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Intercepted staff email rant about CS Peter Munya’s appointed tribesman shows all is not well at AFC

Agriculture Finance Corporation Managing Director George Kubai. |Photo| Courtesy|

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy with the replies we got via email, thanks for supporting us in this fight for just, fair and a free corruption zone Corporation. 

We want to promise you that we won’t let you down this is a fight we have decided to fight until things change.   

In the last article, we mentioned how our incapable MD is 100% incompetent. 99% of staff confirms and agree with us that the guy is 200% incompetent, knows nothing! He was not ready for this position. He got is as a result of Know WHO and not KNOW HOW. 

Nyinyi mkiona MD does he inspire confidence? Of course NOT! Jamaa yuko tu hatafuti pesa! Yeye kaziyake ni kumaliza zile reserve Meso aliacha.

In the last article, we talked about the chosen few. And all of you confirmed that people like Mungai, Bonanoand Harun are MDs favourite. But sanasana Mungai he is a footlICKER

Look, Mungai went to Israel for one week, the following week went to Mombasa for 2 weeks, thenwent to Ghana for a Week now he is in Machakos for a week! Kwani hapo head office and BDD ni Mungai ndoanaezattend pekee? . When is he developing plans, strategies that can help the corporation? Have you seen any new product that we can easily sell kwabranches  developed by his department? Nothing! Kazi yake ni kutafuta masafari ndo apate perdiem

Bonano the same!

Harun naye ni kuwafuata na kupiga picha atueke kwaWeekly Brief. 

Our incapable MD went to Israel sisi tukikosamshahara, he later went to Ghana with a battery of managers. 

Yaani our incapable MD akipata safari za njeanaapprove haraka because that is where he gets his money. 

Kwa hizo safari, what do AFC gain? Nothing! 

Did you know our incapable MD applies perdiem in disguise that he is going to Meru for official duty najamaa yuko tu!

Saa hii anatafuta kickbacks from medical procurement, Maua branch, and kwa the ongoing renovations. 

Have you ever asked yourself why AFC is currently doing a lot of renovations? Ni juu ya kickbacks

Saa hii service providers wake wanalipwa haraka atakushinda salaries.

Huyo Mulonzi amefika 60s but hataki kuenda home because he is helping MD kupata kickbacks from contractors. We have the evidence


Our incapable MD is only 1 year na already ashajaazaincompetent people from his community! Si mbayakusaidia watu wako lakini let it be based on merit! 

Example 1. We are told that there is a 26 years old lady from Legal department who has only practised in a useless law firm in Meru. The lady has only 2 years experience, has never managed anyone, knows nothing hata naskia kuandika tu diacharge letter nibalaa! By the way hakufanyiwa hata interview! Reasons mnajua tu. To confirm the above try and engage her utaskia vile she is shallow! Nancy is the name.

Example 2. Mmeaskia yule driver wake ndio amepewaposition ya Ngeno? Very incompetent guy that one.

Example 3. Our boss Chris very incompetent! Kaziyake kubwa ni kupeana loans mbayambaya for kickbacks! We are watching you!

Example 4. Njiru Head of Procurement kazi yake nikusaidia our incapable MD kupata 10% kickback! We are watching you. 

We can go on and on. Lakini wacha tusimwage yote.

To our incapable management and MD this is what staff wants;

1. Rudisha staff loans haraka. That 14 million that MD took ingesaidia staff wengi sana but because akona ubinafsi he did not care about us! MD ndoalitumalizia allocation! HR, Tallam hii upuzimmeandika kwa memo ni ujinga tu! It is MD that depleted that allocation! Kwanza Tallam is one of the most incompetent people in AFC. The guy haano work ethic, stands for nothing! Kazi yake ni Yes sir yes sir! Yeye na Gachagua wako same class! HR is a core and a serious department that should stand for staff well being. Haki HR is our weakest link!

2. Let there be career development. In AFC one can work for 15 years in one job group and salary scale. Can AFC put systems that works, for example. Say John will automatically move from G7 to G8 after 3 or 5 years without lobbying! Let it be obvious
3. Can we have merit based promotions?

4. Salary review! Saa hii naskia some drivers and secretaries earn more than their bosses! This is wrong! Can our salaries be reviewed. Nmeona HR wanasema eti harsh economic environment. I am told the last time we reviewed salary was 10 years ago!

5. Can we have staff recognition

6. House loans

7. AFC has the most demotivated workforce . People just come to work because they lack options

8. What happened to those team building, Shows? kwanza the Mombasa one where staff used to attend? Pauline what happened?

9. What happened to the Kenya Bankers Sports? Tallam and Pauline?

10. What happened to those international training staff used to attend? Siku hizi tuko tu! There is nothing happening!

11. By the way have you noticed that when Mesowas in there was so much activities happening natulikuwa na pesa? Saa hii hakuna vitu zinahappenna bado hatuna pesa! The reason is the money is being diverted to MDs pocket.

12. Staff are suffering! Life is hard,kila kitu imepandabut salary bado ni ile ya 10 years ago. NKT!

13. Can we implement SRC perdiem rates? Why are we implementing it in a discrimative manner? I mean why is it that MD uses the SRC rates while the rest uses the 10 years ago rates?

Kumalizia, MD must act on most of the above things or else ataenda tu nyumbani and he will never be employed again!

Najua akona na kiburi juu aliletwa na Munya. Tunatakakumwaambia hata Munya won’t help you. 

The kind of evidence we are collecting oo my goodness! Moto sana! I must thank wenye wanatuma. Ukiwa na any evidence vile huyu jamaa anamaliza AFC ebu ziskume hapo kwa gmail. We will always hide your identity. Keep them coming! 

But before we destroy his life, we want to give him a chance to make things right kwanza akizidi kuwaarrogant then we shall proceed. He is only 45 years old! Na hiyo mwili yake akienda prison he can die the following day. 

Bwana MD, kindly act before it is too late! Stop stealing!

When we said you’re incompetent si eti tunakuchukiait is a fact ata wewe deep down you, you agrees with us. Look at the way you reacted to my email, eti sasamnazima zimbra na gmail! Bure kabisa! You should be strategic! 

Then STOP wasting time looking for us because you won’t find us! Just implement the proposals na uachekiburi

The next one itakuwa moto mbaya! Be ready! 


Concerned Staff

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