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Kenya Industrial Estates MD Parmain ole Narikae loses sexual misconduct case

Sex Pest Parmain ole Narikae-CEO of government parastatal and criminal Director of Chase Bank

The editor of this site has relentlessly pursued the Chase Bank insider lending criminal filth whom after pilfering Chase Bank and subjecting naive dumb Chase Bank depositors to untold agony in delayed and lost deposits via articles.(Click here)

In these articles, we highlighted one sexual predator Parmain ole Narikae and we also dedicated a special article on this corrupt sexual deviant.

To reiterate the dossier we have on this sexual aberration

Parmain Ole Narikae was known as Prof at Chase Group. Pervert Prof has a most disgusting career history. He once served as Head of Marketing at Co-operative Bank where he was sacked. He was a lecturer at USIU thus his nickname Prof.Later, he joined Chase as General Manager where part of his duties was to oversee HR recruitment. The hiring of beautiful female Chase employees was largely attributed to his perversions of staring at girls behinds and breasts. The ‘Pervert Prof of Assess and Boobs’ was routinely caught checking out girls wares. He then was promoted to Director of External and Regulatory Affairs where part of his dubious job was to lie and cover-up Chase Bank’s involvement in the NYS scandal as shown on the

After Chase Bank imploded in April 2016, Pervert Prof manoeuvred himself to land a job as CEO in the government parastatal Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) as shown on link appointed by his buddy corrupt Industrialization Secretary Adan Mohamed who once served as CEO of Barclays Bank and his contract was renewed by Peter Munya. He doubles as a board member at the multibillion-shilling Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority. Talk of the fox guarding the henhouse.

The irony of this crook being CEO at KIE was even picked up by Business Daily articles below:

This sexual deviant is unable to control his perversions and graft and while at KIE he attempted to coerce the HR Manager one “MTM” into granting him sexual favours and also join him in his criminal activities of irregularly forging and/or editing of staff disciplinary minutes, irregular recruitment of staff and corruption.When MTM declined to engage in the heinous acts, pervert Parmain tried to have her sacked without due notice contrary to formal HR disciplinary procedures as stipulated by the law in Articles 41, 47 and 50 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

In exercise of her legal rights, MTM sued the sexual deviant. From the court documents found on link  MTM alleges

1)The 2nd Respondent (ie KIE Managing Director pervert Parmain Narikae) commenced the disciplinary action against the Applicant without any formal complaint being filed against the Applicant contrary to the mandatory provisions of the Grievance Handling Procedure as set out at Clause 12.2 of the 1st Respondent’s Human Resource Manual.

2) The 2nd Respondent initiated the instant disciplinary proceedings against the Applicant following her refusal to have a sexual relationship with him to coerce, intimidate and persecute her for declining to grant him sexual favours.

 3) The 2nd Respondent initiated the instant disciplinary proceedings against the Applicant with ill intention since she had further declined to join him in his criminal activities of irregularly forging and/or editing of staff disciplinary minutes, irregular recruitment of staff and corruption.

4) The Disciplinary proceedings are intended to unlawfully and irregularly dismiss the Applicant from her employment with the 1st Respondent.

Luckily the court acted fairly and saw through the shenanigans of pervert Parmain and the judiciary interdicted and halted dubious sacking procedures and ordered that MTM continue with her employment. The court ruling showed on court case link above states as below

“This Court is thus able to interfere with the flawed disciplinary process instituted against the Claimant and put it on the right cause.

In the circumstances, I find the application by the Claimant has merit. I allow the application and direct that the Claimant should submit to a fresh, legal disciplinary process if the Respondent so wish. Due process should accordingly be followed. The process already in place and all consequences from the flawed process are declared null and void.

In the interim, the Claimant will continue serving in her employment until due process is effected against her or unless her employment is terminated for any other lawful cause.”

Despite MTM winning the court case and the High Court ordering that her employment be re-instated,sex pest Narikae violated the court order denying her access to KIE premises forcing MTM to return to the courts to have the prior ruling in  her favour uplifted.From the court case on the judiciary’s website link MTM avers

Further, the Applicants deliberately misled the Court that she had been reinstated suo moto yet she had been ordered to continue with her employment. She contends that though she reported back to work, she was barred entry into the Applicants premises. It is her case that the orders sought have been overtaken by events and cannot apply retrospectively.”

The high court agreed with MTM that the pervert is in contempt of court and that she should be reinstated as indicated on the link above upholding the prior ruling stated earlier

“The Applicants argued that they have triable issues.Indeed that could be the case but that is not an argument for stay orders.In the circumstances, I find the application for stay as sought cannot be granted.I lift the interim exparte stay orders granted by this Court and direct that the Respondents should comply with the orders granted by this Court in the ruling of 13/8/2020.”

Still the sex pest has been trying desperately to sack MTM and the perverted predator proceeded to appeal in the court of Appeal to have her fired.Yet again the courts saw through the nonsense of the sex predator and as it can clearly be seen from the Court of Appeal’s ruling on this case on judiciary’s website link  the Appeals court upheld the 2 prior decisions of the High Court to have MTM continue with her employment.On the link the Appeals court decision states

“As the applicants (ie the pervert and KIE) are required to demonstrate both limbs, having failed to demonstrate the nugatory aspect consigns their application to the realm of dismissal. Accordingly, and for the foregoing reasons, this application fails and is hereby dismissed with costs to the respondent (where the respondent is MTM).”


What a disgrace from a sexual deviant who is married with children.Does his family even know the type of trash this guy is???How can a person who was sacked from Co-op Bank,implicated in the Chase Bank insider lending heist be appointed to head a government parastatal where he yet continues to engage in corrupt,sexually perverse acts losing court cases and is still allowed to head KIE???It is unbelievable and utterly disgusting that President Uhuru Kenyatta awarded this sexual deviant  “The Third Class: Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (MBS)” on Jamhuri day year 2018 as shown on this Nation Newspaper link .

This fool should be sacked immediately and we shall consistently expose him until he is sacked.

It should be noted that consistent exposes by the editor of this site resulted in the sacking of a former colleague of this pervert at Chase Bank i.e. Ken Obimbo “The Bimbo” who once served as Group Chief Financial Officer/Finance Director of Chase Group (custodian of the financial accounts of the group that were found to be fraudulent) and later CEO of Rafiki Microfinance (once a subsidiary of Chase Bank).Our dossiers on “The Bimbo” notably on link resulted in his ouster.

Ken Obimbo the Bimbo-Sacked Rafiki Microfinance MD and crook former CFO of Chase Group

“The Bimbo” was sacked,foul vulgar mouth Chase Group CEO Duncan Kabui was sacked in April 2016 when Chase Bank collapsed after the unforgettable public bank run and we shall strive to ensure pervert Parmain ole Narikae is shown the door too.

Foul vulgar mouth sacked former Chase Group CEO Duncan Kabui

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