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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Chronicles: How I Was Foolishly Swindled By Two Slayqueens Operating A Movie Shop

Hi Cyprian.

Its admirable how you’ve taken the fight against the slay queens head on. When they’re being murdered or disfigured for life, they’ve no one to blame except their rapacious greed for money and wealth. In most cases, I feel the aggrieved men who mete much punishment on such women have a point or two knowing the justice system would not be on their side, for the hurt is difficult to quantify in words alone – speak of a slay queen wiping out one’s investment or savings in a single move!

Many male victims of such women would rather suffer silently than speak out and be seen as weak. However, nursing hurts silently isn’t really wise as at some point, the anger built in will one day burst out and an unfortunate victim be on the receiving end.

In some cases, the slay queens may not be acting alone but will have a guy in the background if the pair are reading from same script in fleecing someone. I call this “Kigenism” syndrome and I’ll illustrate how it works.

About two years ago, I met the con pair of Felix and Judy Kigen who were then selling movies in town. I say then because as of present, they vanished out of their respective operation areas to I don’t know where.

Here is how it went. Felix was operating along Kenyatta Avenue while Judy was manning a backstreet shop from where movies were pirated before being packaged and sold as genuine stuff. Since I would only purchase historical themed movies, Felix knew my preference and took time “studying” me including discounting at times. Little did I know it was a trap I was being set into!

So when one day I stopped to inquire of a particular movie, the fellow pretended to look for it but I suggested I check from a rival shop across the street. The man offered to take me to his “store” where he had a “saleslady” managing it. I agreed.

The “saleslady”, it turned out, was the one tasked with “processing” any person brought there by being extra friendly then keeping on luring the likely victim to the shop to purchase their entertainment needs there. Whenever I went to look for any item from Felix, he would pretend to call the ‘saleslady’ asking if she could find the particular title from the store. After a while, in which she would purportedly be looking for it, she would call back saying it was there with Felix would asking if I’d pass by the shop to check it.

When the lady realized she had my trust, she began asking questions like the nature of my job, daily commute fare etc. I didn’t know she was calculating my value.

During the end of the month, I passed by Felix’s place to look for other historical stuff and he pulled same stunt as before. At the shop, the “saleslady” was in company of another plump lady she introduced as her sister. They both wore those long, sad faces and began imploring my help over a financial emergency. The story they gave seemed heart rending, that I had to dig deep into my savings after the two gave a two week commitment to repay the loan.

On the agreed date, I went to pick the money but this time, Judy or the “saleslady” was in company of a male she said was her brother who purportedly worked at the Equity Bank Githurai branch as a manager. She gave me this cock and bull story of how her brother had ran into economic problems and asked if I could advance her a similar amount like that I gave her two weeks back with both loans to be repaid soon at a go. I refused and told her brother that not even commercial banks can do such. I demanded to be paid the first loan but nothing was forthcoming.

I decided to see Felix over the conduct of his saleslady but I was in for a rude shock. He said because I didn’t heed to his wife’s request, I stood to lose everything. That’s the first time he was admitting she was his wife. He then said even if I went to police, there was nothing I was going to get back, bragging how he had the police on his pay.

Realizing I had been played by con people, I went to report to Railway Police station but was referred to Central Police. Someone advised me to report to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and here again I never got help. The officer who asked me for my number and those of the crooked couple promised to call me in two days as he launched investigations. Unfortunately, he was a fellow Pokot and friend of the Kigens going by the boasting of the couple. Such boasting was to the effect that I gave Judy money as sexual incentives and not as a loan and that she and her brother and sister were witnesses to same.

Though I never got anything back and I cannot trace those cons as their numbers never go through, it is imperative to say here some slay queens do not operate on their own and are used by criminal minds to softly steal from men. It is difficult to prove the plump lady and the “bank manager” were really siblings of the “saleslady” or part of the con game that many others have fallen to.

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