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Email Chaos: CFAO Motors – Kenya employees write to CFAO Group executive committee with mountains of demands


Arvinder Reel CFAO Motors Kenya Managing Director

Hello Cyprian—You are God sent. Your channel has given hundreds of CFAO Motors/ Toyota Kenya employees a chance to vent, both those still working there is a great fear most toxic work environment.  The board that Governs CFAO Motors and consists of members based mainly out of France are aware of the shenanigans going on and hopefully will do something about the corrupt and evil pair and their stooges.  See an email that was done to them highlighting your good work

Margaret—Forward this to your boss Arvindeer, you and Anya have completely destroyed the careers of so many people, put a lot of people into depression, check around you – do you see anyone smiling even fake smiles are no longer there. Yes, all fraud should be eradicated, and most of all should be done by the senior management.

You have been instrumental in causing total confusion and chaos by fear of the most important resource of an organization, Human beings, we have reached the end in terms of fear, depression and toxicity and change is on the way to better days thanks to Cyprian giving various people a platform to expose the ills going on at CFAO Motors


Dear Executive Committee 

CFAO group

The purpose of this email is to bring to your attention that is assuming that you are not aware that the mental health of employees at CFAO Motors is at its worst.

For the 10+ years, I have worked at the organization I have never seen it this Toxic, everyone is fearful of the MD, COO, HR  and risk department to the extent that everyone is just counting hours to the end of the day, staff have stopped being innovative, customer-centric, and passionate because any move deemed wrong by either the Arvindeer or Joshua and their crony Margaret will earn you a date with the HR department a suspension and finally dismissal. It is sad to see the whole troupe of General Managers, Department Managers and Branch Managers lacking to provide leadership to their teams out of fear of facing the wrath or witch-hunt of the trio, in turn, this is affecting staff performance and morale in the departments.

If you were to sample any lot of employees at this great company 98% will tell you that this is what they feel and experience as a result of the Toxic environment

  • Bad communication ( My way or the highway kind of talk….best exhibited by Joshua Anya)
  • Cliques exclusion+ Gossipy behaviour (an employee in your department can either be transferred or fired without consultation of the department head, same applies to promotions, yet a department head is best placed to give legitimate and factual views), Joshua just made Anderson a branch manager for Nairobi Toyota, surely do they know his capacity and capability…..have they seen him handling a client before? It will end in a disaster and everyone knows it except the bosses
  • Poor leadership ( The results speak for themselves financials/stock-outs/ fraud cases/employee turnover/..lack of stock of critical models like Hilux affect our market presence….yes there is a global problem, but how come our competitors seem to be several steps ahead it shows in market share and how their employees seem to love their jobs in the past everyone in the motor industry wanted to move to Toyota Kenya, now it is the other way round no one want to move to CFAO Motors and those in CFAO Motors want to move to other industry players especially Isuzu and CMC Motors
  • Unmotivated staff—this does not need any explanation it is clear for everyone to see.
  • Stifled Growth- Yes it is clear that only a few select employees can get promoted, the rest regardless of your performance will not move at all. Check rapid growth of current Nairobi Toyota Branch manager for example despite his lack of capacity and capability to run such a complex branch
  • Rapid employee turnover – resignations and dismissals are the order of the day
  • No Work-Life balance
  • Feeling of Burnout— everyone in the organization top to bottom has this feeling and is ready to throw in the towel
CFAO Motors has in the recent past come under public scrutiny as a result of exposure released to social media through Twitter by a whistleblower who goes by the Twitter handle @CisNyakundi the exposes are from employees within the company and those that have already left. They have found a space where they can vent about the toxic environment created by Arvinder and Joshua, now everyone in the Motor industry in Kenya and other related industries such as banking has become aware of what is ailing this great company

Sample this link what some of what the employees have had to say especially on the toxic environment, high handedness, and fraud at the top.

The company image is dented, at a time you are doing restructuring and a new corporate name, it would also be important to take care of the most important resource you have, that is the human resource.

For your Information, the Kisumu project will turn out to be a big rip off as predicted steel and cement prices went up, perfect excuse, expect Kisumu concrete to come back to you with a revised/supplementary budget to take care of the kickbacks

We hope to have all issues resolved once and for all, and bring in competent and fair management who have integrity and are ready to give the shareholders ROI as an organization CFAO needs to really move forward but not with Arvindeer and Joshua at the helm.


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