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Documented: Kenyans As Slaves, Indians As Masters

Sitting comfortably on the chair presiding over the auctioning of Kenyans to slave masters is the Ministry of labor. The incompetent Ukur Yatani performs so well in the eyes of Ganja 1,and was added the National Treasury docket

A few days ago, run a story on the workplace relationship between indian employers and Kenyan staff.


Slavery: For Kenyans Working With Indians, It Is 1619 Everyday

Here below, we document the atrocities done to Kenyans in the name of ‘nimekusaidia kazi utoke kwa umaskini’.

Fuck, even when you help someone come from poverty by giving them a job, their natural rights are inalienable.

Treat people better.

Account One

Hello Nyakundi,

I’m working for an Indian owned fresh chain firm in Nairobi as a casual, can you imagine the other day I saw a permanent’s payslip reading two thousand and something! I didn’t even want to think there range of salary if that’s what they got after deductions. That means being a casual there is better than being contracted, unless you’re in the higher offices. Sad and disheartening

Account Two

Hi Nyakundi,

I have been wondering why Kenyans are still in slumber land.

Indians have captured the Kenyan state and no one seems to be aware.

Have you seen the influx?

They come here in droves-take a look at factories, worst still shops.

In my home area they even drive trucks to deliver bread-What skills do they bring that allows them to get work permits?

Some of the schools blatantly import Indians with dubious qualifications and backgrounds to head nursery schools.

One wonders what is TSC doing? Immigration department? Labor department? Am just fed up wherever I look they are here with their racist attitudes. These days I feel Idi Amin to some extent.

Account Three

One perpetrator of modern day slavery is the government through Teachers Servcie Commission (TSC). Teachers are employees of TSC but every year they are forced to work for Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) for very low pay.

What makes it slavery is that TSC “sells ” teachers to KNEC, without consulting the teachers. Is that fair?

Account Four: The Mistreatment at Quickmart Supermarket

I would like to bring to your attention a case of psychological mistreatment, over worked and underpaid staff in the Kenya supermarkets industry, a good e.g is Quick mart supermarket, you might do further research to validate these claims. How do you work a human being for 16hrs a day for 6 days in a week. Pia off days which is your right you have to beg for it. I no longer work there but these guys are suffering.

Staff should send more information to or WhatsAPP 0710 280 973

Account Five

Good evening Cyprian,

I just saw your expose on Kenyans working for Indians, well, that’s s the same case for people working in embassies, or at least the one I work in.

Poor pay, yet they get paid over 10 times of what you earn for the exact same job.

No allowances, yet they get house, commuter allowances and other allowances.

No medical cover yet they are fully covered, they assume we are well catered for by the 3,000/= they deduct from our salary to pay NHIF and NSSF.

Embassy ni jina tu.

People working for embassies should send information about this, send names of your oppressors, documents etc to or WhatsAPP 0710 280 973

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