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Kenyans School Ngina Kenyatta On Youth Empowerment

Ngina Kenyatta

It is now a fact that the Kenyattas are the most hated family in Kenya.

Ngina Kenyatta, the first daughter, born of President Uhuru Kenyatta and first Lady Margaret Kenyatta today found herself on the wrong side of the KOT hammer of justice and knowledge.

In a video posted by Githeri Media on their social media showing Ngina talking about Youth empowerment, likening it to paying school fees for one of their slaves, and capping it up as an achievement.

Kenyans didn’t take this insult lightly.

There’s a Luo proverb that advises that ‘Guok moyieng’ oknyal tugo gi guok mawinjo kech’

In laymans terms, a Ngina being a dog whose stomach is full of food, should not play with us hungry dogs.

There’s always a forgetfulness that happens when one is rich and ‘full’, that when one is full, it is not easy for them to see or rather feel that there are some who cannot even afford the smallest/cheapest portion of food.

It is what I call the ‘fullness disease’ it forever walks with rich people, especially those born in rich families. See, they look at poverty as some kind of mental illness, some kind of ‘that person is not working hard enough’, not as a social economic conditioning that is artificially created by bad policies, grab-loot policy, and neo-liberalism.

It is despicable that one who advised the granddaughter of Jomo to make such a speech.

She speaks like those ‘poverty porn’ lovers. The NGOs.

Poverty porn is defined as “any type of media, be it written, photographed or filmed, which exploits the poor’s condition in order to generate the necessary sympathy for selling newspapers or increasing charitable donations or support for a given course.

They love that people are poor, they actually love that they are doing something. They are people in power who can decide just to agree for 20 minutes and all the issues of the world can begin to be sorted but they don’t do that, instead they like the expensive speeches, the poetic sayings about how they are dealing with poverty.

It’s been said that, 10 percent of the world’s $1.7 Trillion (Ksh 173 Trillion), as of 2016, would be enough to fund the global goals agreed upon by United Nations’ 193 member states in to END POVERTY AND HUNGER BY 2030.

But the talk at United Nations various conferences is sweeter than ACTION. The per diem is greater than ACTION. The ‘I have more money that him’ is blinding than what if we solved poverty.

Capitalism thrives on poverty, some have argued.

Without poor people, who will work for the rich? They say.

This is the appalling thought of Kenya’s mundane and self-preserving family.

The Kenyattas loot the way they do because they fear poverty. It can be likened to someone with next to zero Intelligence Quotient; they don’t know how to survive or even do business without state support.

This has affected and infected all Kenyan leaders since independence and it is a very bad disease that has permeated all facets of our social fabric.

Without state support, they are like Uhuru Kenyatta. A man who couldn’t even run a Posho mill, according to David Ndii. He couldn’t run anything to work.

These are the responses to that Ngina Kenyatta video, I believe you’ve already seen it.

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