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Day In The Life Of An AutoXpress Employee: Sales Team Opens Up On Toxic Working Environment

Jeenal Shah: Director at AutoXpress Kenya

The winds of hope are blowing across the corridors at AutoXpress Kenya.

The hope that soon things might take a turn for the better.

Suppressed employees who have suffered in silence for many years are finally gathering the courage to stand up against the company.

One after another, insiders have forwarded submissions with scathing information exposing extensive malpractices by the management.

In two of our previous articles, we highlighted the plight of the firm’s servicemen who expressed frustrations over a myriad of long-running issues like mistreatment, tribalism and nepotism.

  1. Technicians Protest Mistreatment By AutoXpress Kenya
  2. Concealed Racism Unearthed At AutoXpress Kenya: More Employees Speak Out

At first, complaints mainly targeted senior native members of the management who sounded very unpopular among the workforce.

In this regard, one top official – the Human Resource (HR) Manager identified as Dickson Nyambori – is adversely accused of practising open bias toward members of his community who are often rewarded with promotions and salary increments.

Group Head of Human Capital at AutoXpress Limited

But the more we divulged into the story, the clearer it became that most of the deep-rooted problems at AutoXpress Kenya are traced down to an Asian cabal higher up the hierarchy that is responsible for terrorizing employees.

The racist department heads find their much-needed help in bulldozing the workforce from powerless female managers who are purposely appointed for easier manipulation.

As confirmed in this latest testament shared below, this has led to a negative working environment where extreme, laziness, rumour-mongering and mistrust are the order of the day.

Blind loyalty to the Asians is rewarded instead of hard work.

Spies are planted everywhere to listen to any murmurs of opposition so they can snitch them to the management.

In turn, they receive favours like salary increments and promotions.

Those that fall out of favour are mistreated to the brink of depression.

Their numerous attempts to seek justice through the trade union has proved futile.

Most of the officials are compromised and the case loses ground along the way.

“Hi, Nyakundi,

Story ya AutoXpress is true and glad it’s finally out.

Finally. Finally. Thanks.

Not only are technicians suffering but other retail sales team members too.

Salary increments are awarded to those who kiss ass and snitch on and report their colleagues to the top, not on performance.

Most are silently frustrated.

None of the hard work they do is recognized.

It is a system that favours the lazy who only grow through spying on others.

Those who are loud but known to do less or nothing on the ground you know who have been embraced by Asian bosses.

The Asians are at least paid three times what others on the same level earn yet they do less and with an inferior education.

One Asian joined as a sales assistant, and within months later is promoted to sales executive only to be promoted again to management trainee less than a year!

Unacceptable and abusive racism.

Department heads are mostly Asian in this modern day.

I leave you with one name that missed the list of shame: An uneducated and uncouth chap called Rakesh Budhev.

Such a demotivator – find out about him, hates learned experiences who know their rights.

Kwanza learned.


Woe unto you if you land on his black book you get stuck with no increments same position unreasonable transfers.

If he does not like you, you are doomed till you quit.

Very unfair.

There are two Asians; the head of retail that’s Rakesh and Kirat *the director’s wife*.

These two are the chief whips who will intimidate, threaten, and also insult staff at any slight mistake.

Every day it’s just threats and abuses and being shouted at thus making us the staff feel miserable at work.

No staff dares argue with this two as they see staff as their slaves and they the masters while propelling propaganda through the female managers.

Most staff members hate them!

The company has also gone to extent of corrupting the trade union management to keep silent on any issues raised by staff.

The Trade Union is a toothless dog.

Despite staff minting millions of dollars for the company, we are never appreciated fully genuinely.

Long working hours with no work-life balance.

Just fake praises and plastic smiles in order to encourage you to make more money for the company while the next second you will be abused and intimidated.

Kama sio kukosa job elsewhere would have left the company kitambo.

Keep me anonymous.

They have this ‘change in position shit for blacks that come with job title change only and no salary increase to fool us while Asians shoot so fast.

So demoralizing.”

Editor’s Note: This looks like the beginning of yet another long series.

If you are among those suffering in silence at AutoXpress Kenya, we encourage you to take the bold step and come forward with your story.

As the insider states above, this is certainly just the tip of the iceberg.

Let your voice be one that helps to unearth the rest of the rot and bring justice.

This platform, founded on boldness and truth, is a safe and free space for you to open up.

The anonymity of our sources is always guaranteed.

Send us an e-mail via [email protected] or reach out to us through any of our social media platforms.

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