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Despite Efforts Made In Including Them In The Wage Economy, Why Are Kenyan Women Still Prostituting Themselves?

CAPTION: The mascot of new-age Kenyan prostitution has got to be Njoki Chege. On one hand she projects professional success, but on the other hand, she still craves for a man to take care of her needs. Being that “Strong” Woman, Njoki Chege used to date Munene Mugumo and Mutuma Mathiu at the same time. Such a revolutionary woman.

I was fascinated by a read in an article on The Economist. It was serialising the book “The Secret History of Georgian London: How the Wages of Sin Shaped the Capital. By Dan Cruickshank.” It talks about how 1 in 5 young women in 18th Century London were prostitutes because prejudice barred women from all but menial jobs. So essentially, the economic climate and patriarchal nature of employment standards, condemned women to that life. It was largely not out of choice.

English society expected, even encouraged, men to pay for sex.

But go to England today and the story is different. Women pay their own bills, and are active participants in economic development, not necessarily waxing weakness or gender inclusivity. If a group of young folks met up for a drink, bills will be split with both males and females contributing an equal amount.

So why are Kenyan women predisposed to attributes of prostitution despite efforts at boosting the girl-child, which has seen them become more educated and self-sufficient than the boy-child? Why do they continue to act like prostitutes? Why do they still only desire men with money, when they could be partnering with a loving man with undistinguished earning power? Is whoredom a predisposition wired into the Kenyan feminine psyche?

Many years ago, before the so-called “equal rights” movement, before women began to demand men’s jobs, society was able to permit such a juvenile, self-serving philosophy like men going off to work to put food on the table, as women stayed home. But the world has changed. But the contradiction with Kenyan women is that they want it both ways: they want to fulfill their potential, to make it in a “man’s world”, to have interesting careers and earn nice salaries, yet they still expect men to pay for them and take care of all their needs. 

We only need to look at the acutely-polarizing content from Nation Media Group’s Njoki Chege, to put this in perspective. One of her headlines read ” Why I Will Never Marry A Poor Man”. Another one read like “Don’t Kenyan Men Earn Enough Salary To Impress?” I could go on and on about her in particular, not to mention her older harlot-mentors like Caroline Mutoko, Ciku Muiruri, Sheila Mwanyigha and the likes, but that should give you all a reference.

CAPTION: By day, these two masquerade as serious corporate women, but as day turns into night, they become she-wolves, prowling and preying on rich married men to fund their outrageous spending habits.  

Kenyan women still think they have it figured out, flirting with men to con free drinks, luring men with the promise of sex to take you to expensive restaurants, arrogantly counting on the power of your vaginas to secure a lifestyle you couldn’t possibly afford yourself. Kenyan women want to spend our money on clothes and pampering themselves at trendy salons. Their natural female hubris blinds them into assuming that they will always be able to control men with their bodies. 

As Kenyan women demand more equality, male eyes are being opened. Men are beginning to ask for freedom from oppression as well, freedom from the tyranny of Pussy Power. Kenyan men are waking up and clearly seeing the dishonest sexual marketplace which women have created, and they aren’t willing to put up with it anymore. 

So we are asking women where their money goes. Why is even the highest-paid corporate woman, looking for a someone to “take care of her?” Who ingrained these harlot-traits in Kenyan women’s DNA?  

When Kenyan women scam drinks and meals from men, she calls it dating; if she did the same to a stranger, she’d be arrested for fraud. In a Kenyan woman’s mind, a man is merely a walking wallet, ripe for the picking. He should work hard for her benefit, so that she can enjoy a way of life she would never be able to afford herself. To this end, she will grant sex, or withhold it, only to suit her purposes, and always for her gain. And even though prostitution presupposes a completed bargain, she will take money from men even when sex is the furthest thing from her mind. Thus, the average Kenyan woman may be a whore, but she’s a dishonest whore.


Hereby attached is the female to-do list applicable to all Kenyan women who have been conditioned by their senior mentors, to develop habit synonymous to prostitutes; 


  1. Stop denying that you are whores if all you’re after is financial comfort as espoused inNjokiChege’s articles. 


  1. Quit thinking with your vaginas. Learn that the world does not revolve around the crack between your legs. Refuse to rely on Pussy Power to scam drinks, meals, gifts, and vacations from men. Unless your intention is to honestly trade sex for money, when you go out on a date, bring your own funds and pay your own way.


  1. Begin to regard sex as the natural, pleasurable act that it is supposed to be. Quit using it as a bargaining chip in your devious game of male abuse.


  1. Refuse to judge men only by the level of their income. There are plenty of nice, “average” men out there who will be able to adore you for the person you really are, if you can rid yourself of your mask of deceit.


  1. Be honest with yourself. If you are going to sell your body, then dosowith integrity. There is nothing wrong with a good-looking woman prostituting herself to a wealthy man, as long as she doesn’t deceive either herself or her partner-that is, as long as she realizes it’s a business deal and she intends to keep her side of the bargain. 


  1. Stop blaming men for your problems and your failures. Learn to depend on yourself, not men. Learn that men are not your enemies, but your allies, as long as you treat them fairly and with respect. Men naturally love women.


  1. Realize that men are not mind readers. If you want communication, then communicate-don’t cry or pout or scream and expect your partner to divine your thoughts telepathically (and brand him as insensitive when he can’t). If you have a problem, discuss it.


  1. Stop mentally abusing men. Don’t willingly crush their egos and don’t flaunt your bodies, then kick the poor suckers in the balls when they come too close. If you don’t want the bull to charge, don’t wave the red flag.


  1. Learn to be givers, not takers. Stop acting like arrogant, selfish babies.


  1. Stop withholding sex. We know that it’s a tactic which encourages Kenyan women to overrate the value of their bodies. By the time a Kenyan girl is in her twenties and searching for “Mr. Right” (Mr. Cash), she innately believes that her vagina is worth an expensive car, a huge house, and a lavish lifestyle, no matter what she looks like. Which is why an average looking21 year-oldcollege girl went to fuck the late Chris Msando, because Kenyan mums have conditioned them to “not settle for less.”

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