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ENOUGH! Maybe It Is Time To Leave Pastor James Ng’ang’a Alone

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article are those of the author and not of


Neno Evangelism Center Founder and Pastor James Ng’ang’a has been the subject of ridicule for quite some time now.


If you have never heard about this, this is it. Throughout history there have been religions and ways of worship. It would be foolish to think that secret worship of shunned religions didn’t exist. History tells us that there are some styles of worship that were secretive due to their nature that is likely to upset and repulse large sections of the society.

Even Christianity, the white man’s, brainwashing religion that you so protect with all your life, when it started it faced a lot of opposition. People could not believe in a haggard-looking person preaching to them a Eastern (Asia) inspired religion.

Anyways, I don’t believe that Christ who is called Jesus ever existed, because in my readings of history, before him, there are thousands of others whose births, life and death are similar.

It is a good argument to say that the story of Jesus Christ is a copy in fact a plagiarism of ancient true stories from upper Africa.

‘Go and Tell no one’

It is recounted in the book that you so love to read as a guide to life that Jesus, after he healed people, he would tell them, ‘go and tell no one’. It is only in some instances that he instructed a group of recently healed lepers to show themselves to the priest as a sign that they have been healed.

Why would the man of miracles then tell people he had performed healings on, to keep it a secret?

One simple answer. The overbearing and present principality and power shunned such acts.

And let me tell you for free, African indigenous religions which have been christened witchcraft in the age of your Christian religion, aren’t as such. In fact African way of worship cannot be classified as a religion but as a way of life, a spirituality.

I often say, religion is spirituality for dummies.

It is true and i argue that, if one separates their way of life, thinking and expressions from the gods, then they are a lost cause. The separation happens in religious dogmas, not so for spiritualists.

A worshiper should be one with their gods because there’s not separation from what they consider bliss, heaven, paradise, or the opposite which is suffering (most often to the African worship, happens on earth, not in the afterlife). We are expressions of the spiritual realm, and boys and girls, the spiritual realm neither has an end nor a beginning, it is also chaotic, It is all the expressions in the mind, both good and evil (if you like), but only in this earth realm is where we are supposed to chose to separate the good from the evil, we call good, that which is from god and evil, that which is from satan.

That realm has no order and as such special people guided by those who have gone before can lead the worship, are expected to guide it for the betterment and best results of those who seek healing.

Because, exorcism, even though it works, does not need to be showcased to the whole world. it is a secret, practiced by a certain people.

Has it not been said that ‘one mans meat is another man’s poison?’.

Africans were expressing themselves to their gods (who is not Satan – you’ve accepted numerous greek gods but shunned African ones?) in years past by placing a badly born child (lame, killed the mother during childbirth) in the forest to be acted upon by the spirits. On the other hand, white people didn’t see anything wrong in eating their fellow humans in ages past. It is documented facts in both instances. Africans with their human sacrifices and whites with their cannibalism even human sacrifices.

What changed? Don’t tell me it is a god.

I argue, throughout human history, there are many changes which occur throughout the ages, There comes ideologies that replace others, it is not the works of gods but of human ingenuity, to think and to correct so as to self-preserve.

Human change with the dynamism that is needed so as to survive the earth.

Current dispensation where the whites are thought to be superior to the other races is just a self-preservation mechanism by a race that is recently evolved and wont survive for more than the next 500 years.

The world changes and religions come in to fit those worlds. But spirituality remains the same and true.

New age and prosperity gospel

My opinion was to say that religions and ways of worship are meant to make a human being comfortable. To try to answer the why in this wretched existence.

In recent years, some have taken to amass wealth from such activities by promising people great things, mostly useless in the advancement of mankind, from non-existent gods. I don’t say that any god exists. But for human collective mentality, gods are made.

A god is born from what humans in collective agreement decide on. And it feels good, ask Christians and Muslims. I tell you.

Pastor Ng’anga and others

Now, the mistake pastor Ng’ang’a and Prophet Owuor’s of this world have done is to use an ancient wisdom that has been shunned, mix it will baseless religion known as Christianity and at the same time show it to the masses in an attempt to convert more.

A good religion or way of worship neither advertises nor seek to convert.

Examples: All over Kenya and specifically in the regions where they come from, the popular spiritual manifestation churches such as Legion Maria and Akorino are shunned and labeled all manner of names. They are mysterious in that their masters can tell one deep-sited things in their life.

For those who have accepted, they are just as happy as the next christian or moslem.

Why haven’t you seen the works of such shunned ways of worship such as those from Legio Maria and Akorino shown on Television?

See, a way of worship or religion must answer to an individual needs to understand existence. This is supposed to be secretive.

The two mentioned ways of worship are repulsive to the principalities and power that be because, are they not more human expression than the others?

All ways of worship are an attempt at healing, and which one brings more healing? You be the judge.


In the journey that a human takes throughout his/her life on earth, they need healing through the laws that emanate from their own conscious existence. Spiritualists are ahead of religionists.

It is my submission that Pastor James Ng’ang’a and Prophet Owuor are mixing the golden secrets of spirituality with goddamned religion of Christianity and to make matters worse, they show it on TV.

The ridicule that it has attracted stinks to high heaven.

All for greed for money and more worshipers.

As for me, the best and true things are hidden.

Exorcism even if it is fake, shouldn’t be showcased to the whole world.

Have a thoughtful Sunday.

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