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Middle Class Tribulations: Lady Narrates How Ruaka Men Are Useless Beyond Repair

It is said that the low-lifes of Ruaka are always talking big deals and using big influential names as point of reference. Na saa hio wamechangana kununua Crazy Cock at a local liquor store, drunk it dry in one of their old 7th hand cars with a Music system triple the car’s value.

From the liquor store, the next stopover is either Maskani, LA Cascada or Lavaranda for those who feel they have made it in life. A small group of old outdated, divorcée, sacked accountants, conmen land sellers, former Matatu owners, building Material suppliers, Brokers,Taxi drivers, Mpesa, car wash and Meat joint owners around Ruaka bypass still frequent Oklahoma and Queens.

These are Idiots glued in the past. Their stories rotate around how life was good in those days and sort. Alafu kuna hii group ya 75k salo. Woi! Ukiwaona Saturday wamevaa checked shorts na sleepers with their cars though logbook bado iko na Mwangi pale Upperhill kwa bank swinging the ignition keys on one hand na ingine imebeba refill bottle ya Aquamist water, unaweza fikiria Jamaa amekuja from a very posh place.

Jioni ndio hao kwa locals for the so called birthday parties. Chupa moja ya Red Label itapigwa pics more than 50 and uploaded on all social media platforms. There is another group that don’t live in Ruaka but this is their evil hub.

(Y.O.L.O) this group comprises of home wrecks, wankers, Bhang smokers and Ben 10’s. They have specialized in exchanging victim’s nudes, recording sex videos and sharing with group members for fantasy. The group members mostly reside in Limuru, Tigoni and its environs. Most of the group members are from well up families and are busy disposing inherited properties. A well detailed group activities of those , members and their latest victims is a story for another day.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.


Wairimu Kariuki,

Editors Note:

While we accept your views on useless nigger’s from Ruaka, we know that you’re a victim. You were lured to them by their cheap stories and big talk. Ukadinywa halafu nudes zako zikakuwa shared.

So Wairimu Kariuki or whoever you are, it’s either you send us whatever juicy story you have, or you pambana with your own hali. You’re no better. You thought you’d struct a goldmine with these rich kids, but ukajua haujui.

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