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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Kenyans Must Be Very Stupid When You Think About It

kenyaCaption: Kenyans can happily destroy each others lives/property and leave the oppressor smiling. We are products of a bogus 8-4-4 system. That Kenyans can burn their fellow countrymen’s buses/ubers and not NTSA vehicles which run around extorting money, shows just how dumb Kenyans are. 


The last one week has opened our eyes to the gross manipulation of narratives by mainstream media and corporates, all for the benefit of the ruling elites and status-quo.

Kenyans can easily set a bus on fire, or stone an uber taxi, and cannot dare burn a vehicle of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) which by far does more harm than good to this country.

We have been pitted against each other using hollow narratives and on the basis of tribe, political affiliation or social-status by the 1% that continues to deprive us of a livelihood that we deserve.

The other day we saw three basic bitches Julie Gichuru, Carol Radull and Terryanne Chebet pushing the #KenyaOurBanksOpen as if they are “our” banks. We truly are in the last days when false prophets are manifesting.

While Julie Gichuru the pioneer of gold-diggers lives in Karen, Carol Radull is busy defrauding Kenyans using Gichuru’s M-Cheza betting company while Terryann Chebet is wondering which married man she will target and fleece, hopeless Kenyans have shamelessly towed the line of such women who thrive in this toxic economic structure that’s grossly imbalance and favours few thieves.

Almost like an entire Kikuyu community being controlled by an alcoholic and homosexual Kameme FM Radio Presenter Njogu wa Njoroge, who uses his platform to condition his listeners on the fake benefits of having a Kikuyu President, yet the community is perhaps the hardest hit by the Chase Bank closure.

Indeed, Central Bank knew of Chase Bank’s unhealthy financial position since last November but turned a blind eye, and now the Governor is using pundits like Ory Okolloh and Boniface Mwangi to solicit cheap sympathy and drive narratives of his “efficiency” because of doing his job.

As that is happening, Kikuyu’s who will be the hardest hit by the forthcoming recession that will affect real-estate and property developments are still convinced by someone like Njogu wa Njoroge who has never been to college, whilst ignoring Kikuyu scholars and thinkers like Ngugi wa Thiongo, David Ndii and Wandia Njoya.

The Kikuyu’s of inferior intellect and low IQ like Njogu wa Njoroge continue to demonise those that went to school and acquired doctorates, in a bid to make themselves feel better due to the fact that they were dumb enough not to pass and get admitted to university.

It is a systematic characteristic of the 8-4-4 system that has cemented the bully-mentality, whereby Kenyans of low intellect can make themselves feel good by taunting the intellectuals of society.

Kenyans hate reality and the truth and it’s the reason why with all the signs in plain sight, with even an advisory from this website to withdraw their money from Chase Bank, some opted to be “optimistic” and bought the lies being propagated by mainstream media. Who is the loser now?

What can be done to Kenyans whose minds have been hypnotised by the 8-4-4 system to trust mainstream media? That even when lions in the Nairobi National Park are protesting the mediocre Jubilee Government, some humans still can’t connect the dots is sickening.

Please note very well that criticising Uhuru is not endorsing Raila. We have seen opposition remain silent even as banks were collapsing, even as they vetted wrong candidates for state jobs due to bribes, and in calls to increase their salaries.

So ladies and gentlemen, we need those of you with clarity and vision for this country to stand up for the sake of posterity. Our civil-society was bought out, religious leaders are now worshipping money, mainstream media are Jubilee bitches, foreign diplomats are busy endorsing corrupt officials, opposition is virtually dead and even trade/workers unions are now being used as rags. The last bastion of hope is social-media.

With every occurrence in the recent past being clear for all and sundry, why not speak up? Don’t rely on Robert Alai, Boniface Mwangi, Ory Okolloh or even Cyprian Nyakundi. You need not tag us for retweets. You can confidently pass your own message to your followers. You can push for accountability.

I however have taken a stand. I will do my best to change Kenya for the better using the meagre resources at my disposal. What about you?



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