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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


How Governor Ottichilo has torn Vihiga County apart through nepotism

Vihiga County Governor Dr Wilber Ottichilo


Governor Wilber Ottichilo has continued to rip Vihiga County apart for the four years he has been in office. Whether, through looting public coffers dry or employment, Vihiga is a disaster in waiting, with the MCAs eating from the same pot with Ottichilo, thus unable to initiate any impeachment against him.

He has set aside a team from his sub tribe of Bunyore in key county departments, who help him to steal while he has sponsored for the impeachment of four County Executive Committee Members from the Maragoli and Tiriki sub tribes.

Whereas all Maragoli and Tiriki senior officers have been moved to about three departments, Banyores have remained stagnant in their very lucrative departments where they have overseen incompetence of the highest degree and stealing that has never been witnessed anywhere else.

They have overseen irregular of a 2-acre piece of land for governor’s residence, which was purchased at Sh23 million in the rural area where an acre goes for Sh1 million, and the design of the residence billed at Sh24 million.

Health workers employed irregularly in 2018, have not been paid for years, in one of the most scandalous hiring to ever have been witnessed.

Recently, a mortuary that was under construction collapsed and killed one person, injuring nine others, while it had been paid upfront Sh45 million, and it had not been approved by NCA. No one has been suspended because Ottichilo’s cronies were the ones working on it.

There is the infamous scandal of skyrocketing wage bill since Ottichilo stepped in office having hit about Sh200 million per month, whereas he has sacked over 2000 people. He continues with staff audits every year, but there is never any change. His fighting of the staff has put him at odds with everyone.

Ottichilo has also squandered Sh750 million in a scam beautification programme at the county headquarters, which has left it uglier than it was earlier on.

While looking at how Ottichilo has perpetrated nepotism in the County, below are the Banyore who calls shots in his government.

  1. Alfred Indeche, Amos Kutwa and Prof Inonda Mwanje

The three are the senior most CECs who since joining the government, have overseen the greatest mess in their departments. They remain holding the most lucrative departments in the county, Finance, Health and Transport respectively, which ironically have failed a great deal and have been termed out to be problematic and chaotic but the holders never have known show cause letters from Ottichilo. Indeche is Okaya’s cousin. Kutwa is an uncle to Indeche. Mwanje is a cousin to Okaya.

  1. Noah Okaya

She is the governor’s sweetheart and First lady of Vihiga county. Managed to employ nearly all the top close relatives she knew to have any qualifications.

Anything she says, the governor listens and follows.

She was described by the County Assembly as unfit to hold office, but Ottichilo travelled with her to Canada and has completely failed to let her go.

Currently at Job Group S in Nairobi, earning Sh200, 000 for doing nothing as a liaison officer.

  1. Franklin Esipila

Ottichilo appointed a village mate, a classmate and a buddy whom they were circumcised together in one of the rivers in Central Bunyore on the same day as chair County Public Service Board, despite being beaten by one Maragoli lady Catherine Edalia, who wouldn’t be confirmed.

This has been the worst Board Chair ever that has overseen worst employment practises and has attracted the highest number of court cases. He is a total failure, incompetent and the biggest let down to ever step into the limelight in Vihiga County.

  1. James Otari

Governor employed a P1 teacher and an alumni of Siriba TTC as chief of staff to Job Group S, against all the possible Civil Service guidelines and qualifications needed.

  1. Jairus Amayi

He is the economic mis-adviser to Ottichilo. He’s a perpetual loser in all the positions he ever tried vying for in the county.

He has further been favoured by Ottichilo by virtue of coming from same village and given other responsibilities as Municipal Manager for 2 years and Head of Service Delivery Unit, despite there being qualified Maragoli and Tiriki who can hold these positions too.

  1. Victor Wetende

Has a diploma, but has been employed to a job that requires a degree holder who has had over ten years’ experience in the communication field. During his tenure, the county has witnessed the highest level of incompetence in communication, with him concentrating on any available avenue to steal. At onset of Covid-19, he signed for imprests of Sh2 million in a single day, where he managed to purchase a vehicle that is famously known as Corona Car at the county.

  1. Julius Ochiel

He conned Musalia Mudavadi in ANC and got his wife nominated as an MCA, then ditched his position as Vihiga chairperson. He then convinced the heartless Ottichilo to sack Kabatesi Kibisu a Maragoli while in hospital, so he be appointed.

Road sign: Vihiga county assembly

  1. Chris Amwayi and Frank Matika

Irregularly appointed to Job Group R. currently paying the price for that as they are earning negative salaries and depending on any little coin Ottichilo would have a heart to give them to survive.

These first ten officers are the top most advisers to Ottichilo, but they all hail from Bunyore. In their morning briefings, they can speak in their mother tongue without any hitch. As compared to former Governor Moses Akaranga’s government, we can say Ottichilo is the worst nepotistic leader this country is unfortunate to have.

  1. Mary Anyienda – Chief Officer Education and Health departments

She is one of Ottichilo’s flower girls. Currently doing an illegal thing being a substantive accounting officer in two departments, Health and Education, despite there being other people from other sub tribes who can do the same. This is something not even seen at National Government.

She’s the biggest thief to have ever existed. From the 115 ECDEs constructed, Anyienda has been getting upfront payments of Sh350,000 from each in the name of taking it back to Ottichilo.

She made the county lose Sh31 million through a fake deal with KLB a deal they worked on with Ottichilo, Noah Okaya and some few Nyores at KLB.

  1. Tunya Etale – Chief Officer, Transport and Infrastructure

He’s the commander of all illegal road works and bridges in the county. He’s key in issuance of non existence certificates of completion to fleece the county. One case in Bunyore revolves around a non-existent bridge they paid Sh4.9 million.

  1. Pamela Mahila – Chief Officer, Agriculture

A maternal aunt to Noah Okaya. She failed in her attempts to be a CO but because of Okaya, she was appointed. In her previous job at KK, she was in Job Group H, a divisional agricultural officer, but now she enjoys Job Group S.

Occasioned loses in agricultural department including stealing donor contributions that were to benefit residents of Vihiga.

  1. Livingston Imbayi – Chief Officer, Finance

Related to Okaya through the wife. He’s the key person paying irregular payments in the county as he controls the Finance department. He’s currently on the run after courts issued warrant of arrest for him and his CEC Alfred Indeche.

  1. John Ong’oda

Favoured by Ottichilo so much that he currently holds position of Sports administrator, head of Vihiga FM and also, Governor removed Bongo Ngoseywi a pure Maragoli breed to put him as head of Public participation, meaning there are no other people who can do these jobs.

  1. Washington Olando

Governor is hell bent in ensuring him being made as director at Job Group R, when his papers only allowed him to be at Job Group G.

  1. Abisai Amatalo – Chief Officer TVET.

Appointed through Okaya’s favouritism. Only listens to Ottichilo and no other officer.

As Ottichilo fights Maragolis and Tirikis, we hope he will also sponsor these Nyores to be impeached as they have demonstrated all the necessary incompetence. Of course, unless Ottichilo measures incompetence to mean success.


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