Cyprian Is Nyakundi

Huge: The National Oil Corporation ( NOCK) Racketeering Matrix

NOC employees – gang cum looting syndicate kingpins:-

Managing Director – MaryJane Mwangi

E&P Contract [NOC]COMPANY Representative – Francis Njuguna Mbugua

Legal Officer (Company) Secretary – Pauline Wamuyu Kimotho

Procurement Officer to the Project – Alex Musungu and Erastus Gachuhi Kanyiri

Procurement RESIDENT Consultant (Company) contracts advisor – Domitila Wanzila Muvanya

Finance Officer/advisor to the Project – Martin Mungai and John Nguni

Strategy Officer Advisor to the project – Ken Kiumbe Mugambi

Right-hand E&P [Secretary] Private Show Assistant – PSA cum Francis

Njuguna Mbugua’s Mistress – Philomena Mulinge Angela

BGP accountant [buyable rogue money laundering liaison] – Bismark Kalulu Ngene

Proxy EIA consultancy abysm [Community Laundering Liaison Officer Services] – Joel Lesale Odupoi

What is their Knowledge of price escalation with or without approval from original contract price (beyond the 15% allowable variation contingent on approval provided for within procurement laws and regulations) to more than double the price as reflected in the final total payments to BGP inflated-fabricated sample invoices; and further blatant looting as opined in the audited project costs as per NOC books which points to a hooping four times the verifiable contract price and deliverables cost??

The rip off plot was hatched up in advance right at the very beginning of the E&P 2D seismic survey (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited) tender/contract drawing stage in a move that saw the senior NOC procurement manager (Alex Musungu) sidelined while a then junior procurement officer – Erastus Gachuhi Kanyiri being promoted exponentially by managing director –MaryJane Mwangi acting on advice of E&P Contract [NOC]company representative –Francis Njuguna Mbugua “racketeering Kingpin” under the pretext that the aforementioned officer was amiable and easy to manage. The promoted officer Erastus Gachuhi Kanyiri “master spinner” would then assume the new role as the key go to person on procurement matters regarding the scandalous BGP 2D seismic acquisition contract from its beginning to the very end and always and forever working in cahoots with aforementioned NOC racketeering Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative.

You would bet he had to live to his higher calling/canonization, thanks to his handlers by turning a blind eye to the ordinary standard procurement requirement of scrutiny of subsequent compensation processes involving proper generation of purchase orders and their further reconciliation with relevant invoices up to the payment stage as per the legally binding contract between NOC and BGP. Ideally he abdicated his professional role and went along rubber-stamping any and all aforementioned fabricated payment documents and the eventual escalated bank transfers in total and blatant breach of the contract well beyond the stipulated procurement budget.

Indeed a very strange bond of convenience has been forged between NOC racketeering Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative Francis Njuguna Mbugua and the conspirator procurement officer Erastus Gachuhi Kanyiri regarding dealings over the scandalous BGP project in which they always go to extraordinary length of literary locking themselves in the NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative office while plotting to rip off the corporation, something the Kingpin does not do while meeting any other company personnel.

When information leaked of possible scandal around the project, the two have adopted another tactic of clandestine meetings over breakfast or lunch or dinner and including extended strategic open air meetings dubbed “working sessions” to escape public attention. Specifically the misused and abused procurement officer Erastus Gachuhi Kanyiri who was cheaply bought by a junk-old-bomb second hand mobility asset plus a promotion to do the hideous errands for the racketeers gang who earned themselves easy and lump sum loot well over Ten Million US dollars thanks to his naivety has always sort reassurance from the NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative Francis Njuguna Mbugua on how the magnanimous damage may be controlled given the fact that his role in the chain of events as a procurement officer in charge of the project who ought to have acted as a check against any and all contract abuse (which he abdicated) makes him a susceptible pawn and a possible scape goat or a collateral when and not if the investigations into the racketeering scheme takes effect. Seemingly the assurances have not been convincing and the best the NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative can deliver in the interim is to blackmail the other NOC personnel (who were part of the team in the field but not party to the scheme) he strongly suspects are privy to the rip off inner details by demanding they watch what they say and who they talk to.

The NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative – Francis Njuguna Mbugua was equally successful in colluding with the NOC company legal officer – Pauline Wamuyu Kimotho to not only intentionally omit the awarded contract amount in the main contract document as required but rather mischievously hide it in one of the contract sub-documents specifically Schedules page 34 merely as Minimum Price, implying No price Cap whatsoever and finally rally the managing director –MaryJane Mwangi to endorse the flawed contract.

In the complex racketeering web, clandestine imagery & symbolism pseudos’ cum acronyms befitting surreal actors’ hideous wrecking ball wanton actions were cast in their apparent reciprocal cabalism code names. The Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna Mbugua thus coded as “father figure” [bread weaner] by the psychopath NOC company legal officer – Pauline Wamuyu Kimotho for the little alms like bread crumbs off the high table (having missed the sucking-crushing mandibles of the Kingpin) she would scavenge on the periphery. In return the unheedful psychopath Pauline Wamuyu Kimotho would conveniently be coded as “daughter model” by the crafty Kingpin racketeer keen on hypnotizing and exploiting her wicked appetite for cheap thrills culminating into the aforementioned flawed contract drawing and approval with her taciturn complicity.

The NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative – Francis Njuguna Mbugua additionally rallied the strategy officer advisor to the project (and heir apparent to the thrown) – Ken Kiumbe Mugambi to approve additional fabricated purchase order (PR-BGP Invoice no.NOCK BLOCK 14T NDPC/SP001 KES6,356,688.71 disguised as National Data Processing Center – NDPC) payment for seismic line processing predating fictitious invoice and final bank transfer of money to BGP contrary to the 2D seismic acquisition contract requirement as aforementioned. In doing so, the wily insidious strategy officer was exclusively complicit given his crucial role as the lead company personnel in charge of collecting, collating, generating and cascading to the other departments the overall corporate strategic short, mid and long term plans including forecasts on project schedules, budget, execution and close out (premised on triple constraints value concept of time, cost and quality) all driven by sound project management. In a way he connived to be in the racketeers’ gang fraternity at the expense of his (self-delusion, embellished title void of and wanting in substance) abrogated professional duty thus exacerbating the rip off.

The NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative – Francis Njuguna Mbugua further triumphed in muscling the finance officer/advisor to the project – Martin Mungai and John Nguni including the entire finance department lieutenants (as chronicled in pertinent queries they raised in the oracle trail) to fast track the processing of the inflated NOC “source” purchase orders – POs to match the fictitious BGP “sink” invoices bank transfers/payments and ordered not to object to the glaring and suspicious miss-representations not aligned to the verifiable contract deliverables or at the very least the approved contract price.

The NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative Francis Njuguna Mbugua opined his “devolved authority and directive” to the finance officers on a “priori” basis, akin to reading the riot act of unfounded precedence (set by the aforementioned compromised procurement officer to the project – Erastus Gachuhi Kanyiri “master spinner”), – asserting that the invoices having been sanctified for payment by procurement department (courtesy of Erastus Gachuhi Kanyiri “master spinner”) whether illegally is the sole warrant for finance department to bank role the invoiced payments as mere facilitation of the payment/laundering process. Any objection by the finance officers would automatically more often invite the wrath of the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi who would phone and summon the reported personnel to show cause why they would not deliver as directed by the Kingpin – project or contract budget and procurement rules and regulations notwithstanding (emblazoned in a barrage of MaryJane Mwangi’s barbaric unwarranted directives calling for ACTION! – as censured in our subsequent Corruption Trail Exposé in sample purchase requisition/s exacerbating the laundering in excess of KES1 billion)

National Oil CEO Maryjane Mwangi

Eventually the captive/besieged finance officers would yield to the self-righteous attitude of the Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna Mbugua and his enablers (even as they confided in close confidants, complaining in hush tones off the record while pondering the a waiting consequences of their involuntary role in exacerbating the racketeering scheme), and deliver payments well beyond the stipulated contract price to the chagrin of NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative [Francis Njuguna Mbugua] and his cohorts racketeers. Nearly over two times as per corroborating aforementioned escalated POs, Invoices, bank transfers; and up to four times as per reliable sources privy to internal NOC audited 2D seismic contract project accounts/books further exposing blatant violation of the procurement laws and regulations.

The NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative – Francis Njuguna Mbugua finally delivered the catch of the day and moment by whipping-scotching hands down the retired procurement RESIDENT consultant (Company) contracts advisor – Domitila Wanzila Muvanya (KISM Licence No. K040/ 2013) to resonate as ordered. The retired procurement RESIDENT consultant passes as “unapologetic ghost worker” answerable only to the managing director (even though she ought to be reporting as per the paper contract to the senior NOC procurement manager – Mr. Alex Musungu which she represses and intimidate via stage-managed NOC HR warning letters), is clandestinely tasked with blatant evisceration of the due process while championing skewed/customized premeditated tender process/outcome/award, contract drawing/management including negotiating/collection of pre-arranged bribes for the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi.

Unlike other regular employees, the “unapologetic ghost worker” – Domitila Wanzila Muvanya shadow looms large, operates invincibly not taking responsibility in record for anything, however the results of all her indelible wrecking ball actions are widely corroborated by using a compromised human resource manager – Cecilia Kalungu Uvyu, often unleashing terror (through illegal warning letters, transfers, suspensions or dismissals), blackmail, coercion/compulsion, muscling of staff compliance irrespective of rank and file to take responsibility for the subverted process; notwithstanding their professional advice do not count but nonetheless abused as pawns/collateral covering up the unpopular/irrational/scandalous decisions the corporation acts on as stage-managed by the vicious “procurement RESIDENT contracts advisor …in other words the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi and surrogates have christened the “Domitila Wanzila Muvanya” …to strictly and only observe two rules (never negotiate nor take hostages) in her ruthless pursuit to deliver the loot by all means necessary.

The retired busy body procurement RESIDENT consultant (Company) contracts advisor –Domitila Wanzila Muvanya (KISM Licence No. K040/ 2013) contract engagement with NOC to exclusively stage-manage MaryJane Mwangi hideous errands is crudely vague and ambiguous, never seem to be ending as the case should apply for ordinary consulting contract/work tied to specific projects triple constrained by time, cost and quality for value creation. The packaged reward for her scandalous hideous laundry services (disguised as Contract for provision of supply chain consultancy services – individual consultants which was tailor-made, non-competitive and irregularly awarded) is clandestinely tied in a double knot for 15 months beginning 2nd Jan, 2018 contract framework remunerated at a face value of approximately Kenya shillings 720,000.00 while her net take home is a paltry Kenya shillings 300,000.00 ceding the balance to her handler the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi. However, with endless opportunities and unchecked prowess she wields in the corridors of power of NOC thanks to the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi’s reign, she recovers/supplements the ceded aforementioned salary setback from hefty windfall commissions attributed and commensurate to the volumes of bribes – “facilitation fees” she charges/levy and collects as taxes from the conspirators/proxy shoddy/cow-boy/contractors awarded costly NOC tenders irregularly in flagrant breach of public procurement and disposal act – PPADA, 2015 act [procurement policy -laws and regulations at the behest of the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi and surrogates].

To-date, a very toxic and worrying trend has plagued the corporate system of NOC as epitomized in grave abnormality turned normality. The NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative – Francis Njuguna Mbugua is the penultimate dirty trickster cum gold-brick and the unrivaled joker in the pack gaming the system of “NOC Cabal racketeering network”, whereby he sets/play by his own rules and continuously break his own record, sparing no leverage and blackmail he can exercise to manipulate the equally exploitative managing director – MaryJane Mwangi, to advance either personal course (and maybe miserly the cabals’) or otherwise veto any contrary opinion perceived as threat to attaining his mean/selfish (and maybe miserly the cabals’) desires often flagrantly and ruthlessly by all means necessary whatever the cost.

First forward and right within NOC E&P department is a snap-shot right at the initial stages of this Contract for Provision of 2D Seismic Data Acquisition Services in Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited. Then E&P department secretary – Mariam Maliku had to be maliciously transferred to another department immediately after raising genuine concerns on two occasions challenging the NOC racketeering kingpin – Francis Njuguna Mbugua to make available the aforementioned contract document for her access to verify pertinent details in order to, [generate on Oracle system purchase requisition/s for payment/s as per item/s contract bill of quantity – BoQ] precisely raise the requested as chronicled hereunder.

Prior to the unwarranted transfer of Mariam Maliku, instigated by the NOC racketeering kingpin – Francis Njuguna Mbugua for challenging his (flawed) self-righteousness on the two aforementioned occasions, she was compelled to proceed with raising the purchase orders for onward approval as drafted by the kingpin, regardless of inherent material facts miss-representation and cost escalations therein.

DCI’s Kinoti and ODPP Noordin Haji cannot Ignore the NOCK Scandals

Initially, Demobilization Purchase Order – PO_#1 (at USD800, 000.00 vis-à-vis contract price at USD$630, 000.00);

Next, the Ensuing Second, (disguised/purported procurement department requested – single project source loot-buffer fund account), questionable All-in-One Jubilee Purchase Order – PO_#2 [at USD$13, 804,960 vis-à-vis contract price at USD3, 816,918.98]; as shown above.

Considering the fact that demobilization cost is already expensed vide PO_#1 and additionally, the initial awarded 300Km NOC 2D seismic survey (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited) tender was subsequently revised downwards to 200Km 2D seismic line acquisition as per the project contract, further corroborated in planned pre-plot (& post-plot) acquisition statistics.

As a replacement for Mariam Maliku the booted uncompromising secretary, the NOC Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna Mbugua personally drafted a memo (signed by the accomplice MaryJane Mwangi) ordering the head of HR – Cecilia Kalungu Uvyu to rubber-stamp (execute) the immediate transfer of probably amiable replacement and the current E&P department [Secretary] Private Show Assistant – PSA – Philomena Mulinge Angela who like her predecessor was initially hesitant to work on mere email communication instructions from the NOC Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna Mbugua without contract document guide and often consulting widely and confiding in colleagues about egregious requested purchase orders by the Kingpin to be raised in the system.

As the project progressed, the Kingpin mysteriously cast a spell (weaning her over and forever as staunch ally in advancing the cabal network syndicate) on her turning her into a cabal convert accomplice in the NOC 2D seismic survey (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited) tender scam money laundering. [Unheedful of the warning glare] Inevitably fraternizing and consorting with the enemy [heedful NOC cabal], Philomena Mulinge Angela would hustle accentuating [propelling to prominence; powering to the fore] as the defacto right-hand E&P [Secretary] Private Show Assistant – PSA cum Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua’s, the Kingpin Mistress’.

The Kingpin wa’ Mbugua’s Mistress’ – Philomena Mulinge Angela (the hustler accentuated defacto right-hand E&P [Secretary] Private Show Assistant – PSA) teamed up with the Kingpin’s special laundering-operations tight knit confidants (Procurement Officer to the Project – Erastus Gachuhi Kanyiri; Strategy Officer advisor to the project – Ken Kiumbe Mugambi; Finance Officer/advisor to the Project – Martin Mungai and John Nguni; Procurement RESIDENT Consultant (Company) contracts advisor – Domitila Wanzila Muvanya), and cryptically aided by rank and file top NOC signatories (Managing Director – MaryJane Mwangi; Legal Officer (Company) Secretary – Pauline Wamuyu Kimotho, with complementary taciturnity and flawed approval courtesy of NOC board of directors led by Chairman – Kibuga “Kibby” Kareithi), to circumvent the supreme PPADA, 2015 act, cum the overarching contract/s guiding rule book, working in syndicate with contractor/s conspirator racketeers exacerbating clandestine money laundering at best and making a travesty of the PPRA and similar-cum-prototype accolade award at worsts.

The defacto right-hand E&P [Secretary] Private Show Assistant – PSA cum wa’ Mbugua’s, the Kingpin Mistress’ continuously collaborated in blatantly exacerbating and aiding the NOC Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna Mbugua to raise several NOC 2D seismic survey (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited) tender/contract flawed purchase orders – POs_#3 up to POs_#22 amongst many more as corroborated by samples referenced herein.

Philomena Mulinge Angela (the hustler accentuated defacto right-hand E&P [Secretary] Private Show Assistant – PSA) cum Kingpin wa’ Mbugua’s, Mistress’ would then wield unmatched audacity and cojones unlike her peers in the E&P department (including the corporation), teaming up with the subscriber-benefactor-sponsor, the NOC Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua to expunge and shred (vandalism and tampering cover-up) all documents related to the scandalous payment records leaving absolutely no trail in the NOC-E&P 2D seismic survey (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited) tender scams and/or seismic acquisition project-scam file.

Upon revelations of the obnoxious NOC-E&P 2D seismic survey (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited) tender/contract scams within and beyond the corporation cycle echelons exacerbated by the ensuing aforementioned shameless projects exhibit-documents vandalism and tampering cover-up, the duo lovey-dovey hustlers (Kingpin & Mistress) would go on splurge spree, savouring every moment divvied up indulging in a public display of affection – PDA beyond and at work place caring much less it was a front for less savoury operations.

The benefactor-sponsor NOC Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua would revel and relish in bespoke secretarial [private show assistance – PSA] specialities-savoury including titillating X-rated risqué teaser-bonuses from Philomena Mulinge Angela (the hustler accentuated defacto right-hand E&P [Secretary] Private Show Assistant – PSA), a show boat immune to colleagues condemnation of her raunchier off-limit tantalizing locker-room quicken-tempts with the Kingpin and crafty in clandestinely deflecting main focus on the real Jackpot equivocally cast in her meteoric catapult upgrade from modest hitherto little known and fringe downtown humble digs to the flamboyant upper hill private abode – the affluent up-market neighborhoods befitting conceited status, – christened handsome compensation by the Kingpin to the Mistress for collaborating in exacerbating and cover-up roles in the NOC-E&P 2D seismic survey (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited) tender scams and/or seismic acquisition project file.

Undeniably, the Mistress Philomena Mulinge Angela has redefined the new dimensions of Private Show Assistant – PSA disguised as defacto right-hand Secretary thanks to the perverse sponsor-benefactor-subscriber Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna Mbugua whose obstinate-pissy application of HR orthodox is discriminatory & unnatural. The mistress annual leave normally under thirty days for permanent & pensionable staff is elastic, on average to four or five months a year contingent on the overseas globetrotting trips the sponsor Kingpin spends away from the office. The mistress ignorant of the repercussions unapologetically disappears unofficially only to be discovered by third rate E&P department members in dire need of essential services [& not private show assistance – PSA] only to be countermanded to wait for the Kingpin’s return. Umm… “[Kingpin]he who pays the [Mistress]piper calls the [PSA]tune”.

The NOC Kingpin and [NOC]COMPANY Representative – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua, cruises in top range loot’s splurged black Mercedes limousine like “concord de legance” which the exploitative and compromised BGP contractor bought him as a thank you gift amongst other spoils windfall, [Bureau of Geopolitical Prospecting – BGP: Chinese seismic company censured for colluding with the Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua in Block 14T 2D seismic tender scams – laundering up to KES1 billion in excess of the contract price in cahoots with career thieves NOC cabals as per our trail Exposé].

Big Bad Boy Francis Njuguna

However the Kingpin’s irksome runabout cruise to work in the spoils’ splurged flamboyant machine upon its delivery in mid-2018 were short-lived and thereafter he reserved the accessory exclusively for weekend special drives completely out of work environs because the alarmed colleagues including honorable Kenyans could not stomach the site of the Kingpin k’Alibaba and his loot.

Upon making a kill together with cohort racketeers NOC cabal worth billions of shillings from the NOC-E&P 2D seismic survey (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited) tender/contract scams, the NOC Kingpin racketeer and [NOC]COMPANY Representative – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua has resoundingly graduated as an investor and entrepreneur – the Kenyan looter style. He meteorically propped up palatial mansion/s chains in his Langata residence neighborhood over the period attributed to the spoils scoop contraband. Hammering like a woodpecker, (whilst keeping National Environmental Management Authority – NEMA personnel on toes for commercial/construction development/s plans approval courtesy of the upwards KES1 billion Block 14T loot splurge) the Kingpin – Francis Njuguna Mbugua unrelentingly shatters/pounds ground perpetually all-over places for real estate (commercial) building foundations followed by hastened onward completions with impeccable weaverbird finesse. The Kingpin equally boasts of massive prime acreage-tracks of land in affluent neighborhoods like Karen, Westland, Kileleshwa and Lavington (amongst other opulent plutocratic apartments) onto which high-end real estate developments are on-going (in varied stages) at the expense of poor tax-payers.

Red Flag moments, highlights, milestones to observe: –

The initial signed contract price of USD$ 5,717,800.00;

This amount is not only intentionally omitted in the main contract document as required or as is the case with every other contracts done in parallel for instance Contract for Provision of Quality Control – QC Consultancy for Seismic Acquisition Project at Block 14T, Magadi Basin in Kenya-RPS Energy Limited but rather mischievously hidden in one of the contract sub-documents specifically Schedules page 34 merely as Minimum Price……….implying NO price Cap at all!

The initial plot and intention – to cooperate jointly and coordinate the approval of a fabricated-inflated Source NOC PO_#02 – triple the contract price to increase the project budget to US Dollars Thirteen Million, Eight Hundred and Four Thousand, Nine Hundred and Sixty and Zero Cents Only (US$ 13,804,960.00) well above the official contract price of (US$ 5,717,800.00) under the claim, pretext and/or disguised as noted in the PO remarks:- Procurement has requested the consolidated PR to be raised so that they process one PO from where they will be charging the invoces whenever they are received

While the Looting of Kenya Pipeline Is a Kelenjin Affair, Looting of NOCK is Purely a Kikuyu Affair hence Inaction from ODPP and DCI

The subsequent execution and opportunity – to cooperate jointly and coordinate further the approval of fabricated POs in total dis-regard of the contract and the affiliated change of management – CoM additional Commercial Exposure approval requirements – for the payment of inflated BGP contractor invoices to a cumulative total amount of more than double the contract price thus leading to increased project budget.

The records from our sources posits the contractor BGP has been paid by NOC close to or well over US Dollars Eleven Million, US$ 11,000,000.00 above the signed contract value, considering the fact that not all the relevant POs and Invoices pertaining to the project were available for conclusive analysis at the time of this clandestine Corruption Exposé on the heinous economic crime and genocide involving key conspirators in NOC and BGP.

NOC Employees group two -who aided either voluntarily/involuntarily the racketeering kingpins i.e. any and all prepares and approvers in whatever rank and file to fabricated sample and all POs including processing of inflated invoices without adherence to the due process -Procurement – standard operating procedures – SOPs i.e. their involvement in the events chain indirectly catalyzed or exacerbated the process by failing to ensure that any and all their actions were governed by the substantive procurement policies – rules and regulations on the contract for Provision of 2D Seismic Data Acquisition Services at Block 14T, Kenya 2016/2017

NOC board of directors – BoD group three -including but not limited to –
NOC Board of Directors – BoD Chairman
NOC Exploration and Production E&P Directors Committee – Chairman
NOC full Board of Directors – BoD
Ministry of Petroleum and Mining – MoPM (formerly MoEP) representative to the PS – Andrew Kamau at NOC BoD – Francis Wawiye.

MoPM (formerly MoEP) representative to the PS – Andrew Kamau at NOC BoD – Francis Wawiye, “Janus-faced double-dealer” who connive with NOC cabal to blatantly cover-up corruption malpractices whenever pressed on a need to know basis by alarmed peer-colleagues at meetings on NOC corruption (choosing to manipulate conspiratorially at the bidding of MoPM [formerly MoEP] PS – Andrew Kamau, the signatory authority to the NOC laundering scheme) whilst broadside equally shafting and snitching on the NOC cabals in satellite quarters asserting by vintage of inside knowledge that the corporation is going-under operationally/financially due to flagrant plundering (disingenuously & cynically invoking publicly available censure admonition of NOC as a non-going concern courtesy of Auditor General’s report), akin to unsolicited diabolical diatribes at best and chicken-shit excuses at worst in retrospect to his personal meteoric financial stability upgrade courtesy of spoils windfall share vide NOC cabal syndicates of bestial and barbaric public coffers rip-off.

Indisputably, unless one is a fool, he cannot dare part ways with his hard-earned money easily. Likewise we posit that unless the masqueraders MoPM (formerly MoEP) appendage of 40 thieves consorting and fraternizing with their accomplice at NOC lead by MaryJane “Alibaba” do not act their roles supposedly impartially, objectively and professionally inevitably conspiring to blatantly violet Ethics and Principles on Management of Public Funds with deplorable zeal, utter contempt of law & impunity, equivocally self-delusions have priority pass through the doors whilst laws-booted out the window of our relic justice system (equity, egalitarianism, propriety for auction).

The MoPM (formerly MoEP) pertinent role as wheeler dealers to the syndicate cannot be over-emphasized given the fact that (NOC was already a shell under systematic looting by the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi “Alibaba” thus) the MoPM (formerly MoEP) fully funded the project attributed to NOC 50% share of cost contribution in the Contract for Provision of 2D Seismic Data Acquisition Services in Block 14T, Kenya -2016/2017, by BGP Kenya Limited plus excesses attributed to racketeering scheme.

The (loose-end) exploitative NOC Kingpin k’Alibaba racketeer (crafty designate conduit) coordinated the cryptic tender scams (laundering up to KES1 billion in excess of the contract price in cahoots with career thieves NOC cabals as per our trail Exposé), an add-on preoccupying hustles, inter alia the Kingpin’s primary role as [NOC]Company representative to the seismic survey project (Magadi Block 14T, Kenya -2017/2018, by BGP Kenya Limited).

Of pertinent interest and confounding is the availability or absence of relevant minutes and documents related to [NOC]company anticipated commercial exposer (Standbye time and rate) legally approving – signed by designated members any additional project payments as provided for within the contract while at the same time ensuring that the cumulative amounts arising from such authorization do not escalate the overarching procurement and contract legal requirement of not exceeding the maximum contract price veriments of up to 15% over and above the original (tender vide award letter) contract price.

In the meantime ensuing our incontrovertible NOC cabal clandestine Corruption Trail Exposé on the heinous economic crime and genocide involving key conspirators in the block 14T NOC and BGP seismic survey tender scams, we can confirm from our reliable sources that rifts and cracks are developing, simmering deep & wide amongst the “legally untouchable” career thieves NOC cabal vampires (Alibaba and the 40 thieves) ruthlessly fleecing public coffers aimed at isolating the “loose end” cum damaged-goods, Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua for allegedly having compromised his cover exposing the entire NOC cabal syndicate for probe (obsessed with the need for secrecy and the dangers of indiscretion, the Kingpin unheedfully enlisted the Mistress’ bespoke secretarial specialities-savoury including aforementioned shameless projects exhibit-documents vandalism and tampering cover-up thus raising the alarm).

As experience attests, the daredevil junkies like the underworld mob-gang do not give a hoot about family, (akin to the lawless monster grabbiosis-infested happy-go-lucky junky cabals under insatiable possessions-adrenaline rage divided by entitlement share but united by temptation of easy freebies)

The NOC cabal squabbles scripts is chronicled hereunder:-

The NOC cabals make ‘cojones’ jibe at the compromised “loose end” and damaged-goods, Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua following block 14T NOC and BGP seismic survey tender scams Corruption Trail Exposé.

The isolated “loose end”, Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua certainly didn’t endear himself to the entire NOC cabal fraternity echelons when he blasted their lack of “cojones” in hesitating to enjoin in contract drafting veriments syndicate (post award of the tender), in the period leading to joint signing of the flawed final contract where he claims self-credit for the sole risk of churning the scheme roadmap teaming up with the aforementioned special laundering-operations tight knit confidants and cryptically aided by rank and file top NOC signatories, with complementary taciturnity and flawed approval courtesy of NOC board of directors led by the Chairman.

Upon securing their support (premised on subjective proportionate share of spoils windfall), leading to the flawed contract counter-signing and acceptance by the exploitative and compromised BGP contractor, Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua claimed the cabal fraternity lacked bottle and stated he could make his presence felt early on, after all – the spoils windfall payout amount was subjective.

But the Kingpin’s attempts to make an early impact upon bagging astounding share of the Block 14T 2D seismic tender scams booty (up to KES1 billion in excess of the contract price laundered in cahoots with career thieves NOC cabals in collusion with the censured BGP as per our trail Exposé) saw him disfellowshipped (declared a snitch and ostracized by the NOC cabal) off the racketeering fraternity [for manipulating the tender scam spoils windfall payout to exploit the cabals contribution to the syndicate (entitlement share), in addition to compromising the covert tender scam], following the cabals’ short-lived splurge on the remnants (leftover) spoils windfall thus infuriated and exposed as collateral facing litigation and jail time courtesy of the Kingpin’s indulgences and immoderation.

The Kingpin has been relentlessly protesting his innocence (premised on faulting public hearsay exacerbated by brewing mutiny in the cabal echelons; delusions of integrity regardless of relativity to laundering proxy-front conduit and PPADA, 2015 act wanton excesses), to no avail amidst ongoing NOC cabal sanctioned aggression and thus the Kingpin has lately been confronting and churning his narrative to the accomplice managing director – MaryJane Mwangi (similarly nonplussed unsure how to react to the imminent collateral damage ensuing compromised covert scheme and foxed with exploitation- shafting-revelations off the tender scam laundered loot entitlement fare share).

Well, that won’t hold……… of the kettle calling the pot black!

MaryJane Mwangi positing the Kingpin Francis Njuguna Mbugua an “ignorant thug” with a “lizard brain that guarantees his survival above all else” ensuing Exposé in an attempt to reject praise from the Kingpin who quipped that she is one of a kind “Alibaba” to have audaciously hung on in the face of past outrageous NOC corruption allegations thus best placed than ever to re-enact the same if not better with little help from her liaisons “40 thieves” connections in higher places (ignoring the board led by Kibuga “Kibby” Kareithi keen on isolation and self-preservation at the expense of managing brewing collateral damage) to weather the imminent storm.

An accomplice and the managing director chimed that she does not agree with Kingpin’s yarn for collateral damage collective management, but that she instead, observes that NOC board and fringe “tight knit confidants” players to the scheme “still don’t get it” and that Kingpin is “playing butcher your enemies” and “create constant mayhem attributed to immoderation indulgences off the exploitation haul windfall” in the realm of corruption syndicates.

The Kingpin demurred, challenging MaryJane Mwangi to remember that he had hitherto aided her benefit from NOC E&P lab construction and equipment purchase projects funding from the MoPM (formerly MoEP) amounting to KES 600 million perpetrated by the NOC cabal under her watch from 2016 – 2018 (with complementary taciturnity of the of the [remarkably inept]abysmal consultant, accomplice cabal flagging frail retiree dotard granny – Florence Nkirote Gaturu “Habibi Amar Kongwe’’ as the defacto NOC lab projects representative). Cumulative KES580 million out of the total aforementioned MoPM (formerly MoEP) lab projects funding diverted from E&P to NOC downstream division accounts fraudulently via laundering schemes embedded in charade – partial patch/shore up of the loot–hole of massive losses (attributed to the trending NOC blatant fuel theft amounting to approximately KES1.7 Billion and myriad downstream scandalous pet projects worth hundreds of millions of Kenya shillings).

Additionally – NOC E&P lab project remissions and hitherto cash cow National Data Repository Center – NDRC data sales (capitated blatantly, annexed/captured by the Kingpin racketeer’s Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua mobile seismic data contraband with exclusive paid access rights to IOC) revenue upwards of KES100 million annually being declared as NOC fuel retail (downstream) division profits in a staged-managed, creative accounting/auditing process and presentations (led by the wily insidious conniving strategy officer advisor to the cabal syndicate projects “heir apparent to the thrown” – Ken Kiumbe Mugambi) to stakeholders including but not limited to credit partners, banks, KRA, Auditor General, Gov’t Treasury/shareholder and obfuscating MoPM (formerly MoEP) & NOC Board of Directors hoodwinking them to buy-in the perception fool’s paradise (ruse & hoax) of the corporations good financial standing.

The flagrant putative breach, arrogation, seizure, annexation, sequestration, expropriation, usurping of data sales revenue – a supposedly pay back revenue stream upwards of KES100 million annually to the country courtesy of petroleum data (worth billions of dollars of decades acquisition investments vide joint production sharing contract/agreement – PSC/PSA incorporating the Kenyan host government and Exploration Oil Companies) sales to exploration International Oil Companies – IOC/s (otherwise blatantly turned, repurposed, diverted – NOC cabal syndicate revenue annexure) by the Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua is commonplace.

The Kingpin’s appalling-wicked activities akin to the organised-crime schemes is glaringly cast in crafty-integrated off-set receptacles cum ATM/s comprising an appendage (up to) sixty pounds all-inclusive letters-12,600 capacity carry-on back pack cum contraband-accessory, ritually hauled tactfully & stashed circumspectly with contracts, documents, related tools of trade in both hard and copycat alternative media, complementing the (back-up) discreet central duplicate contract & related items reserve, cache, contraband-bunker or repository-safe in the department privately manned by the cautiously canny upstream exploration and production E&P Contract [NOC]COMPANY Representative NOC Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna Mbugua.

However, the Kingpin’s rip-off dynamics & scale stepped-up (ensuing the Occupier-cum-Squatter MaryJane Mwangi’s staged coup aided concertedly by the complicit NOC board of directors and MoPM (formerly MoEP) PS – Andrew Kamau in 2015/2016, ascending to be the de-facto NOC cabal director “Alibaba”), invoking (then) international market low crude-oil prices as a ruse, thus MaryJane Mwangi alarmed at data sales revenue streams prolonged dry spell, (lapse, drift, slide, span notwithstanding the oil price rally-rebounds) sensed a false play and decided to snitch on the Kingpin by sending accomplice, the wily insidious conniving strategy officer advisor to the cabal syndicate projects “heir apparent to the thrown” – Ken Kiumbe Mugambi to covertly inquire with emissaries on the Kingpin’s nefarious activities of the data sales syndicates in vain like a fool’s errand to nowhere.

Knight it babel, bedlam, disunity, omnishambles, mare’s nest, pigsty, higgledy-piggledy, topsy-turvy, muddled, pell-mell, whirlwind, precipitous or whatever you may please to, blatant corruption in NOC is a hare-brained scheme cast in back-stabbing, double-dealing twister cabals. The Kingpin’s broadsides against the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi’s flagrant “theft” of E&P projects funds, (disguised as diversion into NOC retail special projects-schemes in apparent reference to the disappeared KES600 million NOC lab construction & equipments funds from MoPM [formerly MoEP]) thus further asserting NOC’s current figure-head role as the operator of Block 14T (riddled in laundering up to KES1 billion in excess of the contract price by BGP censured for colluding with the Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua in 2D seismic survey tender scams) and/or as a potential future State Equity Stake Participation holder in the (oilfield) discovery blocks as provided for in the PSC/PSA between Tullow Oil & the Kenyan Government is remote, untenable and doomed to fail under the reigns of the accomplice MaryJane Mwangi “Alibaba”.

Much as two wrongs don’t make a right – blurred in the momentary gesture by MaryJane Mwangi “Alibaba” for unreserved support cum quid pro quo to the Kingpin k’Alibaba, loneliness abhors solace thus Alibaba and the 40 thieves must stick together in a “V” cum turtle conformation to survive and thrive in the looting melee by all means necessary. Thus the Kingpin k’Alibaba spared Alibaba’s wrath, he survives on the fringes (down but not out) audaciously recalibrating his “mojo”.

Desperately seeking for reincarnation, the Kingpin (like a censured felon seeking camaraderie support from accomplice) swiftly maneuvered the managing director – MaryJane Mwangi to attend (as a back-up wing accomplice) premeditated choreographed public relations meeting at BGP (contractor Block 14T tender scam accomplice) premises to inspire confidence regardless of the laundering divulgence assuring the censured conspirators that the Exposé is being handled firmly by extended beneficiary cabals in higher echelons of power thus no one should fear being prosecuted. Indeed the status quo survived the immediate possible onslaught from a supposedly independent oversight authority (NOC board of directors) who ought to have demanded the Kingpin and his conspirators to take responsibility and step aside as investigations into the alleged tender scam continue.

Ensuing broadside rant-rave cagey and gaffe remarks bordering on self-delusions by MaryJane Mwangi on the stage-managed BGP rendezvous courtesy of the Kingpin k’Alibaba’s theatrics and crafty savoury would further corroborate self-implication (compromised) in the syndicate. Unbeknown to her, this act of playing daredevils advocates was further exploitation and music to the Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua who (prior to the Exposé) had made several clandestine visitation in person eventually collecting upfront bribes of up to KES600 thousands cash money (stuffed in his land-grabber like coat) at BGP premises promising to re-enact the magnanimous NOC Block 14T 2D 2016/2017 tender scam targeting the next phase of survey, precisely the awaited NOC Block 14T 3D seismic survey syndicate in collusion with BGP seismic contractor (disguised as exploratory well drilling courtesy of a presumptive BGP allied & Chinese Company – conjugate SOB picaroon SINOPEC in another flawed EOI process & masked shadowy “Mobitelea 2” syndicate to be featured in the next NOC cabal corruption trail Exposé) – brief stint hereunder.

Proposal to engage a farm down advisor for Block 14T at Twenty Five Million Kenya shillings [KES 25,000,000.00] – to help conceal the premeditated syndicate free-loading and flawed acquisition of un-disclosed working interest stake (from block14T NOC and Government funded 50% equivalent exploration investment stake valued over KES1.5 billion, excluding upside future successful exploration potential); whereby a Shadowy Entity – “Mobitelea 2”, (hitherto-silent briefcase company , packaged & fronted by NOC racketeers in cahoots with Ministry of Petroleum PS & proxy extended looting cabal) will clandestinely & fraudulently be rigged-in as equity partner simultaneously; masked by one of the presumptive proxy-Farmees (Farmee: the party who intends to earn a working interest in the oil and gas lease by arranging for and paying the costs of the “earning” well) & Bureau of Geopolitical Prospecting (censured on block 14T seismic tender scams in excess of KES1 billion) – BGP allied Chinese Company: China National Petroleum Corporation – CNPC, China National Offshore Oil Corporation – CNOOC or China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation – conjugate SOB picaroon SINOPEC; the designate allies in corruption & preferred NOC cabal’s equity partner, paradoxically being sort after by the corporation in a flawed process censured in our series corruption Exposé.

Well it feels like Christmas in June courtesy of the soon to be unveiled (in pomp and colour) – conjugate SOB picaroon SINOPEC, the presumptive Chinese Company and the designate ally in corruption & preferred NOC cabal’s equity partner, paradoxically cherry-picked by the corporation in a charade formality evaluation process already presided over by the duo double-dips fraudsters [remarkably inept]abysmal masqueraders Ken Kiumbe Mugambi and Francis Njuguna Mbugua

[vindicating the hypothetical supposedly back loaded-reverse-front loaded payment is a rip-off scheme vide gimcrack mawkish sugar-coated twopenny-halfpenny defective corny hacky disingenuous discombobulated workaround disguised Farm-Down advisor (back-loaded upon successful completion) payment proposal dated February 11th, 2019; ensuing jibe mock – NOC cabals’ merchandised Expression of Interest – EOI for Transactional Advisory for Farm–Out for Block 14T, dated February 12th, 2019; & PR for a consultant to engage in a Farm-Down advisory for Block 14T – requisition total KES25,000,000.00; dated February 18th, 2019;]

conveniently synchronizing near-schedule with the aforementioned teleprompter media gaffe-vibes echoed on March 26th, 2019 by MaryJane Mwangi……….. “alleging (among other transgressions) that the presumptive [Chinese company]equity partner should show interest by April 2nd, barely two months from the onset of the syndicate (and not within 3 years in total contravention of the farm-out process duration industry precedence courtesy of – Source Westwood Farm-Outs)”, thus awaits rubber-stamping by the exploitative MoPM (formerly MoEP) PS – Andrew Kamau and the accomplice NOC BoD Chairman.

In a double rejoinder, the dirty trickster Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna Mbugua like the proverbial pussy-cat with nine lives re-emerges from grass to grace calling the shorts in a new brand outfit cosmetic-wrappings [whilst the content remains unchanged] notwithstanding business UNUSUAL…. “with the master-stroke of a rogue-pro, [Kingpin]he swipes out censured BGP off-screen and clandestinely replaces it with conjugate SOB picaroon SINOPEC” thus safeguarding lineage heritage succession cum pedigree propagation of his conspiratorial genealogy bidding strain beyond the uncharted horizons (an otherwise arduous mission were Shell, Eni or any other Western IOC be considered in a fair competitive non-flawed process).

The Kingpin’s seizure of the moment following MaryJane Mwangi’s sugar-coated taciturnity in the wake of the Exposé crumbled shortly attributed to the NOC board of directors divided and limited support of the managing director cagey position weary of further exploitation and fearing being used as pawns or collateral damage by the duo con artists villain scoundrels. Inevitably, the Kingpin was sidelined and the fellow cabals he exploited alike all made the same joke as they revel in his disfellowship.

We’ve learnt from reliable sources that the cabals incessant back-stabbing dovetail jig-saw surged full-cycle vide Kingpin’s solemn patter spieling and pitching rat-arsed castigating the managing director for not standing up to the BoD Chairman – Kibuga “Kibby” Kareithi who decided (in a charade likened to taking responsibility albeit dismally in the wake of the Exposé) to reign in on the Kingpin’s obnoxious immoderation indulgences by rooting for his chopping off-from the masquerading cocoon of [remarkably inept]abysmal NOC E&P general manager – GM with a vibrant competent yet to be officially unveiled steady hand to reinvigorate the dilapidated department (to which the Kingpin was quick to retort pointing to the Chairman’s unfair discriminatory tactic of hounding him out of the interview solely on flimsy grounds of lacking international experience in stark contrast to the platitude banality that his self-delusion competency with/without the far-fetched amour propre claim is void and wanting save for his maxim axiom despicable abhorrent mastery at suturing cum defiling minors at work place hypothecated on bigoted jingoistic dogmatic pay-to-play parti-pris twisted sexist fairway in addition to broadside exploitation of NOC accomplice and fraternity cabals off the censured Block 14T seismic survey spoils scoop windfall contraband).

The cabals kin on self-preservation noted that the Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua was “showing his true cojones” and asked “where’s your cojones now Kingpin racketeer?”

Others joked that “the Kingpin racketeer – Francis Njuguna wa’ Mbugua and his cojones” were “off the craftiness” with others challenging him to find his cojones as he enjoyed an early or in-house incarceration.

Other cabals chimed it was “karma” as they noted a missed invincibility and now a compromised covert syndicate riddled with craftiness against fellow cabals thus condemning all to the same fate since the Kingpin’s comments.

How noble, “cojones” jibe banter transgressions ensuing unrestrained corruption botched syndicate (compromised covert scheme) courtesy of aggressive and self-preservation minded cabals carry on unabated with prejudice ostracizing loose-end Kingpin the snitch, (the bitch who belong to the ditch) exacerbated by confounding exploitation-shafting-encounter off the tender scam entitlement loot share attributed to the Kingpin’s immoderation indulgences, with total complacency of the law enforcement agents regardless of wanton rip-off of tax payers coffers vide the cabals collective burglary actions?

Howbeit, in retrospect the “cojones” jibe banters are audacious challenge to the flawed regulations, oversight and/or justice system epitomized in compromised (or lack there-off) litigation recommendations by PPRA (vide seamless systematic multi agency coordinated corruption eradication mechanism in tandem with ethics and code of practice guidelines applicable to relevant agencies: ethics and anti-corruption commission – EACC; directorate of criminal investigations – DCI; national intelligence service – NIS; director of public prosecutions – DPP & Judiciary) on heinous economic crimes attributed to flagrant abuse and misuse of PPADA, 2015 act for personal greed and wealth accumulation (public coffers rip-off) with ensuing commensurate verdict being but not limited to asset recovery for such ill-gotten wealth, commensurate jail time for would-be indicted outlaws and/or both as may be necessary.

Additionally systemic complacency maybe creeping into the respective-mandated government agency/s (PPRA) thus necessitating urgent need to reinvigorate the defective regulatory/oversight authority at best; initiate trial proceedings to bring the culprits to account thus aimed as deterrent mechanism and stymie the worst potential danger of the public imminent fettered tax remission out of fear they will be looted unabated thereby crippling funds for essential government projects developments: infrastructure and services.

The too near yet too far and long awaited proceedings/suit (judicial process and full impartial trial of the heinous economic crime perpetrated by the cabals through responsible concerted multi-agency effort) could lead to a landmark decision around the law of contract, as it could further draw lines on when an agreement becomes legally enforceable.

In the hypothetical event that the cabals heinous economic acts could be commuted in the high court to no prison term nor penalty-fine as an act of clemency, “Would the judge (presiding the case) be said to have arrived at a wrong decision which failed to consider the law and the prima-facie (case of professional misconduct) facts before him, or that he failed to exercise his discretion correctly? “We think not,” (as fare trade-off to override complacency perpetuated by the aforementioned regulatory and prosecutorial agencies) however with reservations premised on the effective immediate initiation of the long overdue trial/probe to its conclusive end by the concerted efforts of relevant authorities.

[Parting Shot] We rest our Case with the recap – Corruption Embodiment canvased in plain hind sight!

We submit that the excess charges as carefully flagged were planned/premeditated and meticulously executed with the highest pedigree by the very aforementioned actors entrusted with the duty and care to discharge their duties on and for the public specifically protecting their interest with integrity, additionally safeguarding and adding value to public resources.
It is in bad light that we report the contrary show put forth by the very people/personnel embodies quite the opposite and betray the public authority & trust bestowed unto them for fair and honest representation.

Additionally, it is demonstrated beyond doubt the well-choreographed and orchestrated cooperation and coordination with crafty pedigree envisaged between NOC Kingpin & Cohort racketeers in tandem and resonance complicity with BGP (the contractor) conspirators offering the very best of Chinese “Economic Hit Men Style” maneuver Commands to our not very so professional (amateurs) and non-informed aforementioned NOC disgraceful personnel & cohorts without giving a damn thought on repercussions whatsoever to neither Country Kenya, NOC – the State Corporation nor themselves.

We further note that the blissful ignorance of the NOC Kingpin & accomplice racketeers epitomized by continuously acting unabated in utter contempt of the law with no accountability nor culpability is to say the least appalling and in sharp contrast/ironical of the equivalent state ire atrocities of such magnanimous degree would attract were it perpetrated/directed against the Great Chinese Nation [which is the envy of foes and allies alike on matters corruption curtailment] with absolute Zero Tolerance on corruption of any kind regardless of nationality, rank and file.

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