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Civil Service Fraud

Confrontation looms as defiant Nyali corrupt head teacher refuses to bow out despite running out of contract

John Kombo Nyali Principal (centre in grey shirt)

Dear Nyakundi,

Kindly highlight below as most likely there shall be chaos next week at Nyali School as this corrupt headteacher refuses to get out. Please keep us anonymous as we appreciate your efforts.

Physical confrontation between Nyali Parents and the school most corrupt head teacher Mr. John Kombo is looming after the corrupt head teacher vowed not to quit the school despite running out of contract at the end of December 2021.

Nyali Primary School located along Links road in Mombasa County has been on spotlight since 2019 when the School bus scandal was exposed that almost saw the school loose 600,000 in a fishy deal that was spearheaded by Mr. Kombo. Since then, several other scandals have hit the headlines with the latest being the Ghost workers exposed by the Auditor, the shady PP2 trip and the petty cash scandal that has yet to be exposed.

In the petty cash scandal, it is understood that the Auditor was recalled end of November 2021  to finalize with the financial reports of 2021 but only to come and expose another scandal involving the petty cash in school. In the scandal, it is believed that the Bursar (a close associate of Kombo and who comes from the same Village) ran away with 1.2M of petty cash that saw him build his house in Utange in record time. The Bursar who eats together with Mr. Kombo could not explain the loss of 1.2M that was under his custody. Additionally, another 900,000 petty cash is also believed to have gotten lost through the office of the secretary of Mr. Kombo. All these losses have been captured by the Auditor who is yet to release his report for the 2021. Parents are eagerly awaiting for the report before making any move.

Amid all these scandals, it has now come to the attention of parents that Mr. Kombo has vowed not to exit the school despite running out of contract at the end of  December 2021. Mr. Kombo whose last contract was signed in January 2019 and illegally extended last year to accommodate for the COVID-19 Pandemic, would have seen his contract ending in Dec 2021. Himself in a highly charged Special General Meeting confirmed to parents that he was to quit the school at the end of 2020. Later parents learnt that a committee comprising of the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary handed Mr. Kombo a one year extension illegally and against the wish of parents and without the knowledge of other board members.

Sex scandal hits Nyali Primary School

To add salt to the wounds of many parents, they are now hearing news of the Secretary of the club spreading false rumors that Mr. Kombo’s contract is ending in 2022. Apparently, there is even news of a fake contract having been drafted by the club secretary to lure parents in believing that Mr. Kombo’s contract is ending in 2022, something that is not true. Whatever the case, parents know for sure that the contract of the corrupt head teacher is ending in December 2021. In fact the Vice Chairman (who eyes the chairmanship position) assured parents that the contract of Mr. Kombo is ending in December 2021 and that he would make sure that no further extension is awarded. In fact, the vice chairman even assured parents that he has a replacement readily available.  Further, Mr. Kombo was last week paid his gratitude of 540K in a clear sign that his contract has finished. Many parents are really disappointed by the club secretary (a renown lawyer in town) for fabricating rumors that will help Kombo continue to stay and steal from the School resources. Already parents are contemplating writing to LSK to officially complain about his professional conduct. Many cant understand why the renown lawyer is protecting the corrupt head teacher. Himself, he is serving a third term in the capacity as a club secretary – against the club constitution.

This rumors by the club secretary have now caused parents to panic and start fuming with many promising to physically eject the corrupt head teacher from their school when school reopen next week. It must be noted that the school belongs to parents who are the owners of the school and the parents have the final say on whom they want to be the head teacher. However, Mr. Kombo has acquired so much powers that he now even boasts that he shall remain in school even without a contract and nothing shall happen to him. Parents on their side have also promised to show Mr. Kombo that he is just an employee and he shall leave the school as they have decided on the matter. Already, parents have drafted a letter to be submitted to Nyali Police requesting the police to intervene and stop any fracas that might be caused by the defiant corrupt Mr. Kombo. What saddens many parents is that, Mr. Kombo is causing all this fracas when candidates are about to sit for their final exams. He seems not interested at all on the peace environment for the innocent candidates. His main focus is to remain in school and continue stealing.

It is disheartening that Mr. Kombo finds it very difficult to quit a school that he has used as his ATM machine for last 15 years to enrich himself and even had an audacity to open a parallel school nearby (Paramount Education Centre) in conjunction with the club treasurer (a brother to Bungoma County Governor). It must be noted that Mr. Kombo hand picked the treasurer in an initial plan that included removal of the former accountant and using of the free environment to fleece the school to the maximum. However, their plans were destroyed when several scandals came to limelight that made parents become more vigilant. Many parents wonder why Mr. Kombo is insisting in not quitting the school despite parents totally having no faith with him. sadly everyone including teachers, some board members, trustee of the school and even suppliers are against him remaining in school.

With all this coming next week, every parent is awaiting to see what shall happens. The Board of Management is still mute on the contract of Mr. Kombo. The executive who runs the school as their own have left the school to manipulated by Mr. Kombo. The other board members are little interested in the school as their voices are not listened. For sure, Kombo has destroyed the school and cares less now as he knows his exit is imminent.

Many Parents pray this year 2022 may be the year that God relieves them from the pain of the corrupt man who has seen the school go down to the lowest levels.

Nyali Parents

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