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#FuckThePolice : 1988 Dr. Dre Hit Inspires Powerful Hashtag Against Police Brutality In Kenya

Monday the 16th of May 2016 was a dark day in Kenyan history as all the gains that were made in getting rid of a dictator by the name of Daniel Arap Moi, reincarnated and manifested in the most gruesome of images that trended both locally and internationally.

Opposition activists were simply calling for the resignation of the Electoral Commission, which has been marred by a series of corruption scandals, most recent being the “Chicken Gate” scandal, where a British Court has sentenced a firm that was doing fraudulent deals with officials of the electoral body.

Many (apart from the United States Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec) believe that the commission is not partial, and is involved in systematic rigging processes using its own returning officers, plus manipulating information released via a leading mobile service provider Safaricom, which is also dogged in a fresh scandal.

Kenyans of goodwill took to the streets to protest, in what should have been a routine process as enshrined in their constitution, but the police unleashed the most brutal of attacks against their own citizens.

The irony is that the same Kenyans have been spearheading the fight against corruption, overseen by an incompetent Head of State Uhuru Kenyatta, plus his assassination-linked Deputy William Ruto, who has been in the news for allegedly masterminding the death of Jacob Juma, a top businessman in the country.

Kenyans have been fighting against corruption, a vice that has equally denied police their rights, with many working long hours without equal financial recompense. Many police officers also have to bear with the indignity of sharing flats with colleagues, meaning two families share one room, separated only by a bed-sheet.

The police in Kenya have also been denied the right to a union, and instead have a Savings and Credit Cooperative, which is headed by thieves that engage in corrupt scandals. The irony is that instead of improving police welfare, the Government has embarked on big purchases so as to line pockets of suppliers, like the CCTV project and the recent acquisition of crowd control vehicles.

The Kenyan Police have got to be the dumbest creatures on planet earth, as they were busy victimising and brutalising Kenyans who have been busy agitating for their rights. Indeed, we now understand that Kenya Police are worse than criminals or terrorists.

These Kenyan Policemen are the same nincompoops who instead of going to save students at the Garissa University last year during a terrorist attack, instead using their official aircraft to ferry the daughters of the Police Airwing boss, whom blogger Robert Alai has been doing PR for.

Tired of the brutal violence, sexual assault, rape and selective application of justice by the police, citizens of Kenya would now like to welcome other citizens of the world in condemning the attack on citizens by police, who instead of arresting those who may have committed a crime, resorted to instead kill and maim right infront of the camera’s.

We ask the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) to immediately interdict the policemen caught on camera maiming Kenyans, and have them suspended and names presented to the public. Without their uniforms and state-issued weapons, we would like to confront those cowards.

The attacks on civilians by those who are supposed to protect them, shows that the police are the criminals who way-lay motorists or individuals going about their businesses. These are thieves not police officers.

“Fuck the Police” was a protest song by the gangsta rap group N.W.A that appears on the album Straight Outta Compton as well as on the N.W.A’s Greatest Hits compilation. Protesting police brutality and racial profiling, its lyrics express approval of violence against police. It highlights many of the tensions between black urban youth and the police.

In 1996, during massive opposition street protests in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia, “Fuck the Police”, along with Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” was continually played for 2 days on a Belgrade American-funded radio station B92.

With this hashtag #FuckThePolice, we are simply following the cue of our Black American brothers who have transgressed from physical confrontation to art and music in the struggle against police brutality.

The Kenya Police will not maim taxpayers who pay their salaries. Those simple cops should be arrested and lynched by members of the public for not only disregarding our constitution, but tainting the image of Kenya internationally.

Join us as we #FuckThePolice

Below are photos showing the brutality of Kenyan Police, who instead of arresting those who may have broken the law, opted to maim and kill. These same useless policemen are nowhere to be seen during terror attacks or criminal acts.

We call on Kenyans to stand firm against police brutality.

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