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Exposed: The Powerful Hand Behind Hannah Muriithi’s Looting Of NHIF – Part 8 of 20

Queen of thieves: NHIF Board Chairperson Hannah Muriithi

Hannah Muriithi, the corrupt chairperson at the board of National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has maintained composure amid scandals at the government (GoK) agency because of her ties to the powerful Dr. Karanja Kibicho, the Principal Secretary, State Department Of Interior at the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government in the Office of the President, has learnt.

Ms. Murithii continues to oversee the looting of billions of shilling at the state medical insurer with impunity and is an untouchable because of her ties that goes all the way to state house.

Sources at the NHIF say that the Madam is acting like a Chief Executive Officer of the parastatal. She demands and chairs meetings anytime she wants despite that being the core mandate of the acting CEO Nicodemus Odongo.

She calls meetings with the board 3-4 times a week and draws allowances yet Mwongozo (The Code of Governance for State Corporations) and the Act states that the board of management should only meet once a quarter.

Nicodemus who was handpicked by Hannah Muriithi continues to act as her puppet. Whenever a scandal is unaeatheed and she is asked questions, she always refers the media to him. By now all, Kenyans are aware that she is the one aiding in looting NHIF.

She has opened Bank accounts oversees in many names where she hides the loot.

There’s nothing that changed in terms of looting at NHIF since the sackig of former CEO Geofrey Mwangi. In fact, the looting has increased, as we are informed, because there”s protection from high office.

Suspended CEO Mwangi was purely a DP Ruto man. Of course DP Ruto hasn’t left the crime scene completely, Hannah still shares some loot with him, according to sources.

During Hannah’s stint at the Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA), her looting was also protected by the powerful Kibicho.

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho.

The Kenya government moved a thief from one parastatal to the another.

The senior management have swindled the state agency a lot of money, recently it was revealed that some members were sending money through MPESA with wrong details to NHIF. The amount of money runs into tens of millions of shillings. And despite promising to come with the full list of Kenyans (the number of people) and the true amount that has already been received or how the monies are saved, NHIF hasnt done so.

Another is scandal is the payment of a law-firm MMC Africa linked to her over Ksh500 million shillings, work that could’ve been easily undertaken by the in-house legal team.

There’s also the scandal where hundred of millions of shillings have been looted through the fake dependents claims. NHIF management are aware and sanctioned the hacking of systems and adding strange relatives to members. The amounts of money paid in this scam ranges from Ksh50,000 to Ksh100,000. This scandal must have cost taxpayers over Ksh.200 million.

Some hospitals have not been paid their monies by NHIF until they pay some kickbacks. This monies amounts to over Ksh5 billion.

NHIF also sponsors rich Kenyans to go for treatment abroad at the expense of the poor.  If you are rich, you can even travel abroad for cosmetic surgery but NHIF will pay despite stating vehemently that they don’t pay for plastic surgery. Te monies paid to hospital abroad are also costly even for a small procedure, meaning the hospitals have been instructed to put a huge mark-up so as to share the loot with NHIF Chief corrupt slayqueen Hannah Muriithi.

NHIF is a house of scams that mist be cleansed of the demons of corruption. The Jezebel Muriithi must be sacked, the board disbanded and the members arrested ad charged with playing with the lives if Kenyans.

Despite all these scams where the taxpayers have lost billion of shillings, Hannah Muriithi stays on, Kenyans continue to die everyday due to lack of support from NHIF.

Looter Hannah Muriithi exposed further. She stays on due to her link to the powerful Karanja Kibicho, PS Interior Ministry

The below documents the way the way looter Hannah Muriithi conducts herself:

  1. She calls meetings with the board 3-4 times a week and draws allowances yet Mwongozo (The Code of Governance for State Corporations) and the Act states that the board of management should only meet once a quarter.
  2. She also excludes the CEO (now acting Nicodemus Odongo, whom she handpicked from NSSF) from the meetings so that she drives like an executive chair which she is not.
  3. She fires staff who don’t dance to her tune
  4. She has intimidated the board and runs it as a one-man show
  5. She calls hospitals and asks them to give her kickback for the payments they receive. She makes deals with hospitals and insists on her kickback once the hospitals are paid. (we revealed this yesterday. The church hospitals haven’t been paid over 1 billion shillings and she is asking fir bribes so as to pay them)
  6. She fired the Human Resources (HR) Director for not dancing to her tune and for exposing her corrupt deals. She is firing staff and interdicting others without due process.
  7. She is making deals and intimidating finance to pay her suppliers first.
  8. She brags to be connected and no one can intimidate her.
  9. She bought 4 houses in English point marina at coast in the short time she has been at NHIF.
  10. She is not appointing a CEO so that she can use the puppet Nicodemus Odongo to loot NHIF to the ground. Odongo and his tribesmen get all the tenders at NHIF. Everything else is at a stand still.


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  5. If you are working at NHIF and are tired of the looting going on there, send information to or WhatsAPP 0710 280 973

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