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Damning Report Reveals That Safaricom Has More Female Employee’s Than Men


The biggest contradiction of our time is that women are the most empowered, have the most jobs in corporate Nairobi, but still expect men to fund their bills and buy them drinks. Men who are struggling to survive in this imbalanced economy.

These are the final days. The men have been effeminzed, turned into gay socialist fruit-cakes. The men look like women, the women look like men. Westernised women are whores, unrestricted by biased divorce laws enabled by second and third wave feminism. This Marxist filth has come to Kenya.
Bob Collymore who has been pandering to the feminist cause, took their bait and elevated activism at the expense of merit. It’s the reason why Safaricom’s productivity has been constantly compromised, and other than unfair practices and Government protectionist measures, Safaricom would have been dead by now.It’s the reason why instead of well thought-out marketing strategies, Safaricom has been reduced to sponsoring Jazz festivals. Because women are genetically wired to be short-sighted. Rarely see the big picture.
The biggest company in Kenya, sponsor’s niche events like Jazz, setting the marketing agenda.

Caption: Other than sponsoring Jazz music which is his preference considering slavery descendants who landed in New Orleans spent their days playing Jazz, a genre that isn’t majority of his subscribers’ cup of tea, Bob Collymore claims to be a born again christian!

For instance Safaricom forked-out Kshs. 200 Million to fund a state Parastatal Sports Kenya, for the naming rights of Kasarani Stadium. They then painted the stands with their trademark “Green” colors. A year later, all that paint was removed and new colors painted during the IAAF U17 Championships. All sorts of branding relating to Safaricom was also removed.


People with vision would have instead built their own Stadium. Like the Emirates Stadium. Or the Allianz Arena. Or the O2 Arena.

But women who surround Bob Collymore have a genetic deficiency of insight and vision. They’re just for the here and now.

Bob Collymore married someone’s wife. That’s a feminist construct right there. It’s not African. In a country where there no shortage of beautiful females, to resort to wife-stealing just shows how mind-fucked these westerners who want to come and manipulate our local agenda.

It has been two decades of emasculation and pro-feminist agenda hawking, which has seen the systematic undermining of men. Yet the same women are the first ones to shout how Kenyan men fall short of expectations, yet have conspired with the held of activists, to “steal” their opportunities.

It is this fixation with affirmative-action which has seen Kenya’s productivity diminish. Our competitiveness as an economy is slowly fading away and we are being overtaken by countries like Ethiopia.

Giving women like Caroline Mutoko, Julie Gichuru and others, a front seat in influencing policy or discourse has come at a cost. Their blindness to overall perspective and their obsession with female empowerment and bootlicking, has compromised our standards of productivity.

Other than MPESA, Safaricom has not made any other innovation, because they don’t even have a research department. The feminism mentality which Bob Collymore subscribes to, is too myopic to know that research is the backbone of development.

Women like having it easy, which is why Safaricom finds it better to steal ideas, rather than acquire at market cost or have an internal research department. This is the manifestation of feminism and female-dominated management at the expense of merit.

What a shame. Shame on Safaricom!

Why don’t we steal technological advancements from the west, customise them and use them to empower ourselves economically? Instead, we steal cultures- and their feminist laws therein- that we know little about and which don’t help us in anyway.

How have the so called women representatives helped women?

How have women who are represented by women MPs benefited?(Leave alone these nonsensical laws passed to ‘empower’ women; I believe a woman has the power to empower herself).

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