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CFAO Motors Kenya Boss Arvinder Reel Holds Emergency Propaganda Session In Desperate Attempt To Brainwash Protesting Employees


CFAO Motors Kenya Senior Management is led by MD Arvinder Reel, Chief Operations Officer Joshua Anya and General Manager Andrew Omolo

In the wake of what many have described as the most threatening management crisis in the history of CFAO Motors Kenya, the company’s befuddled administration has resulted in cheap theatrics aimed at downplaying the recent explosive series of exposés by this blog that sparked a profound discourse across the interwebs.

Over the past month or so, this website has delved into the vehicle distributor’s deep-rooted troubles attributed to an unethical leadership made up of MD Arvinder Reel Singh Chief Operations Officer Joshua Anya, General Manager Andrew Omolo, Risk Manager Margaret Guandaru and Human Resource (HR) Adrian Stelzer.

It was our tireless coverage of the sad plight of employees at CFAO Motors Kenya that amplified their protest against oppression and prompted an internal investigation into allegations of mistreatment, mismanagement, embezzlement of funds as well as gross misconduct.

Guided by submissions anonymously presented by resentful employees, the inquiry into the organization’s internal operations seeks to extensively probe the allegations with the aim of taking appropriate legal action against all implicated parties.

As Arvinder Singh and his cronies panicked in their high-end offices, our reportage also caught the attention of the CFAO Group Executive Committee which was also engaged by staff members through a letter dated April 13, 2022.

It is no wonder that on Wednesday, April 27th, he spent the better part of the afternoon desperately trying to discredit the circulating reports by labelling those that have been speaking out as traitors ungratefully ‘washing CFAO’s dirty linen’ in public.

Our ever-reliable sources who were present in the meeting have exclusively revealed to us how Mr Singh struggled to convince his workforce how well the company faired under his reign.

For the next 1 hour and 30 minutes, they were taken through a session of well-designed slides, graphs and doctored figures to show how ’employee happiness’ and ‘satisfaction index’ have consistently been on an upwards trajectory ever since he took over.

Instead of offering the employees a listening ear, he chose to discredit their concerns as ‘negative PR’.

The purpose of the ill-timed brainwashing session was to arm-twist gullible personnel into acting contemptuously against their colleagues who in the real sense, are simply fighting for better rights.

“Dear Cyprian,

More theatrics from our con of an MD.

Today was one very interesting day.

We had a What’s Up session.

Before Arvinder, this was a session that allowed for open communication from staff and management but is nowadays a session for him to spew threats then after a “pastor” preaches on the goodness of Toyota management, specifically Arvinder, as puppets like Joshua Anya and Margaret Guandaru clap and nod.


So back to the interesting day…


Today was the day Arvinder decided to show us how much performance has improved under his watch.

Today was the day Arvinder decided to lie to the whole company about how Kisumu Concrete as a supplier was selected by the previous MD.

Today was the day Arvinder decided to tell us that Toyota Japan does not act on anonymous emails.

In all this, I choose to look at it as the day Arvinder confirmed Toyota Kenya has awesome staff.

Sincerely, who pulls such good performance through the years in the most toxic work environment?

Just so he knows, we don’t just send these emails for him to be fired.

We send the e-mails for change!

We send the e-mails for a more respectful MD, a less toxic work environment, an objective and professional risk department, not the likes of Margaret Guandaru.

We send the e-mails for a HR that considers staff welfare – which is one of their key roles – not puppets like Adrian and William.

We send the emails for proper management, for a sane MD, not an immature psychopath like Arvinder.

Why would Toyota bring a Diploma holding HR Director from South Africa yet he can’t even make the most basic of decisions and is blind to employees’ plight?

Anyway, he aced it.

Today Arvinder pulled a Tom Cruise on us, but we know you way better than you think.

The next time you call us for a session, please tell us that you and your army are resigning.

Don’t call us to act innocent and tell us lies…

That is the time we will break serious sales records,” wrote our first source.

“Hi Nyakundi,

Yesterday in a very smug attempt by management to counter these articles and render them as a load of bullshit, CFAO Motors Kenya employees across the business were taken through a session of well-curated slides to show how well the company has been fairing through a 5 year period and during this time, ’employee happiness’ and ‘satisfaction index’ has consistently been on an upwards trajectory.

I couldn’t help but feel a serious sense of discomfort when management presented our satisfaction index figures and it got quite apparent that these massaged figures solicited from staff under duress were a futile but grandiose expression of how conceited this management is in trying to shove down our throats how happy everyone is and how ungrateful a section of staff have been to wash our dirty linen in public.

It is really unfortunate it had to get to this point but clearly radical change needs to happen in this organisation if there is any hope for it remaining as a place where people truly and freely enjoy and love to work.

Mr Arvinder, your people are not happy.

Right from your managers down to your most subordinate staff and burying your head in the sand doesn’t change much.

And if there is anything I took out from the session, there is this gross unwillingness to embrace change by our management or lack of goodwill to understand why Employees are the way they are.

It is quite sad and ironic that the glossy exterior of CFAO Motors Kenya Limited can mislead and masquerade the rot that lies within.

All the while Instigated by the Executive office and natured by the Human Resources Management and warmly guarded by our Risk Team.

For anyone who is out looking in, take this as advice, Kindly do a thorough background check before joining and if you must do it at your own peril because here any dissenting opinion or truth is hardly dealt with or gagged and sycophancy is the order of the day.

The hiring authority and a section of management will always work to frustrate but not build people as a resource.

Mr MD and your cabal, please note: You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Time always catches up with your kind and if there’s a virtue you haven’t stripped us off is patience,” added our second source.

As the probe into CFAO Motors Kenya proceeds, we encourage more employees at the company to fearlessly come out and unearth deeper details of what is happening at their workplace.

This will help trigger action from relevant authorities who are rumoured to be already pocketed by the suspects.

Their mouths are too full to speak, but ours are not.

We shall be keenly following this developing story with a view to publishing subsequent updates on how things pan out at the company.

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