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February 19, 2020 - 11:20
Cyprian Is Nyakundi

Kikuyus Go After Ruto On Kiambaa Church Massacre As Luos Spare Uhuru

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr and Albert A

Why should I condemn Ruto over 2008 at a time he was forgiven by his 2013 political bedmates and the victims compensated!

Emotions aside, our people were never paid a single coin in 2008, 2013 and recently 2017. In my own thinking, this is the time we should solve the issues in our own home before dashing to help our neighbors!

This mass hysteria is only helping the killers of our people escape justice for our brethren. Youths died under what I’d call extra-judicial killings: nobody is speaking for them, nobody is seeking reparation. Yet we here busy demanding answers from Ruto when everybody in Kiambaa and the rest were all sorted financially, with land and the rest.

When will our leaders and political opinion shapers seek interest of the commoner who bore the brunt? We can’t pretend to love this country more than everyone else then go ahead to pretend like drug addicts that those who died were matrys when their families are suffering in wanton poverty after losing bread winners, limbs etc.

We must demand our own pound of flesh first. Unfortunately, we’ve specialized in doing last things first, even if we are further trampling on broken bones of our very own people.

Ruto did this! Ruto did that! Is water under the bridge. Our rotting wounds needs to be disinfected, our people are hurting with scars of bullets from overzealous murderous criminals deployed by the state on a soft genocide in 2008, 2013 and 2017.

Do we forget our own brothers and sisters for expediency and political shortsightedness; then turn back and lynch Ruto whose alleged victims were PAID…..

Nairobians have been caution:

Dear Nairobians, be careful on those scary graphic Post-Election-Violence photos you are beautifying Social Media with. By posting them under the hashtag #weshallneverforget, you are not achieving anything. In fact, you are doing yourselves more harm than good.

When you post a photo of burnt people in Kiambaa church, your enemy becomes happy and thinks to himself, “Oh so these fools remember what we did to them in 2007, and they know we are still around”

You may be comfortable posting those photos from NAIROBI but you don’t know how you scare your brothers and sisters who witnessed the ugly scenes and are still there.

When you say, “WE SHALL NEVER FORGET” and they reply “KITAELEWEKA 2022”, don’t rejoice. The one who suffers psychologically is that your brother, sister, mother, father, grandfather and grandmother down there on those hotspots.

Just a reminder,

((In 2007, He was just a junior member of PENTAGON and not the BOSS. In 2022, he will be the BOSS))

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