Corrupt Waiguru-Linked Directorate Of Criminal Investigations Summons Nyakundi Over Waiguru’s Tweet.

Caption: I used my beauty to loot NYS

Today, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations summoned me to appear before them for making a tweet that offended former National Youth Service looter and Jubilee Diva Anne Waiguru.

This is happening despite all laws criminalizing freedom of expression and blogging being declared unconstitutional. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has chosen to ignore this fact, as they continue their crackdown on social media users, a mandate they aren’t supposed to undertake.

Instead of focussing on serious issues, DCI has decided to work with the elites, to bully and intimidate those that speak truth to power. A few weeks ago, DCI officers, despite a court order barring my arrest, forged documents and colluded with a court magistrate and got a warrant that they used to illegally arrest me, my relatives( to trade them with my appearance) then confiscated my car( To investigate it over a tweet-sic) and stole my iPhone. This matter is pending in court as the office of ODPP approved the charges without a witness statement!

Moving forward, Waiguru is lamenting that I have been making tweets that have stressed her and in one tweet, I referred to her as a commercial sex worker. If Waiguru doesn’t want to be called a commercial sex worker, then she must do less talking about 2022 and work for Kirinyaga people. But sometimes people may confuse you for a commercial sex worker when you are all over seeking attention or when you loot and nothing happens to you because you use your beauty to commit all these crimes.

Anne Waiguru has always had a special relationship with Directorate of Criminal Investigations officers that were mentioned many times as the cartels that helped kill the NYS investigations. A DCI officer that was covering up for Anne Waiguru NYS crimes landed a plum Job and we are aware three DCI officers were being investigated for doing her cover-up. Maybe it is time we question the progress of this matter. So, Waiguru reporting a matter that shouldn’t even be criminal to DCI is expected. Of course, they helped her cover up NYS dirt and can also help intimidate her critics, so she hopes.

The Economist which considers itself as a bastion of free speech wrote these 4 pinnacles, which largely define their editorial policies. “Never try to silence views with which you disagree. Answer objectionable speech with more speech. Win the argument without resorting to force. And grow a thicker skin.”

In the midst of any crackdown on free-speech, there’s always a steady stream of voices cheering on every attempt to censor. These are more often than not, people who have previously purported to champion the very right to free speech. For instance, activist Boniface Mwangi’s move to crowd-source individuals who wanted Nyakundi banned by social media outfit Twitter.

So the contradiction is so visible. People who benefited from free speech, later become part of the censorship bandwagon.

Recent debate in parliament is also more indicative. As MPigs debated an unconstitutional cyber-law primarily targeting bloggers but masked under identity-theft, the move enjoyed bipartisan support from hitherto proponents of free speech. Because every wave of change comes with a new set of contradiction.

Parliament plus right-wing fascists including feminists, religious-degenerates, sanctimonious, self-righteous imbeciles, “moral police”, paints us the real picture. Too many stupid people. Too many easily offended people. And the intersection of those two sets is too large.

Lets keep fighting!

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