Blogger Nyakundi and Lawyer Miguna Dissect BBI

The Building Bridges Initiative Report was launched on Wednesday, 27 November 2019.

Many proponents expected that the report which was touted to the one to unite Kenyans will be accepted by many, however, the voices on social media, and am not biased, seem to have mixed feelings about its recommendations.

The things is, the BBI report has been rejected.

Here below we present more voices of dissent on the BBI report from a renowned blogger and an exiled Lawyer.

Miguna Miguna

Since KRF founder Miguna was the first to share his sentiments about the report, it is well to start with him:

The lawyer begins his criticism by calling out the hypocrisy of the part subtitled: Responsibilities and rights of citizenship. He says, “even lying requires some intelligence Obey the 15 court orders granted in my favour and return my Kenyan passport before pontificating about “citizenship rights.” #BurnBBIReport #RejectBBI #DespotsMustFall

Secondly, the part where the report says Kenyans DISRESPECT THE LAW AT ALL LEVELS, Miguna disagrees with it and says, “ Respect for the rule of law begins with OBEYING COURT ORDERS issued by the judiciary. Despot Kenyatta must obey Justice Mwita’s Judgment and Orders issued on December 14, 2018. Then Kenyans may believe some of your tissues of lie.

The report also suggests that Kenya do away woth the ‘Winner-takes all model for the presidency and opt for a more consociational model that works best for ethnically divided societies. Miguna says.

They want an Imperial President who must win elections by 50% + 1 votes. The Monarch will appoint and fire a Prime Minister, deputy PMs, Cabinet Secretaries, PSs, etc. That’s a WINNER-TAKES-ALL. Then they turn around and say they are STOPPING a WINNER-TAKES ALL.

The lawyer also challenges the creation of an office for a Public Participation Rapporteur. Miguna says, “More than 20 million young and highly educated Kenyan youth are JOBLESS. But instead of creating jobs for the youth, the con-men want to create a position called “Public Participation Rapporteur” for Adams OKINDA Oloo who is Raila Odinga’s first cousin”.

One of the major recommendations of the BBI report is the ‘need for an economic revolution’, ‘a 50-year plan’, ‘Embracing of economic coordination’.  The lawyer calls it out by stating’ Tom Mboya wanted to make Kenya a fully developed and INDUSTRIALIZED country by the year 2000. Then Kenyatta murdered him in 1969 and turned Kenya into a hell hole. Now, they have ABANDONED “Vision 2030” and are lying about a “50-year Plan” Economic “revolution.” Go lie to pigs”.

On the part where the report recommends a ‘prevention is better than cure’ model in the fight against corruption, Dr. Miguna argues, “ACTION speaks louder than WORDS. THEFT of public resources by those holding public offices, is PREVENTED by REMOVING thieves from public office, sending them to jail and SEIZING everything they have stolen. That must start with JAILING Kenyatta and Moi families”.

The BBI report recommends ways of Freeing Kenya from Cartel Culture:

The lawyer pours cold water in the whole things by stating that state has been captured by people who are in powerful positions such that the suggestions is like masturbation, a boyhood dream and not the real thing. Miguna says,  “The biggest, most ferocious and ORGANIZED CARTELS are in CONTROL of the State House, Harambee House, NIS, Military, Police, Treasury and other State and Government ministries and departments. Start there. Let’s see blood. Not empty words”.

The report argues that the pubic confidence is at an all time law, but wait, Miguna says, “PUBLIC CONFIDENCE in the Judiciary starts with RESPECTING the CJ and the entire Judiciary. You do that by OBEYING and ENFORCING all their ORDERS. Not by calling them WAKORA, withdrawing their security and threatening to REVISIT”.

The proposa to have a Health Service Commission, bearing in mind how doctors and other health workers have been mistreated in this country, it is appalling. Miguna shoots down that recommendation by saying, “Kenyans don’t want another Commission or Taskforce. Kenyans want UNIVERSAL AND COMPULSORY HEALTHCARE FOR ALL KENYANS. They want well-equipped hospitals with enough trained doctors, nurses and technologists. They want MEDICINE. Not myths”

The good lawyer, the founder of the Kenya Revolutionary Front (KRF) ends by stating that the BBI report of goodwill after the handshake must ultimately pass the greatest test of all, ‘allowing him to get his passport and come back to live in Kenya’,

I’m organizing another journey to Kenya to TEST the seriousness of the Despot and Con-Man. They have publicly stated that they respect CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS and want to UNITE KENYANS. To prove that they are serious, let them OBEY COURT ORDERS and give me my Passport, Miguna concludes.

Cyprian Nyakundi

On Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, I share his sentiments concerning the BBI report below

I can’t believe I wasted my 2 hours reading the BBI report. The populist report is far from reality!

One of the the recommendations of the BBI report is that whistleblowers should be given 5% of the recovered loot. But, how will they survive thereafter? Remember how ICC witnesses were eliminated? Who killed Yebei? You can get the 5% but the cartels will eliminate you because the Kenyan system is rigged!

The trashy BBI recommends that we form an ethics commission that will replace the EACC and the commission will be under the president. What happened to independency of these commissions? What if we get a corrupt president like RUTO?

The mention of cartels in the BBI Report is laughable.

Quote from BBI report “ Banks and banking executives that are found to be laundering money and enabling corruption should be sentenced to heavy fines and jail terms. In cases of repeated offences, the Central Bank should endeavour to withdraw licenses and levy other heavy penalties” (laughable)

Well, I hope the deliberate Underfunding of the Financial Reporting Center (FRC) and the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) by the Treasury and the Office of Controller of Budget will stop?????

My friend these bagas just regurgitated everything that Is already there which just needs to be implemented. We didnt need to spend billions to produce a piece of paper in the name of building bridges.

The problem is not laws or strategies in this county, the problem is people that run the system. We have documents gathering dust as nothing is being done

Let me talk about AML ( Anti- Money- Laundering ) as highlighted in the BBI.

Jubilee government has been frustrating the efforts to Amend To Money-Laundering Act that sought to curtail theft of public funds which are subsequently re-invested in Kenya’s so-called “booming” real-estate sector.

Companies like Knight Frank which specialize in the industry have been generating fake reports about the forecast of the property market, using false statistics but largely refraining from admitting the fact that most of the money invested in Kenya’s real-estate is stole from the public purse.

Notorious for the plunder of public funds and re-investing them into flats and apartments are individuals from Ministries, State Corporations, and new parastatals. Kenya Revenue Authority tops the list of most corrupt officials who own property that’s not commensurate to the salaries they earn.

Other notorious officials include those of new agencies like NTSA, who have also been investing the money they extort from Kenyans into real-estate.

In recommendations contained in Special Report Into Allegations of Fraud at the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), members of the Parliament’s Public Investment Committee (PIC) said that there was need to amend Sections 23 and 24 of the POCAMIL Act 2009 to enable the tracking of proceeds of crime, especially to the real estate sector of Kenya.

Parliament noted that there were indications that the real estate sector is used for money-laundering especially through proceeds of corruption. The Attorney General was instructed to submit draft legislation to the National Assembly not later than June 2016 as part of the status of implementation of that specific recommendation.

It also emerged that there has been a systematic undermining of the implementation of the POCAMIL Act 2009, whereby the Financial Reporting Center (FRC) and the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) have been deliberately under-funded by the Treasury and the Office of Controller of Budget. There are said to be powerful forces who manipulate the officers in Treasury to ignore the funding of these critical entities so as to kill the fight against corruption and recovery of stolen funds.

Even if we make many reports, nothing will change unless the guys tampering with these things are stopped and Kenyans stop their mentality

Ati National Lottery will replace private betting companies? Very soon the Odinga and Kenyatta dynasties will control the betting industry. No wonder they have been fighting Sportpesa.

Betting should be completely banned because it is not an economic activity!

If the Slayqueen CBK Governor Opus Dei Njoroge had done his work by dealing with predatory lending apps, the BBI Idlers would not have been paid to recommend something to be done about the apps?

The generators of the BBI report are trying to push this myth that the Kenyan Private Sector has angels and I find that very misleading. The only difference between the private and public sector is that the Private sector invests in PR that dumbs down the masses and sells a non-existent clean image. But things change, Some of these PR Operatives are finding it hard to contain the heat from new media, especially Twitter, and blogs in regards to their dynamic nature of exposing various scandals.

For corruption to exist two things must be present:

1) A Government: Corruption, like a virus cannot survive outside a host. If all the laws of the land were suspended, today corruption would cease to exist. There is no such thing as corruption in a free market. Any corruption that takes place in the private sector is motivated by the desire to skirt some form of regulation. In a free market, you can’t bribe someone to buy your product. Governments are necessary evils. We need them, yes but to keep them honest, we must limit their size and scope.

2) Human greed. Greed is a universal human endeavor — It is not unique to Jubilee or Kenya or Nigeria or Safaricom. You cannot do away with greed any more than you can do away with anger or fear or lust. Human greed is not exclusive to learned or unlearned. Your average Ph.D. professor has the same propensity for greed as a form 4 leaver. No more no less.

So since both requirements for corruption (governments and human greed) are common to almost all nations, why is it we do not find corruption ravaging all countries in equal measure? Because it has to do with the size of the Governments, not the people who run them. The bigger more convoluted the structure, the more corruption you get. Corruption is like evaporation. The greater the surface area, the greater the evaporation. The more ministries you have, the bigger the budget, the more departments you have, the greater the financial evaporation.

It’s impossible to create a new law without increasing the demand for corruption. Say for example you create a law that states anyone who murders somebody goes to jail. This is a good and necessary law. But by creating it, you automatically create an opportunity for a criminal suspect to bribe their way out of trouble and you also create an opportunity for a greedy law enforcement officer to extort the innocent suspect.

I personally conclude that, in the end, the document seems to have bought some time for the elites whose time is up. Kenyans are very aware of their enemies and in due time, the revolution without end might explode and begin.

Get the BBI Report from their website.


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