya) and copied to all board members and Governing Council members of the Bank. The Governing Council of the Bank is chaired by Hon. Rotich (Cabinet Secretary to the Treasury, Republic of Kenya). This report was circulated at the beginning of June 2016.

3. A cover letter sending the whistleblower staff report to the IGG republic of Uganda copied to IGG’s in all the EAC countries calling for a forensic audit in the issues raised by staff members at the Bank. This letter was sent to the IGG Mid July 2016

4. Another whistleblower report prepared by staff members revealing how the Director General has misappropriated funds at the Bank and why the Board members have done nothing about the situation.

5. Letter addressed to H.E Uhuru Kenyatta through the Right Hon. Raila Odinga

Despite all the documents 1 to 4 above having been received by all the Board members who comprise the Permanent Secretaries Ministry of Finance for the EAC member states and all the Finance Ministers in the EAC member states who represent the shareholders (EAC member states), Vivienne Yeda has continued reporting to office and working normally as if nothing has happened. No communication has been made to staff members regarding the status of the issues raised. We also applaud Mr. Cyprian Nyakundi who has published all the whistleblower reports on his blog so all the above documents are in the public domain and can be down loaded off Cyprian Nyakundi’s blog.


We would like to inform all Kenyans through you Hon. Raila Odinga that the Director General of this institution is being protected by among others, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta who is a close friend of Vivienne Yeda. H.E Uhuru was a member of the EADB Governing Council at the time when he was a Minister of Finance and the two became friends. A couple of companies associated with Mr. Uhuru benefited from Loans from this Bank during that period. This is the reason he has decided to protect and support these acts of corruption and gross abuse of office and tax payer’s money.

Another person protecting the DG is the Head of the Public Service commission Mr. Joseph Kinyua who was a board member of the Bank for the entire period he served as the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance. They became friends with Vivienne because of the many favors she extended to them using Bank resources. Vivienne feels untouchable because she is protected by these two powerful individuals, among many others. Because of this, even the current Cabinet Secretary for Treasury and the Principal Secretary to the Treasury can not do anything to bring Vivienne Yeda to account for her actions, and yet they have been entrusted to look after the affairs of this regional institution.

This is an embarrassment to all Kenyans that our own have acted with impunity and she is protected. We request you to inform all Kenyans to remember this story when it comes to the time of General Elections next year for political leaders and recruitment of Heads of public offices, so that whoever is involved in protecting this corrupt Head of a public institution is also kicked out of Government and politics come next year.

This letter together with all the attached documents has been circulated widely to all EAC countries. Please see the list of the email recipient to confirm how seriously we have decided to handle this matter. EAC has credible individuals who can efficiently run the East African Development Bank unlike Vivienne Yeda.

We request you Hon. Raila Odinga to exert pressure on the Kenya Government Leadership to recall Vivienne Yeda from the service of the Bank to save our country this embarrassment. We are aware that the Head of the EAC summit will convene on 6th September, 2016 in Tanzania, we request that this issue is tackled and disposed off. We would not like to see a situation where Vivienne Yeda continues working at this Bank without being punished for her actions.

As you have always done, please we request you to expose these acts of corruption and impunity, so that in the coming elections, Kenyans can decide wisely to elect people in public offices who will not promote acts of corruption and impunity. We are in touch with our counterparts in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania to ensure that the message is well received across the EAC.

To launch the next phase of our campaign, we ask all East Africans of goodwill to use this hashtag #VivienneYedaApopo where we will seek to boost her name and amplify the content delivered to us, to a wider audience.


We also hereby attach the documents for your download and perusal, backing up claims of endemic fraud and corruption at EADB.

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