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Contentious: What’s The Population Of Kibra?

The population of Kibra or Kibera slums is still a contentious issue and one particular loser is still bitter about it.

The UN agency known as UNHABITAT or United Nations Human Settlement Programme is still cross with those who stated that Kibra’s population is below a million.

The agency used to fleece donors by mentioning such crazy figures as 2 to 3 million people living in Kibra/Kibera.

UNHABITAT for many years got funded by bigwigs in the donor world such as World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to carry out Slum Improvement Programmes on accounts that over 3 million people lived in Kibra.

Perhaps they took the joke too far but it was not far from the truth. If one thinks of Nairobi; the shitty way it is being run, the endless garbage heaps, dirt everywhere, raw sewage and dilapidated infrastructure, Nairobi is one big slum and maybe that is how UNHABITAT and the corrupt donor world often viewed Nairobi as a slum.

Pic 1: UNHABITAT has stuck to its lies. Screenshot captured on 5th November 2019 at 5pm.

UNHABITAT willing to kill

Some people were fired for sticking to the truth and discrediting the more-than-a-million people live in Kibra figure.

Communication expert and urban development consultant Rasna Warah, revealed in her book UNSilenced that her stand against cooking of Nairobi population figures especially for Kibera made UN to fire her.

Lies supported by Wikipedia on Google. Screenshot captured on 5th November 2019 at 5pm.

A fine urban development person lost her job because of greed by povertypreneurs UNHABITAT, supported by other donors such as World Bank and some other UN agency. In short, the United Nations were willing to live by the lie that Kibra/Kibera harbored Millions of people so that they can continue pushing the narrative and pocket fat perdiems while conducting programmes in that slum.

How it all started
The 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census really fucked that narrative of more-than-a-million people living in Kibra.

The census revealed that only 170, 070 people lived in Kibra. The 3 million were just a way of getting money from donors.

Rockefeller: White people really know how to squander Africa. Screenshot captured on 5th November 2019 at 5pm..

The UNHABITAT was furious about these revelations. they were left with an egg on the face, however, they have not let go even today.

If you search the word Kibra on Google, there’s still conflicting reports about the total population.

The white thieves are suggesting through some other sources which are not credible that Kibra might have 800,000 people.

Instead of citing the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) figures, Wikipedia states that, ‘According to Mike Davis, a well known expert on urban slums, Kibera had a population of about 800,000 people’


Can’t these donors for once do the right thing; live by the truth?

The first thing would be to un-sack all those they sacked for standing for the truth that Kibra is not a cash cow.

In the recently completed Kenya Population and Housing Census 2019, by the way, what’s population of Kibra?

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