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Julius Karangi’s Kikuyuism Jinx Blocking New NSSF CEO Appointment

Ex-KDF boss Julius Waweru Karangi the chairman of the NSSF board together with trustees like Peter Tum (PS Labour), Jacqueline Mugo (FKE), Francis Atwoli (Cotu), Geoffrey Mwau, Damaris Muhika (Cotu), Joseph Lekuton, Marion Mutugi deputy vice-chancellor Kabianga University, Mark Obuya and senior cartel Antony Omerikwa the acting managing trustee/CC NSSF is leading cartels that are blocking the appointment of new NSSF CEO. They want to install their cronies to help them continue looting.

NSSF board of trustees advertised the position for the managing trustee in April this year. The CEO is, according to the advert, is tasked with the daily running of the fraud filled fund. The CEO is also tasked to make sure that contributors funds are optimally managed and released to enable members to retire with dignity- which rarely happens as stated.

The managing trustee responsibilities include facilitating the preparation of the budget, strategies, operational proposals, annual plans and corporate policies for discussion by the board and implement decisions, resolutions adopted by the board. Further make sure that there is effective communication between management, board and different levels of management as well between the fund, government, and other stakeholders.

Qualifications were that one be Kenya citizen, master’s degree in insurance, law, accounting, actuarial, less than 10 years of working experience at managerial level in any one of the above academic fields and have certification in corporate governance. Registration with a professional body was another requirement.

Key competencies in the process were proven leadership and entrepreneurial skills, change management and strategic planning expertise and good interpersonal and analytical skills. Knowledge of management of an organization of similar size or complexity, compliant to requirements of chapters six and 13 of the constitution of Kenya were also to be fulfilled.

In the advert, the applications were to be addressed to the Rtd General Karangi, the chairman of the board of trustees and applications were only to be received on or before May 9, 2019. Applications were to be vetted and cleared by KRA, HELB Board, Ethics, EACC and a certificate of good conduct from Directorate of Criminal investigations. Credit reference bureau, CRB was also amongst the vetting board.

Here is a diagram representation of the NSSF leadership structures,

Applications were made and interviews held. As per NSSF act, the board is after the interviews supposed to give one name to the chairman to forward to the permanent secretary Labour ministry, who is the administrative officer in consultation with Treasury CS Ekur Yattani to gazette.

Our investigations have revealed that amongst those who applied, this was the already setlist of top-five rated appointees. The winner was the current acting Managing trustee Anthony Omerikwa. David Buyo came in as the first runners up and Third was Henry Kianda, the crook in-charge of Kenya Power Company pension scheme. James Kimani, an insurance industry manager came fourth. The fifth position was held by Sasini tea makers affiliated Stephen Gichiga.

As per NSSF act, the trustees after evaluation agreed on Omerikwa a Teso basing on merit, competence and experience. The man who has been in the same position in an acting capacity for years raising questions among industry players and other stakeholders.

This site authoritatively tells you that Rtd General Julias Waweru Karangi and deputy vice-chancellor Kabianga University Marion Murungi are causing the stalemate at NSSF and have blocked any attempts to forward the name of a Teso to the board. Karangi and Mutugi are running a cartel that wants to favour a Kikuyu and install one of theirs to be in charge. Karangi and Murungi want the chair to forward all the top five names to the so that the replacement is picked randomly in their favour. In a very serious country someone like Karangi could have been slapped with legal suits but since its Kenya, what ganja one does is bigger than what the constitution says.

Karangi and Murungi are pushing for total Kikuyuism at the fraud-filled NSSF. The retired military head wants to run the fund like a military camp. NSSF operations have been thrown in a handaki by this Kikuyu major who only thing, speaks and walks Kikuyu. These are the people Uhuru reappoints to run parastatals; for what reason exactly? I’m also wondering, but clearly a Mediocre has only one friend, a fellow mediocre.

Retired Auditor General Edward Ouko’s audit also raised a red flag on the frequent foreign trips that the Ex-soldier has been forcing at the cost of Kenyan workers. Karangi just like the dandy who appointed him has unquenchable spirits of adventure that can’t be satisfied nor be useful in any serious way. Why is Karangi misusing the NSSF funds while the owners of the funds perish in absolute poverty? Can’t junior officers at NSSF also be part of these trips if indeed they mean good for the fund and the retirees in general? If Karangi wants to tour, he can open his safaris and roam the way he wants, but nobody will sweat to make sure that he travels abroad to enjoy escorts and all the crap they do to there chubby clients.

The Auditor-General revealed that ever since Karangi was appointed by Uhuru as the NSSF chair after being haunted out of Kenya Airports Authority as board chair, his office has used more than  Sh10 million on foreign trips. Karangi has deployed his military leadership at NSSF that is causing ripples not only within the board but also at the management, staff and relevant parliamentary committees more-so that of labour and social relations.

The reason as to why Karangi was ejected at the helm of KAA is that he together with his cronies influenced the supply of faulty scrutiny security machines using Magnate Ventures a company owned by a Kikuyu tycoon Stanley Kinyanjui that is currently under investigations. Karangi used his office also to oust the Jimmy Wanjigi affiliated firm that had been awarded the tender.

Why is the State sympathizing with this old dandy, for those of you who might not know, Julias Waweru Karangi is not close to Uhuru, as a matter of fact, Karangi was pro-Kibaki and was one man that Kibaki used while in the military to scare off Uhuru. Kibaki tapped him just because he was a fellow tribesman and the son of Nyeri, Kibabi’s motherland. I mean that explains why he’s being moved up and down in collapsing and fraud filled parastatals like a scarecrow while junior comrades he served with like Gordon Kihalwangwa get senior State jobs for supporting Uhuru. Many thought Karangi would be named in the Jubilee cabinet as Defence cabinet secretary, it is impossible to happen, he has the NARC mentality and only thinks guns and bombs.

The incompetent Karangi signs every document at the fund, some that he has no clue what they mean. Someone should probably send his resignation letter, he might sign and cut us the mess. He’s using his military man air to chest thumb and turn non-executive chairman office to an executive one. For almost a year in his hot-air military-minded reign, he has been inviting EACC and DCI officials to psychologically torture junior officers with nothing serious happening after the investigation drills. This site has been informed that NSSF workers union leadership is planning a major strike against the retired Major-general.

Karangi wants to have VETO power on major and key strategic NSSF positions. For instance, we have information that Karangi wants to install his keymen at the office of General Manager Investments which oversees property development, property management capital, and money markets.

He also hs a list of Kikuyu allies that he wants to install at the helm of the office of General Manager Operations who is in charge of human resource, marketing, and branding, information technology, finance, procurement, and administration.

It does not end there, The ex-soldier also wants his man to be in charge of the office of General Manager Strategy Research and Development which is tasked with the strategy and change not forgetting research and development. He also wants to manipulate the operations in the office of General Manager Social Security which is strategic in benefits control and registration and collections. Regional Managers and Branch Managers fall under General Manager, Social Security. In short, Karangi wants to overthrow the current NSSF leadership and install his general.

Karangi is left alone in the tussle that has since caused the stalemate at the fund’s management. A recent letter from Cotu and FKE questioning the delay in the naming of substantive CEO even after the board of trustees reached on one nominee as knocked him off. The Ministry and NSSF legal team also advised the ex-soldier to only forward one name to be appointed as the Chairman. If the military man is using military tactics to run a public fund the state should use RECCE Squad to eject his incompetent head from the people’s fund.

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