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February 18, 2020 - 19:50
Cyprian Is Nyakundi
Civil Service Fraud Fraud

Looting Exposed: Procurement Flaws At The Child Welfare Society Of Kenya

Irene Mureithi, CEO Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK)

Wakenya, seems the way of the god-mother of child trafficking and money laundering is to visit the corrupt judges at the Judiciary so as not to air exposes about her misdeeds at the helm of the Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK); it is therefore prudent to continue with this series today.

This is the second part of the rot at the CWSK.

It is a shame that Githeri media feels like the loss of revenue through denial of advertising by the government is more important than the welfare of the Kenyan child.

I tel you Kenyans, it is your prerogative, your responsibility to resist an unjust country.

The first part:

Full Exposé: The Rot And Fraud At The Child Welfare Society Of Kenya

Second Part: Procurement flaws in the Organization

The C.E.O has made sure she uses close relatives to procure goods. Examples.. Used the C.E.O OF Cheki Kenya Ltd who is her Son by the name Michael Mureithi

To be honest, CWSK is nothing close to procurement. Procurement department has been killed by the C.E.O. She fired the whole department under unclear circumstances in the name that their contract came to an end.

Payments are always based on quotations and not invoices. There has been favoritism in awarding suppliers to serve the interests in the organization.

Below are several examples of scenarios where procurement procedures have not been followed:

TypeDateNumNameMemo Credit
Cheque06/19/2019458-9067Cheki Kenya LimitedEquity bank transfer-mercedes benz sprinter and peugeot boxer ambulance    2,978,391
Cheque04/17/2019458-8953Cheki Kenya LimitedPayment of acquisition of 2 customised ambulance vans    5,025,000
Cheque03/27/2019458-8907Cheki Kenya Limited50%payment -2 customised ambulances-(Renault masters&Mercedes benz)    2,675,000
Cheque12/06/2018416-6250Cheki Kenya LimitedPayment of duty clearing and registration of CWSK vehicles    5,660,800
Cheque11/05/2018416-6139Cheki Kenya LimitedTransfer of funds to purchase Toyota Hiace(special needs)    6,664,260
Cheque09/20/2018271-474Cheki Kenya LimitedPurchase of vehicle CWSK HQ    3,750,000
TOTAL AMOUNT  26,753,451

Purchase of CWSK Computers from Fair Trims Limited

Through single sourcing CWSK C.E.O, Irene Mureithi, engaged Fair Trims Ltd for the supply of computers in 2019.

Fair Trims Director Joseph Karanja and James Mburu who were given the job to supply the computers happens to be the husband to the Equity Bank Kilimani Supreme Branch Manager Agnes Muriuki who manages all the CWSK accounts and the contractor’s accounts at Equity Kilimani Supreme.

This is a clear example of personal interests over the public good where Agnes Muriuki is being rewarded for overseeing the defrauding of a government agency.

Here below, in 2019 alone, the CWSK management has bouth computers and accessories worth Kshs. 6.7 million.

Tell me if this doesn’t raise suspicion of money laundering and hiding of illicit finances?

To DCI Kinoti, Kazi kwako.

13-08-2019271-561Fair Trims LimitedComputers & Antivirus for CWSK1,568,000
28-06-2019458-9090Fair Trims LimitedPurchase of Computers & Antivirus for CWSK1,676000
26-06-2019458-9074Fair Trims LimitedPurchase of Computers & Software/Antivirus1,568,000
26-06-2019458-9072Fair Trims LimitedPurchase of Panasonic PT Projector CWSK Head Office140,000
14-06-2019458-9066Fair Trims LimitedPurchase of Kaspersky endpoint select antivirus CWSK HQ187,200
24-06-2019458-8956Fair Trims LimitedPurchase of Computers & Software1,568,000
6,707, 200

The Next Post: How Money laundering is done at CWSK using Cheki (the car dealership) etc. Massive evidence.

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