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Corporate Fraud

Illegal Aliens Masquerading As Kenyans At Scan Group, Other Sins

Scan Group CEO Bharat Thakrar

Immigration Department should immediately head to Scan Group, arrest Ms. Charity Mwamburi together with the scores of Indian workers who are taking jobs from Kenyans.

I understand that foreigners are allowed to work in Kenya in the capacity that Kenyans cannot do such a work that they are doing and that for two years, they are supposed to train a Kenyan (s) to take up from them as they go back to their country. That’s what the law states.

However, at Scan Group that’s not the case, as we have realised that the expatriates at the company have been given immigration details with falsified information so that they can be accomodated in Kenya.

This illegal staff range from managers to copy writers, positions that our able Kenyans can comfortably work and execute at reasonable pay effectively.

The person incharge of cordinating this scam is Mrs. Charity Mwamburi, Scan Group’s group administrator, she does all the processing and knows who to approach for her work at the immigration. She inturn returns the favour where possible, like Emma a receptionist whose dad works with immigration has been maintained in return for favours from immigration, our source says.

The expatriates who mostly are from India have been given falsified titles to make them look like they work for the whole of Africa so as to gain immigration status in Kenya. They include: Manish Sardana, Hasan Danish, Rakesh Jha, Depesh Jha, Sandeep Mandan, Hinal Shah, Gotham Pingali, Hemang Disho, Sonali Das, Satya Das.

The above are of Indian descent; they earn millions as salaries at the expense of us, some even come onboard with their wives just because they can bribe the system.

Further mistreatment of workers as per department.

Bringing forward some of the updates at Scangroup.

Administration: The department is headed by Mrs. Mwamburi an incompetent woman who can’t construct a paragraph in English. She manages the whole department with a lot of ignorance and doesn’t allow her employees further their education for fear of having more competent employees and threatening her position. She also misuses company cars, having 2 dedicated drivers who are used even during weekends and we understand they go all the way to Meru over weekends and to church or when she has other personal engagements. Recently one of her drivers had an accident with her inboard under mysterious circumstances.

Disposal of company assets is also done under her supervision under mysterious circumstances.
Her kids have been absorbed into the company leaving more qualified citizens jobless. The one at Squaddigital is lazy and rarely finishes tasks.

The other son at Atrium is something else, not more than once has he been inviting girls into the office and keeping drivers waiting while he is busy having sex. A niece of hers also has been absorbed into Ogilvy recently and we find this to be unfair and misuses of her position. They are always taken home using the company car in full sight of other employees- are they more important than others?

Human Resource: This department is not fully independent as it should be. It doesn’t take care of employees leaving them at the mercy of mean Indian expatriates in the name of HODs. We feel given an opportunity they can perform and take care of employees welfare- the first one being family cover for employees and favorable working hours.

IT: A very organised and disciplined department managed by Saurin. Underneath all this discipline is muck and corrupt deals. Saurin has been manipulating procurement of IT assets to always favor his good friend Kishor of Synergy – this is verifiable. Kishor is a frequent visitor to Saurin who never accommodates anyone. They would often play ping pong then discuss deals leading to kickbacks. Synthesis was also another preferred company by Saurin until they fell off due to deal gone sour. He, is very full of himself and thinks he is a small god. He is arrongant- as testified by his peers and unapproachable.

He discourages furthering education although he has a competent team which is hungry to learn but he puts them down.

Operations: Headed by untouchable Ayub, a questionable character whose deeds are known plainly. It’s common knowledge he does business with Scangroup at the airport which is against WPP policies. He has been spared on many instances especially when it comes to misuse of company assets with no repercussions.

We have been forced by HR to commit to some stupid document detailing our relationship with scangroup due to this man called Ayub’s conduct
Scanad Kenya: Sandeep is in-charge here. He has his cronies Deepesh his brother in law, Rishi, Rakesh and Danish- as their godfather.A lot of these Indian expatriates add no value but are protected by Sandeep.

At Scanad guys are not fairly remunerated for the work they do and the Indian expatriates get appreciated more. Can this be looked into urgently.

When it comes to awards, favorite is the norm here under the watchful eye of Sandeep. The indians are always considered for the the prestigious awards which are almost near secrecy for them to look good and grow career wise. We feel like we don’t progress while they do at our expense and this ain’t fair.

We demand something be done or else we are going to disclose immigration status of all expatriates within the group and expose them to more scrutiny. Like, do we really need these expatriates at the expense of local talent.
Consider: medical cover for married employees with children, come up with a fair system of salary increment and promotions. Lastly be considerate with employees who want to further their education. Waiting upon you soon.

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