Nyali head teacher Meets Nyali OCS to plan how to counter looming confrontation with Nyali School Parents

John Kombo Nyali Principal (centre in grey shirt)

It now not a secret that a looming confrontation between Nyali Parents and the corrupt principal of Nyali Primary School located along Links Road in Mombasa County is on the horizon. This is after the board of Management refused to relieve the corrupt principal off his duties despite the expiry of his contract. Parents have now decided that they shall forcefully evict the corrupt man whom they feel is responsible for extracting millions of Shillings from their school accounts in shady deals, inflation of cost of purchases, demanding bribes from parents, kickbacks from suppliers and even paying of Ghost workers (staff belonging to his own paramount school). Parents who had initially plan to invade the school in the upcoming weeks, have now plan to use the PP2 graduation day to stage a peaceful protest and forcefully evict the corrupt man. As it stands, all is set for the day and all Nyali parents with Kids in PP2 or not, are encouraged to come to school and stage the peaceful protest.  Placards to be used during the protest day are getting prepared. Letters are getting ready by Parents advocates to the relevant government agencies informing them of their plans. Notices of the protest shall be circulated on WhatsApp walls when all plans are completed.

Mr. John Kombo who was recently accused by a section of Male workers for sexually exploiting their female counterparts has gone unperturbed despite the raised alarm. The board of Management      which has protected the corrupt man for so long in return to financial favors that are always given to them by Kombo in terms of shady projects. In fact just recently the suspended groundman called the chairman to complain about his case but the chairman told him – Hii Shule inaendeshwa na Kombo. Sisi ni ku sign documents only, Meaning Kombo is free to do whatever he wants and the board will just  endorse it. But parents are not carried away with this, they have always known the chairman as a Zombie who has messed Mombasa Sports Club when he was the chairman there with a lot of scandals. These sexual allegations should have at least triggered his board of management to undertake its own investigation considering its gross weight. It is also believed that these sexual atrocities have been going on for so many years that many female workers now fear to speak about them for fear of getting sacked, stigmatized and even breaking up of their families. Mr. Kombo who has acquired so much powers that recently unprocedurally suspended the groundman and replaced him with his own person has warned of similar consequences should the female workers speak out on the sexual atrocities.

In 2012, Mr. Kombo was caught pants down with a female teacher inside the school by his own daughter (a student then) during evening hours when class 8 tuition classes were ongoing. The daughter was so traumatized that she ran crying telling all female teachers and ending up narrating the whole story to her mother. The mother (wife to Kombo) immediately called the then chairperson of the board of management to complain about the incident. Kombo failed to turn up to his house that night and spent the whole night in a club drinking.  The Chairperson forced the female teacher to resign and reprimanded Kombo warning him of dare consequences should he be found again repeating that atrocities.  Nyali parents who now fear for their own daughters are calling for Education CS Magoha, County Education office, TSC, FIDA-Kenya and human rights bodies to quickly intervene and rescue these female workers.  They want an independent investigation be done while Mr. Kombo is away from the school (allowing free speaking environment) and appropriate action be taken if these atrocities are proven. Cases of sexual exploitation aren’t new in Nyali school. in 2019, Parents raised alarm when a male teacher was found to have had a sexual affair with a class Eight girl. The teacher who was even believed to be living with HIV/Aids was rescued from the wrath of the girl’s parents after Mr. Kombo provided a safe escape route for the teacher and even found a job for the teacher in Nairobi. The matter was NOT even reported to Police or county Education office.

To the looming confrontation between Parents and the principal, it has now emerged that Mr. Kombo recently met the Nyali Police Station OCS Mr. Albert Chebii and even presented a goat and unknown amount of Cash. It is still unknown what was the secret motive of Mr. Kombo presenting the “gift” to the Nyali OCS but according to his own personal assistant (Come in-law) who took Mr. Kombo to the OCS, Mzee is getting ready for any physical confrontation with Parents. His personal assistant even boasted before other workers in the school that hao wazazi wataona Cha mcha makuni and that Mzee is prepared and he has the backing of the Nyali Police. His assistant also hinted that Mzee atawaonesha hao wazazi wanaopiga fujo without elaborating is in plan for those parents. Mr. Albert Chebii had organized for an end-year party for the Nyali police station and he invited all stakeholders within Nyali Area.  It is here where Mr. Kombo used the function to pass his agenda of using the police station to shield him against the protesting parents calling for his ouster.  Nyali area has so many schools and business, but it is only Mr. Kombo who presented a “gift” to the OCS – Why is this the case? Was the gift declared by the OCS as required under the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012? The parents are now calling for CS Matiangi and Inspector General Mr. Mutyambai to look into the matter. In any way, such functions must have been financed by the police service budget. Why should the OCS then accept “gift” from a man accused of corruption?

It is however, not a new phenomenon for Mr. Kombo to misuse law enforcers to suppress and intimidate parents. In 2019 Mr. Kombo used Nyali Police Station to stop parents from undertaking a peaceful meeting in their own school and discuss matters of corruption that are affecting the school. Mr. Kombo hired police from Nyali who manned the school gate and refused access to the parents. In the end, parents were chased and workers who were awaiting to get into school to work arrested and wrongfully charged. Parents had to raise money to have the workers released on Cash bail. Up to today the fate of their case is unknown. The then OCPD of Nyali Police got annoyed when he learnt that Mr. Kombo had actually lied to him when he told him that parents wanted to set the school ablaze and that is when he provided the security. The OCPD was later immediately transferred to another county.

Again in 2019, Mr. Kombo reported a parent to DCI attached to the dog’s section of Kisauni Sub-county accusing the parent of reaching to the social media. Mr. Kombo alleged that the parent was reaching to the bloggers with wrong & malice information. The parent was summoned and after hours of grilling released without any charges preferred against him.

Kombo receiving a goat

In 2019 again, Mr. Kombo reported the former accountant who exposed the School bus scandal (that almost led to the school loosing 600,000, in a case of inflating purchase figures for the buses) to the cybercrime unit for giving school information to the parents. The phones of the former accountant were confiscated and held by the cybercrime police for more than three (3) months.  The phones were later returned to the former accountant who was cleared of any wrongdoing.  However, Mr. Kombo will later wrongfully sack the accountant. The former accountant has since taken the school to court for wrongful dismissal.  The matter is still in court.

Mr. Kombo is a master in lying and conning people with his sweet words and pleading his innocence. Mr. Kombo (who possess 4 different National Identity cards with different years of birth) has perfected this conning act for so long that many who do not know him well agree with him that he is being wrongfully targeted. However, Nyali parents who have known him for so long do not buy his innocence pleads. They want him to get out of their school and allow the school to return back to its golden old day.  The sooner this happens, the better.

Whatever happens between now and the PP2 graduation day, Parents will be waiting to physically remove Mr. Kombo from the school on the PP2 Graduation day. They are also hoping that Nyali Police will not interfere with their efforts. They are now even calling for all the government agencies to intervene and rescue the school from the hands of corrupt school management and the principal. Many parents wonder where are the government agencies relevant to the ongoing matters and who should have long come to rescue the school? Where is Governor Joho whose County Education Office lies? Where is FIDA-Kenya to come in and rescue the female workers from sexual exploitation? Where is EACC to investigate allegation of corruption? Is the Ministry of Education aware what is going at Nyali School? Sadly, Nyali Parents are only left to be exploited by a not-caring school board of Management and a corrupt Principal who has over a decade destroyed the Nyali School to enrich himself.  Enough is enough, relevant Government agencies must now quickly come in and rescue the school.


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