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Exposed: Death, cover up and corruption in the Safaricom and Camusat evil axis

The axis of evil

Hi Nyakundi,

Safaricom has been devil’s card on Kenyan workers, I have an exposé, one which is very explosive and involved a number of top managers in Safaricom and Camusat Kenya.

It has everything to do with the fibre contract which was awarded to Camusat after Safaricom contracted Huawei to implement their 5G.

As we speak, Safaricom is in the process of re-awarding the Ftth and Fttb Maintainance and CRQs contracts back to camusat, talks are ongoing and sooner or later in the year and announcement will be made.

Now, I first noted that Safaricom already awarded Camusat the contract and they’ve been in charge or CRQs installations In the whole of Nairobi, and Ftth and Fttb (all incidences) Maintainance in the entire Nairobi region,

They’ll also been in charge of the OSP segment, maintaining Towers, 3Gs, 4Gs and major links serving crucial sites in Nairobi (Safaricom OSP) and Country wide Maintainance all the way to western through Rift valley (Liquid Telcom and Telecom Kenya). Mainly because most links outside Nairobi are shared among major Telcos.

So Camusat is getting the contract again, soon, But Safaricom and Camusat are yet to address the reason Camusat was suspended and their project segments distributed to Adrian, Egypro, Soliton, Fireside and Kinde Engineering company.

Here’s why I’m talking to you now.

Death and cover up

Two people have died working on Safaricom Sites, In all these incidences, Justice has never been served,

The first case I know was a guy working on the Safaricom implementation works for their Mombasa fibre network, The guy lost his life on site, Ironically, Safaricom never took responsibility.

Camusat , which had contracted the guy, with Authority from One David wambua, who had interests in the project implementation, swept the matter under the carpet, no one took responsibility.

What did Safaricom do?

They suspended camusat’s contract for three months.

They then awarded Camusat a much bigger and massive contract , the NW Ftth Fttb CRQ project, from Huawei. Now, when the larger project kicked off, some three months into the project, one Rachel , had been appointed Project manager since she had some experience and was given one James Kitili, a relative to David Wambua, to assist her in network cleaning and project initiation. David Wambua Working in cohorts with James Kitili Engineered frustrations through sabotage had Rachel sacked. The CEO appointed someone from Adrian as the new project manager.

David Wambua had James transferred to Malawi and since Morris was new, Wambua was appointed projects overall manager.

Within two months after David’s take over, another Person died working on a Safaricom site in Parklands.

This is what led to his death.

Mr. Lumiti who at one time worked for Safaricom, was now Camusat’s EHS manager, Of the companies would not be assigned incidences or work tickets unless they’re fully compliant with EHS standards.

A company called Telco had been further subcontracted by Camusat to handle Safaricom’s incidents and CRQs in Parklands. However, what Telco did wasn’t adhering to EHS rules and reasons for their suspension included a fact that it is not safe for them to work unless they comply with all EHS rules, EHS manager, Mr. Lumiti recommended the company be suspended until they comply.

But Mr. Wambua David, had interests in a number of Such companies including this Telco; he had the company brought back to Subcos list, and it was during one of the installations that an installer fell from fourth floor to the ground and died.

This too was sweept under the carpet.

Safaricom suspended Camusat again.

However because of Mr Wambua’s underdealings and Safaricom’s complacency, the contract was taken, Project managers were fired and all fibre projects placed under one David Wambua.

Nonetheless, more than 80 employees were sacked as a result of that mess.

Now, Safaricom has never taken responsibility or taken anyone to task over the death of those two guys, all they do is suspend projects then reinstate when things cool down.

Remember Camusat’s CEO works in cohorts with Project managers to award Safaricom contracts to unassessed and unqualified companies, many of which I can mention.

Safaricom is intendending to contract Adrian technologies and later on Camusat for their flagship project in Ethiopia.

This they do without correcting serious failures in both their part and part of the companies they contract. If you mention David Wambua, everybody who has ever worked at Camusat will have a story to tell.

If you mention Camusat, every company that works with Safaricom and even MPs will have something to say.

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