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Celebrity-CEO Julius Kipngetich On The Spot For Not Paying Dues to Ex-Uchumi Staffers

CAPTION: Uchumi CEO Julius Kipngetich who made a fortune selling ivory from poached elephants during his stint as KWS boss. During his stint, poaching in Kenya rose to record-highs. 

Dear Nyakundi,


We appreciate the role you are playing to expose corporate fraud and human-interest stories. Please continue doing so despite corruption being a ‘cancer’ and injustice in our Nation, our hope is that things will change.

Now, Uchumi supermarkets Ltd since the change of management in September 2015, with Kipngetich coming on board became the worst run in the history of Uchumi and any staff that has been there before can confirm this.

Why? Because this was the time they destabilized staff, closed branches, introduction of witch-hunt by the ‘new’ management team, suppliers apathy, worst relationship ever in history with suppliers and other partners. Kipngetich and team never cared at all because in their minds  they joined the organization to send away – ‘thieves’ in the cadre of ‘old staff’ their target being senior management and branch managers.

He brought in a team of so called ‘experts’ who had no retail experience and were not willing to learn, created positions that are ‘redundant’ e.g. head of fresh, supplier relationship manager, Revenue protection unit, corporate sales manager; and realizing that the staff costs were getting higher, he came up with some irrational ‘cost cutting’ strategies that will or have hurt Uchumi business big time and have left many Kenyans suffering!

  1. Without respect to humanity and being very unprofessional, they one day woke up on 20th March having typed their letters of redundancy as they planned to close 5 branches. Instead of following the due process, they went to Sugarland, Nakuru, TajMall, Embu & Kisii told the managers that there will be a staff meeting in the evening and if possible recall all staff on leave or off duty. Most of the shops were closing past 9pm so after closure their ‘so called’ managers were happy to issue the letters to staff without minding that these are parents, sole breadwinners to families and others even orphans that were supported through the job. Many staff were in shock, some underwent depression but no one cared. (see attached letter named redundancy)

To everyone’s surprise, staff went only with letters home and since Uchumi had both unionisable and management staff, the union went to court and Uchumi had to pay all unionisable staff while out of work for almost over 6 months, later in November 2016 recalled some of them to work. No management staff was paid even a SINGLE CENT of their dues owed by Uchumi ….how inhuman)))) some of them went to court, I’m not sure the outcome but to date no pay from Uchumi.


  1. Offer letter of early retirement – this Kipngetich used to target ‘old managers’ who he frustrated and wanted them to leave so that he can employ his own choice of leaders….Kipngetich never appreciated work that had been done by these managers and as usual branded them as thieves and no single meeting went by without him mentioning about thieves….. Kipngetich showed his pride and arrogance to an extent of even calling managers ‘living corpse’! we could wonder who gave him authority to undermine people who have worked so hard to build the business.. he used all means directly and indirectly through his hired staff to intimidate the manager but he realized that despite the hardships, we went on with our work.

He then decided to give an offer for early retirement to his targeted managers on the 9th of August and wanted response by 12th August, through his unprofessional and uncouth HR- business partner by name Peris Mwangi, an IT expert who had zero people management skills.

12 managers accepted after we realized it was a better to have the pay than working in such a hostile environment full of negative energy and frustrations. We took the offer in August 2016 and to date Uchumi supermarkets have not paid our dues only giving excuses that they were waiting for the source of funding from government that had delayed. Any reasonable employer planning to carry out such an exercise in an organization should be able to have the finances ready so that when staffs are leaving they have their pay. Why is Kipngetich above the law? Why does he handle staff as liabilities?? We don’t have money to hire lawyer but are crying for justice to be done…Who will help us here?? Many staff are out waiting to be paid?? is it the Government? Which ministry? Who to call on? Or is it COTU? Which labor organization?  to help these hard working Kenyans

Nyakundi, Kipngetich has potrayed evil heartless behavior he should be exposed! he should be reminded that his arrogance will not take him anywhere. Let him know that what Uchumi is undergoing partly are curses from those staff that he sent away in the cold, called them thieves, he even went to an extent of calling the slum dwellers…the sooner he resolves this issues the sooner he will see a big change in Uchumi! ! this business does not need PR but action

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Keriako Tobiko Forced To Intervene In Safaricom Murder Case After Shoddy Investigations By DCI

CAPTION: Safaricom CEO was once caught snooping at Sylvia Mulinge’s bum. She is subject of a criminal probe by the Director of Public Prosecutions. 

Once again, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has been forced to follow-up on a criminal matter, after mishandling by local police.

A Safaricom staffer Sylvia Mulinge was accused of causing the death of Mary Kusa Etale (Deceased) who sustained Serious Injuries while driving recklessly vehicle number KBU 483M, a Toyota Prado, along the Southern By-Pass in Nairobi.

Foul-play and bribery was cited as perhaps the reason why investigations did not conclude and charges brought despite the glaring evidence.

There was fear among the victim’s kin that the financial muscle of Safaricom could have tampered with the investigations.

Safaricom in their typical arrogance believe that they can get away with anything, from arm-twisting Government to create an environment which stifles competition, to even getting away with murder.

This incident further dents the image of the telecommunications firm, which despite instructions from parent company Vodafone to Bob Collymore, to settle these issues amicably, he continues to play hide and seek.

Hereby attached is the letter written this week by the Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions.


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Shocking Video: Ghanaian Nanny Killed In Saudi Arabia By Employer As Police Watch

A Ghanaian Nanny was slaughtered by her employer in Saudi Arabia, as police watched without doing anything.

Her crime? Dropping a child down the stairs.

There was no court hearing or investigation, nothing. Instant justice from the father and employer. with police looking on. O Africans, my people! Poverty and lack of education or knowledge is a terrible disease in Africa. Saudi Arabia is a country that any decent human should avoid. My heart bleeds. How can the world tolerate these acts by a section and keep quiet because these barbarians found oil, and not take it to the UN to condemn and ostracise them? Barbaric, Inhumane. Please pass this on And for those that can bear watching the following please let your children know what awaits them if they think the grass is greener.

Many Kenyans have also been confined to seeking jobs in many of these barbaric Middle-Eastern countries, due to lack of job opportunities.

Because we Africans have allowed our Government’s to loot and plunder our economies, we are now seeking manual jobs in countries where their resources have been managed well.

For instance, the Kenyatta Family is probably the most corrupt entity Kenya has ever seen. Uhuru has allowed his mother to run the country as he drinks himself silly, and she is doing so with impunity. His sister Nyokabi is now the one distributing tenders in the country.

They want to use stolen Eurobond funds and cash from the inflated by under-par SGR to build a city at the Family-owned Sukari Ranch, where Brookside Dairies is located.

The greed with this family is legendary. In fact they want 5 counties downstream of River Tana to desertify, because they want to divert water from the Northern Collector Tunnel, for their private use at the City.

Instead of Kenyans revolting against this affront on our economy, a large section of them are urging him on, oblivious to the economic impact of the Kenyatta-family theft.

And because of their silence, more and more Kenyans will continue seeking jobs as house-helps in Middle-East.

Watch this horrific video.


Shocking Video: Ghanaian Nanny Killed In Saudi Arabia By Employer As Police Watch from cyprian Nyakundi on Vimeo.

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Sylvia Mulinge: Safaricom Director Accused of Killing a Minor and Bribing her Way Out

One issue that Keeps Replaying in our continuous Safaricom Exposes is the Impunity the Various Safaricom Managers Portray with no action from CEO Bob Collymore or Vodafone.

A Few days ago, we ran a story exposing how Senior Safaricom Managers are working hand in hand with Third Party Scammers to steal from Poor Kenyans due to managerial hubris.

Our Attention has been drawn to a Letter sent to Office of Director Of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko. The Letter that was Received by the Office of the DPP on 1st March 2017 demands for an immediate investigation into the mishandling of a case that Led to the death of minor due to careless driving by Safaricom Consumer Business Unit Director Sylvia Mulinge.

We will soon write how Sylvia Mulinge Corruptly engaged with a Company Called Fibre Space International where everything was single sourced, and documents disappeared into thin air when the auditors asked for them. This is as per the KPMG Forensic audit report that exposed Procurement Weaknesses ( Opportunities for others to eat ) at Kenya’s Jaggaunult, Safaricom.

CAPTION: Bob Collymore and Sylvia Mulinge, while launching the Big Box units. They later malfunctioned, occasioned by reckless greed by Safaricom’s tender committee’s. 

“On First of February, 2015 Sylvia Wairimu Njugua Aka Sylvia Wairimu Mulinge was the driver of the motor vehicle registration number KBU 483M, A Toyota Prado, Along the Southern-By- Pass in Nairobi when she negligently drove, managed and/or controlled the said motor vehicle and caused it to hit Mary Kusa Etale (Deceased) who sustained Serious Injurious- Reads Part of the Letter.

” The said Motor Vehicle was registered in the name of Safaricom as at the time of the said fatal accident which was reported at Langata Police Station and recorded in the occurrence book as Number 3/01/02/2015 ” Reads Part of the Letter.

By the way, this is not the First time a Safaricom Manager is making headlines for the wrong reasons. A manager at Safaricom, a Mr. Stanley Mjomba, was recently charged with stealing mobile telephones valued at over Sh69.5 Million. The case is ongoing at Milimani Law Courts. This shows that there is managerial hubris at Safaricom.

Caption: The Safaricom Manager who was charged for stealing Phones worth 69 Million. Mjomba is a representation of many other Safaricom Managers/Directors.

The Langata Police Station Officers Failed, neglected and or/refused to conduct thorough investigations and/or take any legal action against Wairimu despite the fact there was a prima a facte offense of causing the death of a minor Mary Kusa Etale- Concludes the Letter to the Office of the Director Of Public Prosecutions

**NOTE : In Kenya, Police Officers Never Follow Up Matters After receiving Kitu Kidogo ****


Caption : The Letter Sent to the DPP. 

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How Nation Media Group’s Circulation Along With Its Credibility Went Through The Floor

Caption: Nation Media Group is staring at Calamity because of lack of Innovativeness. Media Executives like Tom Mshindi and Linus Kaikai prefer entertaining women and playing golf instead of improving Standards at the Struggling media Group

Circulation is a testament to responsible, credible and factual Journalism. Nation Media Group’s Circulation along with the Group’s credibility have gone through the floor.

If I had to pick the day the Nation Media Group lost all its credibility, it would be when they agreed to bend over for the Jubilee government and fire Journo’s that were deemed to be ” Too harsh or critical to the Looting Jubilee Luminary.”

The Firing of Journos like Dennis Galava and Gado, the Cartoonist, contributed to the decline of Nation media’s Credibility.

With more credible news on Social Media and blogs, the Kenyan media industry is facing Tumultuous times. Kenyans news consumption habits have changed, and no one buys those meat wrappers with stories mostly done by half-baked Daystar University Robots.

The Nation Media Group has settled in a Sinkhole as Digital Media, and competition from Various online Platforms gives them a chase for their monies.

Late February, A special Cabinet meeting resolved to have the State start its publication referred to as MY.GOV, where all adverts will be published. All State agencies have been asked to direct adverts to the publication. This has further Spelt doom to the Collapsing Kenyan Media. The reality has knocked the media poseurs that they will never get the subliminal bribes.

But it is hard for a Wanker like Linus Kaikai to understand that this is a force that will sweep the Media downstream. We have always raised a red flag by insisting that the Kenyan Media Executives are thick upstairs. All decision makers MUST be fired to save the Collapsing Media.

The Situation has been so bad at Nation Media Group prompting them to Produce Different Headlines for different regions. Despite all these theatrics, Sales have been dropping because Kenyans are no longer interested with this Bullshit.

Caption: Two Different Headlines for Raila and Uhuru Strongholds. Sad that such a once great media Group is practicing Open Yellow Journalism.Say Goodnight NMG, Your type of Journalism is finished.

In 2 years, Daily Nation sells fell by 16%. In One Year Friday Nation sales decreased by 23% between periods 2014 Dec to 2015 Dec.The East African sales fell 31.5% between Periods Oct 2014-Oct2015, and Lastly, Sunday Nation Sales between January 2016 and January 2014 fell 17%.

Caption: Numbers Never Lie. The Collapsing Nation Media Group is struggling to sell Papers and blaming things like Rain, Lateness and other funny stuff. As a Kenyan, Why should you advertise with Nation Media Group? 

While Linus Kaikai is playing Golf and entertaining his many Girlfriends, The Nation Media Group demise is staring at them. For the group to survive the Digital Media Wave, They Must be innovative and even Charge a subscription fee for their stories. But the Mega question is ” Who will pay for the Nation Media Group’s Type of Daystar Journalism? ”

Caption: These Two Wankers represent Everything that is wrong with the Struggling Nation Media Group. To survive, NMG Must Fire all Key Decision Makers like the Above Captured Wankers and hire young thinkers and Expatriates.

This should worry Advertisers who are wasting Millions in Media’s Classified Adverts instead of considering cheaper online Option like OLX that reach Millions in a few days.

As Readers shun the likes of Nation Media Group in droves after realizing they have not been getting a fair share of news, We can only wish them well. We have attached the circulation numbers hereunder.

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Alcoholism: Kenyans Showcase Their Barbaric Behaviours At Las Vegas 7’s

CAPTION: This past weekend was the much-hyped Las Vegas 7’s where Kenya was participating. 

A video circulating on social media puts in focus the barbaric nature of Kenyans who have come to regard and adore alcohol as the only past-time activity.

This shady behavior by Kenyans has been passed down from generation to generation, because the 8-4-4 system of education pays less emphasis on co-curricular activities and mostly generates robots for the workplace. This redundant system of education was created by among others, the retarded Professor Julia Ojiambo, who was working with the then President Daniel Arap Moi, on a way to condition masses into subversive and hard-like mentality.

It’s the reason why Kenyans have become inherently dumb, making it possible for shadowy land/real estate firms, to rip them off. Maina Kageni can comfortably ask Kenyans to buy land in the middle of nowhere, pay top-dollar for it, and the idiots will still do so. 

CAPTION: Robots created by the redundant 8i4-4 system never stop to ask themselves these difficult questions. 

The net-effect of a toxic education system which did away with sciences has resulted in Kenya being an importer of virtually everything. Innovation and exceptionalism has been shunned, as anyone who is seen to be doing something unique is bullied by a mob.

When you see for instance mainstream media talking trash of bloggers, it’s because they are products of a system which is afraid of progress and technology.

Kenya has become a country of merchants. Only people who seem to be doing big are commodity traders, or importers of clothes or electronics from China. We don’t export anything because we weren’t trained to think. We were conditioned to study for some fake exams, and get employed in 9 to 5 jobs. It’s the reason us who work at home are shunned by society and are not considered to be contributing to society.

After work because people are conditioned to a toxic routine, our parents knew that the only way to unwind was take us to entertainment venues where as they sipped their Tuskers and ate Nyama Choma, we drank soft-drinks while eating chips, whilst getting our faces painted and jumping in bouncing castles.

East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) no longer targets new drinkers as the conveyor belt of mediocrity is already taking care of that. EABL unlike Heineken which sponsors UEFA Champions League which we all watched last night, doesn’t sponsor anything in Kenya. The system 8-4-4 helped them build is intact. Parents are essentially mentoring the next generation of drinkers and alcoholics. Because children simply grow up knowing that weekends are only meant for alcohol.

EABL is now mostly concerned with activations, and the likes. They even shelved their CSR programs, and their management does not sponsor any activity meant to create awareness on disastrous effects of inactivity.

If those same parents who take their children out for face-painting and bouncing castles would invest the same amount of time and resources in focusing on the strengths and co-curricular interests of their children, for instance take them for dance lessons, football practice, golf-sessions, music or instrument lessons, foreign languages, chess, and the likes, these children would be so pre-occupied and wouldn’t have the time to think about sex and the dunda.

Encouraging physical activity also reduces the prevalence of lifestyle diseases, something idiots like Julia Ojiambo, Ndingi mwana Nzeki who created the 8-4-4 system, didn’t see. These stupid so-called “elders” need to be banished from Kenya, because they have ruined an entire generation.

It is a pity that retarded characters like Julia Ojiambo who created this pathetic 8-4-4 system are still trying to seek relevance today, yet they should be lynched by mobs for their role in killing our brain cells with a pathetic curriculum.

CAPTION: 8-4-4 conditioned us to shun the smartest people in our midst, and to worship the Matatu touts and commercial sex-workers vying to be MCA’s. 

Now Uhuru has got it twisted thinking that doctors are of the usual 8-4-4 disposition, cowed by his cheap threats and his usual table-banging antics. Oh please Uhuru! Save the drama for your baby mama. This idiot can convene a security meeting after a white man is killed in Laikipia, yet he took 90 days to speak on the Doctor’s Strike after scores died due to lack of medical attention?

Dear Uhuru, not everyone is as dumb as your voting robots in Central Kenya.

Meanwhile watch this video of another different kid of robot, the type created by 8-4-4 which thinks drinking and blacking out is cool. Kenyans exported their shady behaviours to the US and a simple rugby game made this Kenyan embarrass us, to the rest of the world.

Instead of Kenyans going into the diaspora and using their period there to come together, pool funds and export technology or research facilities to Kenya, they’re busy blacking out at Rugby tournaments.

Alcoholism: Kenyans Showcase Their Barbaric Behaviours At Las Vegas 7’s from cyprian Nyakundi on Vimeo.

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Victims Of Julia’s Ojiambo’s Impunity Narrate Their Suffering Under Kenya Nutritionists & Dieticians Institute

Caption : This Grandmother is Everything wrong with KNDI. Old Stalwart who wants to use policies whose time has passed to lead a new Kenya. 

Victims of Julia Ojiambo’s Backward Policies, dictatorial tendencies and impunity have been narrating their suffering in the hands of this Bitchy grandmother who is heading Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute like her Busia Bedroom.

Despite outcry from all over Kenya, Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has been mute, raising eyebrows amongst Kenyans.

We are still demanding for action on Julia Ojiambo’s Impunity and this MUST be done NOW, Not tomorrow.

We have Compiled some Concerns and Comments on this KNDI Saga.

Victim Number One

Hi Nyakundi,

Am a Nutritionist, and due to the rot at the so-called KNDI I decided just to Quit and hustle somewhere else.

In the University of Eldoret where I schooled the curriculum isn’t up to date, it needs proper auditing and makes you wonder if that is nutrition.

To the KNDI now they demand that you must pay a whopping 10,000/= for you to be indexed or registered, mind you the index number is something autogenerated within a second, then they ask you to apply for an internship which they will take something like six months before they post you to God knows where.

This will involve you digging your pocket for accommodation.
The internship is for a year without pay, and if you are unlucky and find Yourself at MTRH, you have to pay another 3700-5400/= to the hospital for allowing you work at their institution.

After the internship, there’s always an exam that you will sit for, to show that you are qualified which is just okay for most professional bodies and after that, you MUST pay another 5000/= for them to give you a practicing license which is renewable yearly at the cost of 2000/=.

With the license now, they tell you to go and start looking for a job which is so mean to them after making you go through hell for two years after school.

There’s also ANOTHER graduation for the nutrition students who’ve passed through the internship and finished it, at a certain Polytechnic in Busia. This is also done at a fee.

Serious auditing needs to be done at KNDI


Victim Number Two                                                                                                       
I am a Nutrition graduate from Kenyatta University who is even more qualified than most of the KNDI board members. The issue of KNDI calls for demonstrations by all nutrition students, Nutritionists, Dietitians and all concerned persons from all over the country.

Comrades have had enough of this impunity and intimidation.
Why should I graduate in Busia just because of a mere internship while people are graduating from Havard with MBAs online!!!
Corruption will kill our leaders in Kenya.

Will we continue watching as our futures and aspirations are thrown to the gutter?

The day of reckoning is here!!!


Victim Number Three
Finally, someone has gathered the courage to say it out loud. First, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am one of those who just recently went to that so-called graduation at Funyula, and every time I think of the event, I sincerely want to cry,(of course this is just one the 1000 things about KNDI that am pissed about)

That place is located in the middle of nowhere.people had to sleep on mats in tents with nothing to cover themselves, just because Julia said so.And then after wasting your fare to go there, you told to go to Nairobi to pick your certificate and license. My question is, what was the main point of the graduation then?

Victim Number 4 

True, that’s true this KNDI thing came to take our money…I loved nutrition but now its just a nightmare to me….am a diploma graduate and I spent 18 k with that whole Graduation Process and nevertheless I have not added up from my place to Busia which is around 25,000Ksh.

I am jobless, and all that money was from my savings…..and surely what is the importance of it because I have never surely Understood, Stop making us Suffer Please.

Victim Number 5 

I received a license on 24th Feb, only to realize that it expires on 30th June and am supposed to renew it by July if I am to continue practicing.

Now, that is theft, impunity, corruption and total insanity. I call upon all nutrition graduates, let us save our career, a few more years with these people in office, and we have nothing at all.

The best way to start with this is not to pay anything at all. No indexing, no registration, not renewals, nothing. They are playing with us.

Victim Number 6 

Am a graduate student(NUTRITIONIST).Recently I received a call from and was told that I should pay 5000 for registration.

Honestly, if I paid the fee, paid 10000 for indexing why pay 5000 for registration!!!And it is registration for what? Something needs to be done….These People are stealing from us and, Frustrating us.

Victim Number 7 
I did a diploma, and immediately went for the bachelor’s degree, but I have since regretted why I didn’t go for medicine or clinical medicine.
KNDI is just a body that is here to benefit from us in the pretense of helping us.

How can if only I had direct contact with Mr. Matiangi, I would pour my whole heart out as far as this body is concerned

KNDI……they also charge an extra Ksh.200 per day for late annual renewal.” pay or quite” that is what I was told the last time I visited the KNDI office to renew my license which was two months post-expiry.Imagine the fine was even higher than the annual fee…!NAK where are you??!!


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UTHAMAKISTAN: Thika Business Community Protests Brutal Murder Of Joyce Githitu

CAPTION: Members of the Thika Community today shut down their businesses and held a procession in honor of their late colleague, Mrs. Joyce Wambui Githitu. 

Business people from Jubilee stronghold of Thika, today protested the rising insecurity by shutting down their businesses and holding a procession to present a petition to the area’s security chiefs.

Jubilee strongholds nicknamed “UTHAMAKISTAN” in reference to their unwavering sycophancy and undying love for Mama Ngina and the Kenyatta Family-empire, have of late come under siege, in what many are suspecting to be coordinated strategies, meant to whip fear into the residents, and influence the outcome of the General Election.

Just like we saw the Jubilee Government staging fake terror attacks like the WestGate and Garissa University massacre in a bid to influence the outcome of the ICC case, insecurity is being used to intimidate Kikuyu’s into voting enmasse for Jubilee.

Despite having very wealthy investors and boasting of industries, Thika’s opinion is largely dictated by illiterate Matatu owners and operators. People who have never stepped foot in a school, but just happen to own some matatu’s and pool them in Sacco’s, control the opinion of the learned and wealthy people in that town.

CAPTION: Thika Community members procession. 

It’s no wonder that the town has become one filthy mess, with potholes, hawkers, garbage and unfinished projects around the town.

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo knew that by bribing the illiterate Matatu owners, they could then influence and subdue the rest of the community into silence. It is such a catastrophe that illiterate people are the ones driving Thika’s agenda. No wonder the town has lost its glory and now looks like a slum.

Jubilee and Uhuru to be precise has embraced illiteracy and elevated the dumbest Kikuyu’s into positions of influence. He has then expanded his collaborative network to include church leaders, many of whom discourage citizens or mass-action and instead ask people to give them their tithes and pray for divine intervention.

That is how Thika residents found themselves in the sorry state they are in.

For instance using a matrix of Church leaders and MPigs like Alice Ng’ang’a, Uhuru encouraged vandalism of investors who used to brew what was popularly referred to as second-generation alcohol.

Many investors who had pumped hundreds of millions of shillings in building high-quality plants, were forced to watch as religious leaders and MPigs vandalised their property. Yet the truth is that Diageo, owners of EABL had instigated that so-called purge on illicit brews, in a bid to ward-off competition. Uhuru acted because Mama Ngina his mother, is one of the biggest individual shareholders in EABL.

It is estimated that 2,000 people lost their jobs directly after this fake narrative spun by religious leaders and Jubilee MPigs. Which is why we are advising dumb Kikuyu’s to stop contributing money to churches and stop attending their harambee’s, which have become a platform for pastors to extort congregants.

A photo by an MCA from Kiambu County posted on social media yesterday shows just how the church Bishops have become greedy, giving politicians a platform to solicit for votes, in exchange for cash.

CAPTION: A Thika clergy parades politicians during a church service. Church leaders use such opportunities to extort money from politicians. It’s the reason why we are advising people to shun churches. 

This has become the sorry tale of Thika, where illiterate Matatu industry operators and nursery school dropouts, plus religious leaders many who were not even born and raised in the town, are now controlling opinion and sentiment, all the while imposing their own toxic agenda.

The Brutal Murder of Joyce Wambui Githitu has laid bare the contradictions in what was once referred to as the “Birmingham of Kenya.” A town which is supposed to be calling the national shots, and part of national policy formulation, has been relegated to a hub for hawkers, Matatu Owners and commercial sex-workers.

Business people and influential opinion shapers who are supposed to be wielding influence, are now confined to conversing with Matatu owners and getting derailed in the process. Traffic jams, dust, insecurity, bad drainage, incompetence of the Governor and state organs are now the hallmark of Thika.

When it comes to elections, Thika residents are the epitome of scum. They have a penchant for electing the most mediocre of individuals because Matatu operators who control the town, have conditioned the public’s thinking that he who buys the seat, is the most viable candidate.

So how can a town which has a majority of middle-class residents who reside in apartments or flats with electricity and running water, have their electoral decisions influence by a small slum called Kiandutu comprising of not more than 4,000 people?

That is the greatest contradiction of our time.

Middle-Classers have now been reduced to soliciting opinion from Matatu crooks, boda boda riders, Mama Mboga’s, Hawkers, whose number is incomparable to the residents who live in that town. Instead of the business and other sectoral groups taking charge of their destiny, they have allowed themselves to be subdued and manipulated by Matatu cartels and hawkers. Such idiots!

Meanwhile in their silence, they are being eliminated one after their other, oblivious that their continued silence will have a collective inertia, with people shying away from matters which pertain to their welfare. George Thuo their former MP was assassinated in the same Town, and not even his family mobilised protests. Thika is slowly losing its allure as no investor wants to operate in some slum-looking town, where road projects are never completed.

CAPTION: Despite their few numbers, these illiterate Matatu operators control the agenda of Thika. No wonder the Town has become one slum-looking dumpsite. The investors who control trade and business in the town have been reduced to flower-girls. 

The Matatu hecklers, many of whom are illiterate, used the bully-strategy, whereby they used their loud mouths to subdue the intellectuals, the planners, the elite and the business society, in a bid to trade that cosmetic-influence for political proximity and personal gain.

The business community and elites have embraced the illiterate Matatu owners and operators, and entrenched them in think-tanks further compromising their own output. Instead of shunning these illiterate Matatu operators, they are now part of the decision making process. It’s no wonder the town looks like a rural center.

That’s why Thika is the next slum in the making.

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#ArrestJuliaOjiambo For Using Education As A Tool To Further Her Narrow-Minded Political Interests

CAPTION: This moronic grandmother is part of the rot in the Kenyan education system. These are the idiots that we need to be jailing by now. These are far much worse than murderers. 

A shocking story was sent to us, on how this Luhya grandmother calling herself a Professor, made graduates travel all the way to Busia, for a graduation, simply because she has been vying as MP for Funyula Constituency.

Julia Ojiambo is perhaps the most visible stalwarts, masquerading as an educationalist, yet her brain is full of nothing but filth, air and water.

Over and above ruining the lives of students of the Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute, this Julia Ojiambo Bitch was also part of the team that created the 8-4-4 system, which has become a conveyor belt for mediocrity.

Kenyan graduates are not competitive globally because instead of being taught, we were drilled by dumb teachers trained under a toxic curriculum formulated by amongst others,

James M. Kamunge (chairman)
Prof Bethwel A. Ogot (vice chairperson)
Dr Benjamin E. Kipkori
Prof Philip M. Mbithi
Solomon W. Karanja
Dr Julia A. Ojiambo
Jared B. Kangwana
Samwel S. Maneno
Ambrose A. Odongo
Rev John G. Gatu
Bishop Raphel Ndingimwana a’Nzeki
Tom D. Owour
Ben E. Mwangi
Aron K. Kandie
John W. Githuku
Benjamin K. Kipkulei
Elaine N. Mukuru (Secretary)

These 17 idiots including Julia Ojiambo must be arrested and held to account for formulating a system which created robots subservient to the elites of the day. Idiots who can’t connect dots between their current plight to the political rot in the country.

Those 17 bastards should be named and shamed for consigning an entire generation into the anals of mediocrity, for entrenching them in a retarded education system, which overworked them with paperwork which is irrelevant to the current market requirements.

These 17 rodents including Julia Ojiambo should be lynched by angry mobs wherever they are spotted because this education system has created robots, unable to think for themselves, further compromising our national productivity and output.

For instance, members of the Kikuyu community have been earmarked as some of the dumbest individuals North of Limpopo and South of the Sahara, because even after the Jubilee Government has screwed them over from their jobs, to their security, to their businesses, they still are loyal and subservient to the Kenyatta-family, who have used education, religion and media conditioning to brainwash them that he was announced by God. How can God anoint an alcoholic and chain-smoker?

Julia Ojiambo has been operating the Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute (KNDI) like her personal property, looting coffers so that she can campaign for the Funyula parliamentary seat using money paid by students.

This problematic hoodrat called Julia Ojiambo has been at the heart of the collapsed education system in Kenya. We shouldn’t allow such idiots anywhere near the function of policy formulation and implementation.

CAPTION: The cheap threats Julia Ojiambo has been issuing us since we exposed her as an intellectual-fraudster. 

It’s the reason we are asking Fred Matiangi to stop with the publicity stunts and tell us how far he has gone with abolishing 8-4-4. He shouldn’t listen to old retards like Wilson Sossion because the future of our children, won’t be at the discretion of Sossion, whose only priority is to marry another wife.

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House Of Deals: Notorious Telecommunication Firm Safaricom SUED For Recruitment Hoax

Caption : The House of Deals- Safaricom LTD.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Notorious telecommunication firm, Safaricom has been sued for a recruitment hoax that this popular platform highlighted a few weeks ago.

This proves that getting a Job in Safaricom depends on political Patronage, family relation, friendship and other things that throw merit into the proverbial dustbin.

Last year December, The editor of this Site was emailed letters to 18 people who were laid off Maliciously by Safaricom Head of HR Maria Shipiri  but did not go vocal enough to get attention from the employment bodies.

Caption : Former Safaricom Head of HR Maria Shipiri. Maria Resigned after this site exposed recruitment Hoaxes she Masterminded. Just like Peter Arina, She will soon be in another Kenyan Blue-Chip…

On January 3rd, 2017, 40 more contact center agent trainees who had been employed for the project Mteja were Laid off without Explanation from Safaricom.

This was after an advert was put in the local dailies/the Safaricom website /social media platform and the recruitment procedure followed.

Kenyans left jobs where they had security thinking the green company was a better option but to their surprise there is no security at all.

As earlier stated, Former Safaricom head of Human Resources Maria Shipiri was behind this recruitment Hoax where she Laid off the More than 40 Fellas for people from her community to get the Jobs. The Scam was that bad Leading to the Suspension of her spanner boys Tom Shivo & Alex Okubhatsu. The Two Idiots were doing dirty jobs for her.

Sadly, Our Corrupt Corporate Tabloids like Business Daily Africa and other Blogs ( That this popular Platform doesn’t want to give attention with a mention ) rushed to Dumb down Kenyans that Maria Shipiri had left ” Due to Personal Reasons”. We keep urging Kenyans to shun the corrupt Media.

Caption: Corporate Tabloid Business Daily Africa did damage control for Safaricom and Bob Collymore Alleging that Maria Shipiri was ” Resigning for Personal Reasons ” Yet it was because she was behind a Recruitment Hoax that embarrassed the Notorious Telco.

We all thought all this Bullshit and ROT in Safaricom ended the day Peter Arina Was hounded out of Safaricom but we were wrong. Looks like Arina had trained and recruited many frauds at Kenya’s Juggernaut. For those who don’t know, Arina is regarded as the most corrupt individual to have ever worked for Safaricom since its inception.Peter Arina is now at East African Cables because in Kenya, that is how corporate Fraudsters Jump from one Company to another.

As Revealed by the Safaricom KPMG Report, Safaricom CEO Safaricom has utterly failed to seal all these Loopholes hurting Safaricom, Its Shareholders and denting their image. We will Keep serializing the Voluminous KPMG report from where we left in a few days to show Kenyans how corporate Nairobi operates with Impunity.

Caption:” This is how Big the Rot in Safaricom is ” Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore Appears to be saying 

Hey Bob, Please Put your house in order instead of focussing on meaningless things like Jazz that you are forcing down on Kenyans throats. We are tired of receiving emails about ROT in Safaricom. We are Just Tired!

The Case has been filed in the Employment and Labor Relations court at Milimani Law Courts Cause No 233 of 2017.

We have Attached the Notice Of Summons HereUnder.

Caption : Notice of Summons 

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Son-In-Law, Six Others Arraigned In Court Over Murder Of Thika Businesswoman Joyce Githitu

CAPTION: Cyrille Chege (3rd from left in glasses) is the son-in-law of the deceased and the prime suspect in the gang-rape, torture and hacking to death of prominent Thika Businesswoman Joyce Wambui Githitu. 

The son-in-law of a prominent Thika Business woman who was murdered on Monday night at her residence in Maki Estate, was arraigned at a Thika Court today.

Cyrille Chege and his co-accomplices were not required to take a plea, as the prosecutor requested for more time to complete his investigations. Cyrille was the only one represented by a lawyer.

The seven were remanded at the Kirwara Police Station for seven days, with Cyrille being given permission by the presiding judge to seek medical treatment and attend the funeral of the woman he might have played a role in murdering.
It is said that the residence internal CCTV camera’s were disabled, and that only he and his wife could have been the only ones with precise knowledge of each camera’s positioning.

One might be mistaken to imagine that those young boys are innocent, but they murdered an old woman by gang-raping her and hacking her with an axe, leaving her for dead. Central Province misses the late John Michuki who eradicated sects and such demonic young boys.

The house-girl who was also arraigned in court, claimed that the financier of the hit-squad provided a down payment of Kshs. 500,000.00 to execute the murder. She is suspected to have let the assailants in the house.

Speculation is rife that Cyrille Chege orchestrated the crime in a bid to inherit the vast property/estate owned by the late Joyce Wambui. Other family members are definitely involved in the murder and nothing can be ruled out.

Mr. Joyce Wambui Githitu is one of the biggest traders in Thika, and owns several commercial buildings in the town. Rough estimates indicate that she might be worth Kshs. 2 Billion in cash and fixed assets, and greed is the motivating factor behind the murder.

CAPTION: Cyrille Chege (middle) in happier times with the woman he plotted to murder Joyce Wambui Githitu (far left). Were these smiles all a facade? 


It is such a despicable state of affairs that young people can conspire to murder a woman and then forcefully inherit her hard-earned sweat, one of the hallmarks of today’s youth who only want to live the good life without breaking a sweat.

These are people who deserve life in jail.

We should not allow Kenya to degenerate to those Moi-era days, when murder was used to subdue citizens of the country. It is a pity that Uhuru’s presidency is mirroring and replicating all the ills that were synonymous with the corrupt Daniel Moi. Even more ironical is the fact that Kikuyu’s are bearing the brunt of incompetence, all the while looking for excuses to shield their President from blame.

When such a story gets national media attention, it only serves as a baramoter of other cases going unmentioned around the country. This shall not be our way of life as Kenyans.

The other day, Jacob Juma was murdered in cold blood, and everyone especially Kikuyu’s celebrated the murder as godsend since he was a critic of the corrupt Jubilee regime, as if dying is only synonymous with other tribes. Nobody deserves to lose their life.

In my view as Cyprian Nyakundi, I pray that Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko and his able office, take over the matter to ensure that this case is seen to its logical conclusion. The case should also be moved to Nairobi with suspects being remanded at Industrial Area Prison.

Mr. Keriako Tobiko, leave no stone un-turned. Let this be a lesson to others with similar intentions.

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Overrated Educationist Julia Ojiambo Behind Rot At Kenya Nutritionists & Dieticians Institute

CAPTION: These overrated educationists are the same characters who created the retarded 8-4-4 system. 

Hello Nyakundi and team. I’m a regular reader of your blog and like many, I appreciate the work you and your team are doing by keeping us informed with what the mainstream media dare not touch. A couple of months now I’ve been intending to contact you regarding the plight of the said professionals as I feel only a platform such as yours can adequately and accurately bring to light the issues afflicting this group.

A short background on myself is that I’m a recent nutrition graduate and I’m currently, for the lack of better words, getting railroaded by some people under the banner of KNDI. I’m however no special case as a similar and even much worse fates are being shared by my fellow graduates as well as those practising in the nutrition field in Kenya.

Here’s why (sorry if this seems too long but you’ve to understand I’m deeply invested in this matter):

KNDI stands for Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute and it’s the regulatory body for all things nutrition in Kenya. The body is fairly young and was established through the Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Act of 2007. Going through that ACT (it’s available online) it’s quite clear that the intentions were noble – to transform and regulate the nutrition profession in Kenya for the better. Sadly, as it’s the norm in our country, we excel at coming up with laws but leave the implementation to a bunch of short-sighted, narrow minded and most of all, greed driven individuals. KNDI is no exception as I’ve come to learn painfully.

The glaring issues which I sincerely hope you can consider to highlight to the relevant bodies and further look into are as follows:

1. Why does KNDI insist on indexing nutrition students (certificate, diploma and degree) while they’re still on their first year?

Why capture them this early yet it’s quite obvious that personal decisions and other factors (change of career, commitments, no jobs) are bound to arise within the course of this programmes? Why not just index the graduates that intend to carry on with Nutrition? Well, I think number two tell it’s all.

2. Why the high indexing fee of Ksh.10,000?

Surely, this must be the highest fee of this nature when compared to other professional bodies. How insensitive of them to think that all parents/guardians can foot this fee on top of school fees and other expenses for a college student. To make things interesting, just consider the number of nutrition students that are available for indexing yearly (now that almost all public and private universities/ colleges offer nutritional courses) and you’ll have to agree quite a large sum of money is bound to be collected.

And what are they doing with this indexing money you might ask? Well, the official version is that it caters for the “indexing package” which includes:

*Indexing card
*Training file/syllabus
*The KNDI Act
*the professional exam to be sat after completion of the internship (more on this later)

However, the situation on the ground is quite different since what you actually get (excluding the exams) is nothing that shouldn’t cost Ksh.500 if you ask me – just an indexing card and “internship material” that you get in soft copy, meaning you’ve to cater for all their printing and photocopying. As far as the KNDI Act goes, that is merely a Google search away. Concerning the exam, I don’t know why it should be paid for yet one has neither graduated from their course programme nor successfully enrolled to and completed the highly uncertain internship KNDI demands.

3. Why insist on an unpaid internship that runs for a whole long year?

This is the most painful thing yet. A whole year of unpaid internship yet they gladly took your indexing fee in the name of facilitating this same internship. Worse, they expect us to foot the expenses that are bound to arise from this internship being in that they’re the ones posting you. And where you might ask? To one of a handful of government facilities that have agreed to their “MOU”.

There were only 15 internship centres the last time I checked (2016 Dec). Twelve of this were for clinical nutrition (Level 4 and above hospitals) and the remaining three, one each for the remaining disciplines: Clinical Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition and Community Nutrition. Here’s the list that was at their offices:

Clinical Nutrition

1. Kenyatta National Referral Hospital (KNH)
2. Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
3. Jaramogi Odinga Oginga Teaching and Referral Hospital
4. Coast Provincial General Hospital
5. Kakamega County Referral Hospital
6. Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital
7. Thika Level 5 Hospital
8. Kisumu County Referral Hospital – Level 4
9. Nyeri County Referral Hospital – Level 5
10. Kiambu Level 4 Hospital
11. Gatundu Level 4 Hospital
12. Nakuru Provincial General Hospital

Clinical Dietetics

1. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Public Health Nutrition

1. Ageng’a Post Graduate Academy – Busia

Community Nutrition

1. Ageng’a Post Graduate Academy – Busia

Food Science and Nutrition

They claim to be working on this, but no postings yet as far as I know.

Food Service and Diet Therapy

No internship centres yet.

It’s quite unrealistic for KNDI to think they can post the hundreds of Nutrition students graduating each year, each for one long year, to only these 15 centres. Remember these few institutions still have to cater for attachments and volunteers who deserve this positions as well.

Take the case of clinical nutrition which is the only reasonable choice right now for most students:

KNH being the largest can take a maximum of 40 students, Thika Level 5 takes 20 and Level 4 facilities like Kiambu and Gatundu District Hospital can only accommodate 10-15 students. That’s is to mean on rough estimates, KHN can only cater for one class of nutrition degree graduates. Now, we have over 20 Public Universities and Constituent Colleges that offer nutrition degrees, and still I’m not counting the Private institutions. Now you do the math of how many graduates will have to miss this internship, yearly.

To the lucky few that get a slot, things are far from being rosy on their end too. A whole one year of unpaid internship stings really hard, more so when you take a look across the other camp and realize other medical interns (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists…) are getting paid. What’s more, the Public Service Commission in its Internship Policy and Guidelines, stipulates that interns working in public service organizations and who are holders of Bachelor’s degrees from recognized universities are to receive a stipend/allowance.

So why are nutrition interns an exception? Don’t they work just as hard. They report at work at 8 am just like other employees, pay for their own lunch and transport every day and dutifully (though exceptions are to be expected) share in the workload. On top of this, most have no choice to relocate to where the facilities are located (as far as Busia) and that means rent, electricity, water, food and everything else that comes with having a house. Surely, should they slave and suffer their already strained parents/guardians this much. Wasn’t college enough with the rampant shortage of hostels coupled with the bloated fees (for Modules 2/Private).

As I speak right now there are plenty of graduates that missed the one and only intake in the whole year that took place last month (January 2017). To this add a backlog from previous years and what you get are dejected nutrition graduates sited at home with no hope of getting a nutrition-related job now that KNDI has infiltrated the job market and made sure that every job adverts reads at the bottom: “Must be KNDI registered”. Suffice to say, many have long since given up on a Nutrition career. For the few that are left we can safely conclude it’s those merely those running on “passion”.

4. Why insist on old graduates doing the internship?

KNDI in all its wisdom decided that all nutrition students that had not graduated before 1st January 2014 were to get indexed and do the internship. Graduation season is usually at the end of the year, so those that hadn’t graduated by this time (Class of 2014 and above) were subject to this new rule. This is despite the fact that KNDI had introduced a completely new syllabus that most universities had not adopted by this time yet it’s still expected those that used the old curriculum (which used to vary by institution) to be subject to the new rules including the internship. To this add the previous point of few internship slots and you can imagine the amount of students that have been affected. Absurd.

5. Why index students from institutions not fully accredited?

The coming of KNDI was initially met with a lot of ignorance and later resistance both in the training institutions and those practicing nutrition. In the former which includes almost all universities, KNDI expected them to implement the aforementioned new curriculum which just happened to be dependent on some new facilities and amenities i.e. a lot of money. With public universities this was bound to take some time as its tradition, you know with all the bureaucracy, for the money to trickle down from the government to the institution then down to the respective departments. By this time KNDI had given these institutions an Interim license (which costs money) as they sorted this issues. When it started taking too long KNDI threatened to unlicense them, and in this list of shame we had all the big names – UoN, KU, JKUAT etc. Some private institutions I presume took advantage of this and speeded up their process and got FULLY ACCREDITED while this big wigs were still stuck in the mire and their “pride” perhaps.

KNDI then threatened that students from these universities will not get internship, however that didn’t last long, after all money changes everything. So what did they do instead? They “advised” students from this “rogue institutions” to “think of their future” by facilitating the indexing process on their own (this was originally meant to be done via the institution) i.e. go to KNDI office, fill the forms and pay up pronto before one graduates. Being the grass below these two raging bulls, students were left with no option but to yield to the deadlier bull here – KNDI.

Suffice to say, most institutions are still running and cashing on the convenient Interim license (60 to be precise while only 7 have full licences i.e. according to a Star article dating back to July 2016). In a bid to get accredited (after being publicly shamed in one of the dailies), I recall some few months later my “prestigious university” taking some few actions to comply – the most dumbfounding yet is the manner in which my department “struggled”, to not construct but only refurbish one small room into a kitchen that KNDI had to inspect. Meanwhile, when our time came, we played chef inside the lab; the same lab where we ran tests on human blood and stool (yeah, we do those too). Higher learning’s finest hour indeed.

6. Why do students have to graduate from Internship and why all the way in Busia?

As I type this now, interns that just completed their exams and passed are headed all the way to Busia for a graduation ceremony. Take note of Busia (Ageng’a Post Graduate Academy), as this is the second time I’m mentioning it and it’s hardly the final time. Apparently students have to graduate from internship as if the hassle of graduating from university/college wasn’t hard enough. And as it’s the norm nowadays, this one is hardly spared of all the bloated graduations fees and penalties, as if the fare to Busia is not large enough.

Oh! Did I mention also the Diploma and Certificate students have to do all this too. Last time I checked they were paying Ksh.3000 in graduation fees while the degree holders, perhaps in a bid to make them feel somewhat special, pay an extra Khs.500 on top of this. Late submissions of the gowns attract a Ksh.500 penalty, that is, per day.

7. What is so special about Busia?

Well, I hadn’t connected the dots on this one until this week when it hit me like a freight train. You see at the helm of KNDI is one Julia Ojiambo – a nutrition scholar and seasoned politician whose name only started popping up of late thanks to her political party opening its doors to a certain disgruntled “mheshimiwa”. Politics aside, let me play journalist for a second and lay some few facts that have been conveniently waving red flags to as it seems, no one:

CAPTION: Professor Julia Ojiambo is the invisible stalwart who has been a stumbling block in efforts to align KNDI to fit today’s aspirations. 

-Julia Ojiambo is the chairperson of KNDI. She is the person that authored and sponsored the bill (KENYA NUTRITIONISTS AND DIETICIANS ACT) which was enacted in Oct. 2007 in the 9th Parliament. She was then a NARC nominated MP for Funyula constituency which is in Busia County. She hails from Funyula as well.

-The Ageng’a Post Graduate Academy, which is the only place until now where community nutrition internship is being offered, as well as doubling as the “graduation square”, is located in Ageng’a Location in Funyula constituency. Ageng’a is basically Julia’s original home place since her late parents’ home is located in Kadibworo Village which is located as you might guess, Ageng’a ward. By the way I’ve never been to Busia, I’m only connecting the dots to all these thanks to Google and some online news articles which should be within anybody’s reach if they’re industrious enough.

-Julia Ojiambo was elected the chairperson of KNDI in 2009 and 8 years later she still holds that post.

I think it’s quite clear what I’m getting at here. This is exactly what happens when self-interest overpowers reason even in the most educated of minds. I can only hope Dr.Matiang’i finds this reason enough to investigate this body. Being a political season, I’m sure some narrow minded people will label this as mere “political propaganda” in which case, being the “nutritionist” I’m not, can only advise them to eat plenty of oily fish – I heard it does wonders for narrow minds.

8. Why is a Nutritionist paying annual fees equivalent to what a Nurse pays for three years?

I’ve talked enough concerning the plight of Nutrition students but this letter wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our fellow Nutritionists and Dietitians at the work place. You see KNDI being the professional body it is, doesn’t concern itself entirely on the education part but also those already working in the field – be they public servants, private employees or those in private practice. As such KNDI expects anyone practising in Nutrition to register with them and in turn they grant them practising licenses. These licenses cost money, and in the case of individuals (excluding foreigners) one has to part with Ksh.5000 for the initial registration followed by a renewal fee of Ksh.2000 yearly which is the equivalent of what a nurse pays to the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) for 3 years.

Now that must seem like a modest fee but you’ve to realize that KNDI is not a union body – which is to mean it’s not there to look after the welfare of Nutritionists\Dietitians, though I stand to be corrected. The only body which I’ve come across that may be dealing with this, though I’m still unsure whether it’s a trade union or otherwise, is the relatively unknown (that is, among students) Nutrition Association of Kenya (NAK).

Back to KNDI, what exactly does this annual fee facilitate? Honestly I’ve no idea, and that’s expected since I’m no employee. Anyway, I asked a Govt. Nutritionist the other day how KNDI has helped them since it came into the fold and what I got is a resounding “nothing”. Apparently it has only taken their money in the name of licenses and penalized/fined the defaulters with some very hefty fees.

Now I’ll admit it’s a good thing in their intentions to regulate the industry as this stands to benefit both the professionals and the clients seeking their services in the long run but regardless people demand to get their money’s worth. It’s just absurd of them to think they can just take people’s money in the name of a formality without showing how this funds are benefiting them (and the industry at large). If you have your doubts, just go and take a look at the KNDI website download section and you’ll find a downloadable PDF with a long, and I mean long list of members with balances, some with upwards of Ksh. 18,000 balances. That there alone should be evidence of how most of them feel about KNDI. If only KNDI had concerned themselves with improving their welfare in one way or another, I’m sure the defaulters would be very few. But 8 years later and what do they’ve to show? Nothing, not even an election to make them feel involved.

I take it that it’s about time Nutritionists\Dietitians got off their comfort zones and did something about this and other challenges afflicting their profession – if not, I fear things will only get worse – for them and the students hoping to join them. And to you reading this, don’t underestimate the role of a nutritionist/ dietitian in your health. Our health sector sadly makes a good job of making them look very expendable and that’s why you can’t find a single nutritionist in most of our health centres; their roles left to be handled by doctors and nurses who have already have a lot on their plates, and with all due respect, are not cut out to handle nutrition matters competently. You go to the bigger hospitals and the situation is no different with the issue of understaffing. You’d think with the ever rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases/NCDs that the national and county govts. would employ more nutritionists/dietitians right down to the community level, but I’m surprised by their ignorance. Worse, bodies like KNDI don’t help and are only further worsening what’s clearly a neglected and highly misunderstood profession.

To any parent who has a child that is hoping to take the Nutrition path, I can only advise them to consider this matter carefully. At least that way, if nothing gets done, you won’t be caught off guard as some parents have this past few years. Lastly, I call on Dr.Matiang’i, who thankfully has recently turned his eye on higher education and professional bodies to look into this body called KNDI and others like it. Innocent students don’t deserve to suffer at the hands of these unreasonable bodies.

My final words are as Kenyans we seriously need to reform the education sector in our country and not just leave it to few committed people like Dr.Matiang’i. For as it seems the higher you go, the more rot one is bound to find – rot that trickles down to the base and manifests itself in symptoms such as the rampant corruption that we deal with today. Why? The higher you go up the ladder of education the more money is involved. After all, the final prize of education has been narrowed into the same and in so doing, the rungs up this ladder have seamlessly fallen apart while we watch.

Just Another KNDI Victim

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Bob Collymore Acquires Firearm License; Wife’s Baby-Daddy Said To Be Cause

CAPTION: Victory Loves Preparation! 

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore was last week issued with a firearm license, after successfully applying for one.

It is a widely held-assumption that he has been facing a plethora of subtle threats, from the ex-husband and baby-daddy of his new Kikuyu lass Wambui Kamiru.

Unlike Michael “Mr. 10%” Joseph who operated with armed bodyguards, it seems Bob Collymore prefers not taking any chances.

Bob Collymore has also been facing threats from losers in the Safaricom tender gravy-train, which totals to billions of shillings in annual spending. The company is accustomed to single-sourcing, as its way of eliminating competitors.

Mr. Collymore has created more enemies than friends over the last couple of years, simply because of treating company coffers as tool to solicit sycophancy and reward mediocrity.

Caption: Safaricom CEO Robert Bob Collymore. Mr. Collymore has created more enemies than friends over the last couple of years.

Just like Uhuru only rewards those to kiss his ass, sing his praise and shout from the rooftops of his wondrous manifestation of greatness, Bob Collymore also harbors the same contempt for unfamiliarity.

With the growing insecurity especially after the Jubilee regime took over power, Kenya has gone to the dogs as Uhuru has stolen all our tax-money, creating unprecedented economic disparities and inequalities. People have resorted to arming themselves.

Uhuru envisions a Kenya which is only habitable for himself, his family, his St. Mary’s schoolmates with their fake British accents and his Mzungu expatriate workers. Everyone else is inconsequential to Uhuru.

His brother Muhoho Kenyatta is literally running the country, with the help of their mother Mama Ngina, who has injected the village-council mentality in the way Government executes its functions.

The economy is heading on a downward spiral, even as the Kenyatta family-assets and businesses record increased value and earnings. What a coincidence!

Kenya is slowly heading back to the old Moi days, where insecurity was rife, where harambee’s were the order of the day and when the rich got richer and the poor poorer. Uhuru and the Kenyatta-family have really fucked this country up.

We now want the laws curtailing firearm acquisition abolished, so that any/every Kenyan can acquire one. They should stop being handed out like status-symbols.

Because Uhuru has stolen all our money, and the economy is about to grind to a halt, insecurity will continue rising meaning firearms should be allowed with only vetting required. Currently, it costs Kshs. 500,000.00 to acquire a firearm, money which is mostly “eaten” by unscrupulous officials at the firearm registry.

We want Kenya to be like the US, so that thieves who attack can know that there will be a high likelihood of their not ending up alive. Families should no longer have to endure thugs rocking-up to their houses, breaking the grills and terrorising family members as they stand helpless.

Let firearm-laws be relaxed.

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Featured News

KENHA & SGS Are Defrauding Road-Users. Here’s The Photographic Evidence

Earlier on, we unmasked a scam where top officials and engineers at lead agencies Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) and Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) are bribed by land owners and developers in select areas, so as to concentrate projects in certain places to keep the value of land high.

Engineers in Kenya are scum of the earth, and do not deserve to be recognised in any forum, being that the current state of infrastructure is pathetic. These thieves masquerading as engineers only know how to downsize projects so as to “eat” the difference.

All engineers in the country are pieces of shit! They have overseen the collapse of our economy because of the moronic tricks they employ to variate public projects, so as to embezzle taxpayers money.

All roads engineers in Kenya should be arrested, because they’re all a bunch of hopeless thieves, whose work is to steal our taxes, so as to build flats, or marry new wives.

They even work overtime as early as four nd as late as 12 they even shoot car tyres vandalize windows. The car below original plate number is KBM 311R bt they use tapes to edit their number plates other vehicles are KBU 470W,KBM 312R am sending mre pics


SGS is a company that is subcontracted by KENHA to ensure that axle loads are adhered to but they’ve turned t to their own businesses and are corrupt. That’s why new roads in Kenya only last a few months because these KENHA people are in partnership with SGS, to turn a blind eye on this disgusting practice.

They even work overtime as early as 4 am and as late as 12 midnight. KENHA and SGS officials even shoot car tyres vandalize windows. The car below original plate number is KBM 311R but they use tapes to edit their number plates other vehicles are KBU 470W, KBM 312R.

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NASA’s Moses Wetangula’s Syokimau Complex Under Scrutiny After Illegal Eviction

CAPTION: Jeff Hamilton Security Officers, shortly before assaulting the owner of the school. 

The complex which NASA luminary Moses Wetangula was accused of building using monies from the Tokyo Embassy heist during the Grand Coalition Government, is now on the spot after one of the occupants was forcefully-ejected.

Amongst the people Moses Wetangula was accused of “eating” the inflated budgets with are Thuita Mwangi and current Kirinyaga Governor Joseph Ndathi.

Kingdom Christian Schools kenya is a primary school from kindergarten to class 6. The owner bought the school in 2015. Now the estate has an association that they formed which charges Kshs. 2,000.00 per month as service charge.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

The owner of the school also happens to live in the same estate. She therefore informed the management that she doesn’t see why she needs to pay service charge twice for both houses yet it’s being operated by the same person.

Now the estate claims she ows them 55,500.00 from 2015. Due to this they locked up the school the first time on 12th February 2016. They did this by erecting a gate just before her school premises without informing her. She filed a complaint with the Deputy County Commissioner who ordered that the management open the school immediately.

CAPTION: Letter from Deputy County Commissioner. 

Its like GoTV services coming to take away your television and/or decoder, simply because you have decided you don’t want to pay subscription fees.

They opened it on 20th February 2017 only to again close it on 6th February defying the Deputy County Commissioner’s order. Last week on Monday is when the owner of the school got people to cut the gate and while they were doing so, Jeff Hamilton security came and assaulted the owner and took her to the police.

The police stated that estate management was on the wrong and even advised the owner to add the charge of assault on her complaint. The attached video was taken on 27th February 2017 at 14:57. And by the way at night when she returned from the clinic the security guards tried again to bar her from entering the estate but retreated when they heard us mention the video we took.

Attached: Video of assault.

Jeff Hamilton Security Officers assaulting the owner of the school. from cyprian Nyakundi on Vimeo.

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THIKA MURDER: Son-In-Law Arrested As Investigations Into Thika Business Woman’s Murder Continue

CAPTION: Joyce Wambui Githitu, one of the beacon of the Thika Community, lost her life at the hands of gangsters. May her soul Rest in Peace. 

Exclusive reports reaching our website indicate that the son-in-law of a prominent Thika businesswoman was arrested by police, in connection with her gruesome murder on Monday night.

Joyce Wambui Githitu was hacked with an axe on her head, jaw and neck by unknown assailants, and was gang-raped in the incident which has left Thika residents in fear. Reports attributed to Gatanga OCPD Beatrice Kiraguri, which appeared in the Nation, Star, Tuko websites is false and misleading, meant to belittle a heinous crime.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

Her son-in-law Cyrille Chege was arrested in connection with the murder, after reports that there had been some bad blood between him and the late. Speculation is rife that other family members including both her siblings and her late husband’s siblings may have been involved. Also arrested was a househelp who apparently didn’t hear screams and commotion.

CAPTION: Cyrille Chege (middle) was arrested by police in connection with the murder of Joyce Wambui Githitu (far left). 

The posh residence which has been fortified with a high wall, electric fence, electric gate and CCTV camera’s is located in Maki Estate of Muranga County, which has seen numerous incidents linked to insecurity, despite it being priced heavily.

CAPTION: The heavily-fortified mansion in Thika’s Maki Estate. Despite it being the most unsafe area in Kiambu County, it attracts the highest prices in cost of land. 

The thugs are suspected to have walked in with the lady, as the lapse time between the opening and closing of an electric gate is substantial enough to allow such an entry.
Dumb Kenyans have been conditioned by the media hype, to buy land in some of the most insecure places, at the most exorbitant of prices. For instance, that same Maki Estate saw another robbery incident, where the brother of Thika MP Alice Ng’ang’a was also a victim of insecurity after thugs raided his home.

Nairobians are being deceived by Maina Kageni to purchase land at Thika Greens Estate, yet an area where thugs can breach your house and hack you to death, isn’t exactly what you’d call “prime” . Even slums like Kibera have not seen such an incident in the recent past.

In Thika, it is said that anyone with money, especially members of the business community, are targeted. The husband of Mr. Joyce Wambui was murdered mafia-style, and executed in cold-blood in 2006 and in broad daylight along the streets of Thika.

The murder in 2006 sparked demonstrations in Thika Town, with businessmen closing their shops to protest against the deplorable state of insecurity. Ironically, the business people of Thika were “calmed down” by church leaders at the behest of the Police, where the clergy asked angry residents who were at the crime scene to seek God’s grace and repentance.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]
Instead of closing their shops and demonstrating, dumb Thika residents listened to their religious leaders who asked them to “wait for police to conclude investigations.” Since when did Police become efficient? If these policemen can’t even recover a stolen cellphone, how can they resolve a murder?

What an embarrassment that the Thika Business Community cannot stand with one of their own, yet a while back, commercial sex workers brought the town to a standstill after one of them was murdered? Shame on the Thika Business Community. Useless people!

CAPTION: Sex workers protested the death of their colleague in Thika 2012. Thika Business Community was advised to “pray” by their church leaders after the death of their colleague. Such idiots! 

Again, religion has been used to divert people’s attention, who are oblivious to the reality that tomorrow, it will be them being accosted, way-laid, and brutalised by thugs, should the run-away insecurity be brushed away as a normal occurrence.

Coincidentally, Thika is the home-turf of President Uhuru Kenyatta, where the business community who are some of the hardest hit in the dwindling economic downturn, plus insecurity spike, have been the biggest victims of Jubilee’s incompetence.

When I grow up, I want to be like Uhuru. How can a community of dumb idiot still worship me, even after I have overseen insecurity leading to murders, even after I have ruined the economy and even after I have done nothing to add value to their lives? This is probably one of the biggest mysteries of our time.

As it is now, Thika residents were asked to go home and pray, waiting for police to solve the murder.

Instead of demonstrating and calling for Ndegwa Muhoro to personally take charge of the investigations, Thika residents will pray. Such kind and thoughtful people. I’m sure they’re also praying for economic prosperity. No wonder Thika MP Alice Ng’ang’a was recently castigating Thika residents for their inherent stupidity and fear of confronting Governor William Kabogo.

In the video which has gone viral, Alice Ng’ang’a, in the presence of Education CS Fred Matiangi, noted that Thika people live in fear of Kabogo.

Watch the video by Alice Ng’ang’a.

Alice Nganga Goes Ham on Kabogo from cyprian Nyakundi on Vimeo.

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While Muslims Give Back To Society, Christian Churches Just Investing In Flats, Guest-Houses & Lodgings

Of late, the hypocritical Christian Churches have become real-estate developers. Their core-business has shifted from spreading the Gospel, to minting money, all under the guise of fulfilling the teaching of God.

Christian Churches especially the Anglican and PCEA who are perennially hustling their congregations for 10% tithes, have now become investment arms, going full-scale in the construction frenzy, building flats and lodgings.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

Anglican, PCEA pastors have found it lucrative to “invest” in the fake frenzy precipitated by media reports of a housing boom. Many have been doing fundraisers, further stretching the meagre resources of their congregants in such unnecessary projects.

CAPTION: Beddings in one of the lodgings operated by the Anglican Church. What a contradiction. 

Instead of investing in wellness centers, hospitals, research facilities, social-amenities, parks, and the likes, our Christian Churches are now being operated with the typical Kikuyu mentality of building flats.

Kikuyu’s were conditioned by churches to shun matters related to sports and physical-activity and to focus on money. Which is why Kikuyu’s are some of the most unhealthiest people in Africa with pot-bellies and a spike in lifestyle diseases. Because their church leaders told them that even if you drink, eat nyama-choma, and the likes, for as long as you tithe, your sins will be forgiven and heaven will await your triumphant entry. What rubbish!

Kikuyu’s are topping statistics as regards to fundraisings held within the last decade, for people seeking treatment abroad for terminal or lifestyle-related illnesses. The community is reaping the fruits of focusing on money, instead of creating a balance between health and wealth.

Churches are no longer speaking on matters of public interest, with people like chain smoking Cardinal Njue being a mouthpiece of the Jubilee regime. Former ACK Archbishop Eliud Wabukala has now been appointed by Uhuru as Chair of EACC, showing that all along, he was subliminally campaigning for him using messaging masked as “preaching” using the Anglican church infrastructure.


CAPTION: Milele Guest-House operated by the PCEA Church. These churches are no longer spreading the Gospel but minting money!

Since Uhuru got into power, Kikuyu Church Leaders have shifted from preaching, to campaigning for Jubilee. Every Sunday, these shameless extortionists masquerading as custodians of the Word, are shamelessly campaigning for Jubilee, with innuendo subtly mixed with Biblical reference.

The “Muthamaki” (or King) tag came from Church leaders, referencing Uhuru to Biblical kingdoms. That’s how dumbed-down Kikuyu’s have become, through a matrix of combined spiritual warfare and radio indoctrination through Kameme FM.

CAPTION: Church leaders have become an extension of the Jubilee propaganda machinery. Avoid them. 

For Kenya to attain self-sufficiency and economic prosperity, we have to totally de-link ourselves with the partisan, money-making churches, whose core focus in the last decade has shifted from spiritual, to financial matters.

On the other hand, we will give you three examples on why Islam is the best religion to join, away from the extortionist Christians. And not just any Muslims, because we have for instance, the Saudi funded institutions in Kenya, which are only preaching radical-Islam or Wahhabism. This brand of Islam, fronted by Saudi Arabia, forms the basis of terrorist-acts.

But some moderate Muslim communities are contributing more to Kenyans than our Christian Churches whose core-business is now building lodgings.

In Nairobi, there is the Jaffrey’s Sports Club/Park, where members of a sect of the Muslim Community maintained it, to allow Nairobians to use it for free in health and fitness. Many middle/upper class Nairobians walk, jog, play and picnic in this beautiful place.


CAPTION: Jeffrey’s in Nairobi, owned by a sect of the Muslim community. If this prime land was owned by Anglican Church, it would have already been converted into a lodging. 

Behind Valley Arcade, another Somali family has set up from their land, a pitch and recreation center for health and fitness. Unlike Kikuyu’s who’ve been conditioned by their mediocre churches into believing that health and well-being will be provided by God and tithing, Muslims know that both Physical and Mental health, bring you closer to spirituality.

CAPTION: Arena One opened by Somali’s in Valley Arcade offer sporting activities under floodlights, and is open till 11pm at night. Not all Somali’s are the same because the ones found in Eastleigh are dirty, filthy, and just build haphazardly because they’re awash with illegal money. 

Finally, we have the famous Egyptians Wadi Degla, who have invested in a Sports Club meant to attract a niche that is health conscious and physically active. They have invested in a Kshs. 2 Billion facility along Kiambu Road, with an all-round health and fitness theme.

CAPTION: Wadi Degla’s plans for an all round sporting complex. 

These are not mainstream Christian communities, who have chosen to invest in the health and well-being of the community, unlike our churches which are converting land meant for playgrounds, into commercial/residential facilities.

To the ordinary dumb Kikuyu, you’re hereby advised to reduce your dependence on these fake Catholic, ACK and PCEA pastors who are no longer preaching spirituality, but money. There’s no difference between them, and the fraudsters like the Kyunas, Margaret Wanjiru and the likes.


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DECEIT: How Noni Weru Stole Donald Kipkorir From Nyambura

CAPTION: Donald Kipkorir with Nyambura during happier times. Here pictured in Dubai when she was heavily pregnant with his son Ethan. 

Despite depicting themselves as the weaker sex, women are very calculative and shrewd when it comes to some aspects of their lives. And this was the case with Noni Weru.

As men, we try to exercise discretion when pursuing female companions. For instance if I note that a lady I’m interested in, is somehow linked to my friend, I would rather pass off that opportunity than ruin our friendship. Males are somewhat loyal.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

But women are competitive, calculation, manipulative and conniving.

Nyambura was first dating Donald Kipkorir and through her, he met Noni Weru the current fiance who was recently engaged in a traditional ceremony held at the family’s home in Kiganjo.

The flamboyant lawyer was literally on the verge of marrying Nyambura, because he adopted her daughter Nakami and took care of all her expenses. After that, Donald and Nyambura consummated, with his son Ethan being born on 2nd September 2016.

But just a month later, Donald threw a fancy birthday bash for Noni Weru, leaving his baby-mama Nyambura stressed-out and wrecked, until she couldn’t breast feed.

The irony is that he has now adopted a new family, and left his offspring Ethan, just like that.

For someone at the prime of his life, it is extremely unfortunate to see how indecisiveness is turning him into a serial-lover, tearing up friendships and ruining lives along the way.

And one has to sympathise with the children who have been exposed to one man acting as the father, only for him to bail out on them.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

Contrary to an earlier post on this platform, where following a Facebook update, we had created the impression that Tonnie Nyanja was Donald Kipkorir’s target. We have since learned that the lawyer was dating Nyambura.

Speculation is rife that financial motivation may have encouraged Noni Weru to wreck the relationship between Kipkorir and Nyambura, as she is said to have created an image of a gold-digger within Nairobi social-circles.

However, the incident seems to have disrupted friendships and loyalties, showing that women are ruthless when it comes to pursuing men.


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SAMUEL THUITA: Air Force Commander Sends 3 On Compulsory Leave Following Nyakundi Article

CAPTION: Kenya Air Force Commander Samuel Thuita (far right) during his swearing-in ceremony at Statehouse. 

Scared shit-less after we ran an article detailing the scam surrounding the bogus acquisition of aircraft which has been questioned by the US Congress, Samuel Thuita is now shadow boxing.

The Commander of the Kenya Air Force (KAF) has gone into a frenzy, sending three on compulsory leave, in a bid to obscure the truth that he was behind the deal which was meant to fleece taxpayers Kshs. 20 Billion.

More so, the news that transport carriers and not fighter jets were initially meant to be purchased, reveals the warped priorities of Samuel Thuita and the misguided, soon-to-be kicked out Jubilee regime.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

Those sent on compulsory-leave are Lieutenant Colonel JM Atancha, (SO1 maintenance), Colonel SO Indiro (Col equipment and maintenance)& Colonel Samoei (Dir of Logistics).

This is merely a distraction, meant to portray the Commander as having reacted to the embarrassing scam, where Jubilee mandarins were hoping to pocket over Kshs. 20 Billion in inflated costs.

As we told you, this is an entirely Uhuru scheme, as we have only recently come to discover that the Head of State projects an image of William Ruto as a thief using his StateHouse propaganda thief, yet his family is the one executing all the corruption in the country.

The President intends to use taxpayers money to build a controlled-development at the Family-owned Sukari Ranch, which has already started being tarmacked and water from the Northern Collector in Aberdare Ranges is meant to be diverted there.

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GAMBLING: Kenya Setting Itself Up For A Calamity With Unregulated Betting Industry

Something is very fishy about this industry. We should do everything possible as a country to protect especially the vulnerable and the youth against this craze. Apart from cheap beer and sex many of the youth and the weak in the society are busy gambling especially on phone. The laws we have at the moment are very weak. The gambling companies are purportedly supporting one cause or another but the damage to the society through all sorts of gambling is bigger.

Gambling is not bad or evil but due to its addictive nature it should have some structured guidance in law. Unsurprisingly the gambling companies other than say supporting some sports have not found it necessary to engage the government to come up with good laws. The only attempt is that of GEM MP Jakoyo Midiwo. The proposed has its flaws and we need better than what the MP has brought.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

We have quite some good number of betting companies already. If they are properly organized but not through hide and seek games, they could also help in coming up with some guidelines which government can do some import and sanitize into a good law. I have seen some of these companies in foreign countries which means they have diverse knowledge of what happens across the globe. However some of the laws there may not work here. At the same time these companies should not come up with regulations that hinder entry to the business or kill competition. Let to determine the law you can be sure some would want to kill competition. At the same time the laws should take care of all forms of gambling.

There are other lower forms of gambling which also if well controlled can be ok. The small gambling outlets if well regulated to ensure underage don’t participate and they are properly secured can still thrive. After all this our country suffers a lot of unemployment and our constitution guarantees freedoms which should be enjoyed by all without discriminating any part of the society. The SME investment in the sector should not be killed but properly regulated and controlled.

I think we are creating vacuum in this industry if we just assume all is well when it is not. We have a problem of weak laws on gambling and at the same time we are not creating the appropriate climate for investment. Like in any industry competition should be allowed and laws that ensure that should be in place. At the same time the laws must protect the youth and the vulnerable that seem to be spending almost their entire incomes to gambling. This is particularly acute in men.

The other problem is that the regulator Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) is quite reactionary. Why wait till a bill such as Midiwo come forward then start reacting which is not helpful? It is not enough to say that you developed some regulations in 2015 which are yet to be gazetted. What stopped that action? We know that the players in gambling industry at large which include Casinos can be quite shrewd playing around with the law. But the regulator seem not to be up to task. This country will be ruined by poorly regulated gambling with powerful players who are law unto themselves. On taxes are these people paying enough share of what they take from the public? There is a lot to be done on this industry, otherwise it will turn rogue or is already full of rogue-stars.

Martin Muya


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Collapsing Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization Ordered to Pay Delayed Salaries

Caption : Willy Bett, Mister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. He ignored a Letter demanding that KALRO Staff be paid their January Salaries with Immediate Effect. Such a Heartless Moron!  

The Collapsing Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization ( KALRO ) Has been ordered to pay Staff their Delayed January Salaries.

In a letter that has been seen and attached hereunder, UNIRISK Laments that the KALRO Staff are suffering due to their delayed Salaries.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

” However, what is factual about the positions of the concerned members of staff is that they have individually and severally been incapacitated on how to feed themselves and their families, pay school fees, secure their health obligations and further fulfill other myriads of social and economic priorities ” Reads part of the Letter.

The Letter has been copied to the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of East African Community Labour and Social Protection and Ministry of Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett.

But the Silence, especially from Willy Bett, has been Deafening revealing how most of these parastatals are being run down while Kenyans working there are getting a raw deal.

Willy Bett just like his Counterpart Charles Keter who happens to be the Cabinet Secretary  for Energy are Ruto’s Proxies put in their respective ministries to Loot for William Ruto who then uses the stolen monies to Dish out 20 Million Per Weekend in Harambess and Support his many children sired with numerous women all over Kenya.

The Imminent Collapse of Struggling KALRO can be linked to none other than William Ruto. We Now call on Kenyans to demand action against the looting of State Corporations Like KALRO and Kenya Pipeline Company. Dr. Eliud Kiplimo of KALRO, John Ngumi and Sang of Kenya Pipeline Company must be held into account for Mega Fraud and Looting.

Caption: The Incompetent KALRO Boss Dr. Eliud Kiplimo who is Ruto’s Looting Proxy at KALRO. 

That the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation is facing serious management problems is not a secret. The staff from the defunct research institutes that were merged to form KARLO are crying foul after the management seemed to backtrack on implementing harmonization of salary structures, various allowances and other terms and conditions of service. Salary delays are the order of the day.

We Now Call Upon the mentioned Ministries to act and ensure that these selfless and hardworking Kenyans are paid their salaries. We also make a Clarion Call on Kenyans to demand better from these Cash cows. We cannot claim that Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya yet crucial entities like KALRO are being mismanaged


Caption: UNIRISK’s Letter to Dr Kiplimo and Willy Bett. All these Wankers ignored the Letter as KALRO Staff Suffer delayed Salaries. 

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ATTACHED LETTER: Trouble Brewing At Barclays Bank Kenya

Caption: Barclays Bank of Kenya CEO Jeremy Awori who prefers playing Golf  to handling customer and his staff complaints.                                                                                                                                                                                                     There is trouble brewing at Barclays Bank Kenya after Pensioners were Robbed off their Annual Increments (cost of living adjustment), their pension benefits recalculation exercise sabotaged, their association thrown out of pensioners owned queens way house and a suspected bribery of officials.

Barclays Bank Kenya is headed by another St Marys School of corruption Alumni Jeremy Awori who prefers playing Golf to addressing issues affecting his customers and Staff Members.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

This is not the first time Barclays Bank Kenya is making a debut on this site. A Few moths ago, we exposed insider fraud within the bank with no response from the bank Jeremy the Pathetic boy heads like his bedroom.

The same Awori stalwart hosted corporate fraudster Vimal Shah in a Barclays Bank Talk leading to a Twitter storm by Kenyans who asked how he could accommodate a man accused of evading Taxes. Vimal Is KEPSA Chairman while Jeremy Awori is non-Executive Director.

Caption: Jeremy Awori Hosted Corporate Fraudster and Tax Evader Vimal Shah for a Barclays Talk. Criminals Know each other 

Kenyans must know that the Kenyan Banking industry is built on quicksand and not on fundamentals hence can collapse at any time. Listening to the sad stories of Imperial Bank Depositors reminds you that Kenya is a Bandit State where the law of the Jungle Applies.

For Instance, why is the overrated so-called Central Bank Of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge not stopping the Suffering of Imperial Bank Depositors? Why would 45 Billion Just lie there waiting for August Elections for Jubilee Looters to Steal the Monies?. 27 Banks have collapsed in Kenya, and not even a single person has been sent to Jail. Then Njoroge bribes Low Self Esteem Journalists to do PR for him citing how he is a genius and the best thing Kenya has ever had. Total Bullshit!

According to a Letter done by a group Calling themselves Barclays Colleagues, the Fellas accuse Barclays Bank of Disrespecting them

” We hope that the mighty Barclays will emulate these fellow industry players and treat its esteemed staff with similar respect and decorum.”

We have attached the Letter


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Email from Staffer Exposes How Muthaura’s Son Is Running Down Capital Markets Authority

Caption: Capital Markets Authority CEO Paul Muthaura. He has Overseen Impunity, Tribalism and Incompetence at Capital Markets Authority. Following in the Footsteps of his Father ?

For a Long time, This Community Site has Questioned Incompetence and Impunity at the Capital Markets Authority ( CMA ).

We Raised the Red Flag When Muthaura’s Son was Made the CEO of Capital Markets Authority But Nobody Seems to Listen. Kenya is one Toxic Jungle where people get Jobs based on Political Connections, Family Ties, Bribery or how Far Some Woman Can Spread her Legs.

Muthaura’s Son- Who got the CEO Job at CMA Simply Because he is Muthaura’s Son is the real Definition of Incompetence. Public companies are engaging in tricks on their shareholders, with directors participating in matters that contravene Capital Markets Rules with No Action from this Wanker who prefers watching Porn in his Office Jerking.

It is time for Kenyans to start demanding for Merit instead of mediocrity. For instance when Banks Collapse it is the Middle Class that suffers.

Just because some Wankers like Muthaura’s Son Can bribe Low Self Esteem Journos to Praise them doesn’t mean that everything is Ok. Some of these Pieces of Shit that the media Praises turn out to be the Biggest Crooks Kenya has ever had.

Read the Email from the CMA Employee.

Dear Cyprian,
I came across an extract you wrote as regards the CMA Kenya. Here under is more information on CMA. I am a CMA employee and  I cannot reveal my identity to you. 


I am an insider in CMA and if is with concern and dismay that I have watched the senior management at CMA ruin the organization through unfairness, oppression of competent staff, backstabbing etc.. 

First of all, the organization is wrought with favoritism, incompetence and unfairness; aspects that have led to the loss of very competent staff. 

Several senior managers were appointed by Stella, the former CEO,  in a manner that was unfair and not according to procedure. These managers were appointed without the said positions being advertised internally or externally. They include Mr. Johnstone Oltetia. Esther Maiyo, Richard Chirchir and John Njoroge. 

Here under is a lowdown on some of these managers. 

Andrew Muthabuku– Andrew’s meanness really leads to question marks as to whether he is a HR manager; he seems to attain a certain amount of joy from people’s suffering. He had a tumultuous relationship with an officer and this led to him orchestrating a campaign against him and leading to a disciplinary committee being constituted and the officer being dismissed on flimsy grounds. 

Johnstone Oltetia-This manager who was rumored to be very friendly with Stella epitomizes incompetence and favoritism at the Authority. He has frustrated several competent officers leading to their exit and/or frustration and dwindling of career prospects. He favors an incompetent, unintelligent and malicious officer known as Evelyn Mbithi to the dismay of the the MS team. He is known to be temperamental and uses this to cover for his incompetence. He always favors certain people for trainings while others are left to languish in neglect and mistreatment meted out by him. He led the plot to have Evelyn get the assistant manager risk and compliance job despite her glaring inadequacies; hence having the job internally advertised. 

A competent lady who was in legal framework, left CMA in a huff (and went to CBK) because when the job for Assistant manager legal framework was advertised and she applied, her application miraculously disappeared. She was devastated and she left heart broken. The job was given to a man who is a favorite of the CE , Paul Muthaura, thus begging the question whether he influenced this appointment.

The directors like Mr. Wycliffe Shamiah and even the CEO know about this but they let these rogue managers run roughshod on us. 

Kind regards,

The Watcher

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MOB JUSTICE: Kikuyu Woman Murdered By Kamba’s In Machakos

CAPTION: Butt-Naked Kikuyu Woman who was murdered by Kamba’s in Machakos Town. 

A group of Kamba men took the law into their own hands, and mob-justiced a Kikuyu Woman in Machakos, with the video going viral on social media.

The woman had apparently spiked someone’s drink with the sleep-inducing drug, where women especially those who live in the Zimmerman/Githurai area, have perfected the art of drugging men and then robbing them off their valuables.

But what is most disturbing is the tribal connotations in the video, with the Kamba crowd getting more vexed with the tribe of the woman.

The moment they heard that she’s a Kikuyu, the Kamba’s became even more hostile, preferring to take the law into their own hands, dispensing mob-justice and murdering the Kikuyu Woman

This incident comes at a time when there was tribal tension between Kamba’s and Kikuyu’s, who clashed in Machakos town today, citing “encroachment” of their land by “foreigners” . NASA luminary Johnstone Muthama is normally the architect of such tribal Hate-Speech, and speculation is rife that he funded the rowdly Kamba youth’s today.

CAPTION: Clashes between members of the Kikuyu and Kamba Communities in Mto-Mawe Machakos earlier today over land disputes. Johnstone Muthama funded the chaos. 

Historically known as the community of Idiots and dumb robots, Kamba’s continue to be misled by Johnstone Muthama, yet he has been doing business with Kikuyu’s, beginning with Uhuru’s mother and Kenya’s defacto President, Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Just incase you’re confused, rumour has it along the corridors of power that Uhuru is always high, nursing hangovers, leaving his mother to call the shots in the country. It’s the reason why Kenya is being run like a village-council, by people who talked a big game prior to their election.

In one of the parcels of land she grabbed in the Coast Province laden with minerals, Muthama has been selling the gemstones with Mama Ngina.

So a community of Idiots is conditioned to hate another community by a foul-mouthed individual, who made his money trading with the same community that he’s asking his tribesmen to disassociate with. Aren’t Kamba’s the dumbest people on earth?

Just like politicians in South Africa are inciting locals into xenophobic attacks against foreigners, Muthama is the source of anti-Kikuyu rhetoric and sentiment amongst the Kamba community.

Watch this horrific video clip of Kamba’s getting vexed especially after hearing that the lady in question, is a Kikuyu.

Moronic Kikuyu’s and idiotic sycophants of Jubilee from Central Kenya need to see first-hand the net-effect of Uhuru stealing and plundering the country using the tribe’s name. While Kikuyu’s are mostly poor, resorting to cheap stunts of drugging men for money, Uhuru is stealing in their name, confining them to poverty and still demolishing their reputations while at it.

We all think Kikuyu’s are thieves because Uhuru claims he has the blessings of his community when stealing. Yet we can see the hopeless Kikuyu bastards getting broker and broker by the day.

The irony is that Kikuyu’s still consider themselves as the “Jews of Kenya”. What nonsense! Do Jews in desert-land in Middle East beg for relief food? Do they have potholed roads or women spiking other people’s drinks?

Kikuyu’s need to grow up and stop the illusional posturing as “Jews” . You’re just a bunch of dumb morons, conditioned to kiss the Kenyatta family-ass, and be sycophants to someone who is not helping your economic welfare and well-being. Kikuyu’s are still fundraising money to off-set medical bills, still begging for relief food, their businesses adversely affected by Uhuru’s pathetic policies and the likes.

Yet the have the audacity to refer to themselves as Jews. Idiots!

Kikuyu Woman murdered by Kambas in Machakos from cyprian Nyakundi on Vimeo.

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NOT AGAIN! Uhuru Linked To Bogus Obama Aircraft Deal Which Is Now Under Investigation Of The US Congress

CAPTION: The modified agricultural aircraft Kenya is spending 40 Billion for, yet Doctors are only asking for 8 Billion raise in their salaries. What they use for crop-dusting is what we are depleting our cash-reserves to acquire under the guise of “fighting” Al Shabaab.

The Air Tractor AT-802 is an agricultural aircraft that may also be adapted into fire-fighting or armed versions. It first flew in the United States in October 1990 and is manufactured by Air Tractor Inc. The AT-802 carries a chemical hopper between the engine firewall and the cockpit and another one under the belly. In the U.S., it is considered a Type III SEAT, or Single Engine Air Tanker.

But the Kenya Airforce (KAF) had not initially wanted to purchase these Air Tractors, and were instead seeking to upgrade their transport aircrafts.

The Kenya Government has misused the war against Al Shabab to perpetuate flagrant abuses on human rights, plus embed corruption under that guise. They realised how susceptible the United States Government is when it comes to its catchword “terrorism” and have used this line to bait and blackmail them into accommodating their greed for money.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

Yet various occurrences show that it’s the Head of State who ignored advanced-intelligence, to almost want these terrorist attacks to happen so as to solicit cheap-sympathy and use the “cause” to seek support from Western countries. He was on a flight to go merrying in Abu Dhabi in the height of a terrorist attack, while in another instance, he continued meeting KEPSA corporate extortionists while students at Garissa University were being slaughtered, and didn’t provide transport to the elite Recce Squad.

On 19 January the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of the possible sale of up to twelve Air Tractor AT-802L and two AT-504 trainer aircraft, weapons, technical support to Kenya in a deal that could be worth up to $418 million.

The prime contractor in this fishy deal would be L-3 Communications, Platform Integration Division, Waco, Texas. The AT-802L Longsword, developed in conjunction with L-3 and Air Tractor, is based on the previous militarised AT-802U, but features a number of improvements.

But prior to this announcement made a few hours before President Barrack Obama handed over office to Donald Trump, the Kenya Airforce had embarked on a three year scouting mission for the best transport aircraft including attending airshows.

The Kenya Air Force had attended airshows in Africa, (Nigeria and South Africa) and the rest in Dubai, Farnborough (England), Le Bourget (Paris), Airshow China 2014, among others.

The main reason was to scout for new aircrafts, mainly to be used for transport, since KAF’s Buffalo aircraft squadron was unable to service this huge transport aircraft anymore.

By then, Gen J Otieno, currently Kenya’s Ambassador to Egypt was the commander of the Kenya Air Force.

During these visits to the Air Shows, the command had settled for a Bombardier Aircraft but immediately after change of guard, when Gen Otieno and Karangi were sacked by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the tune changed.

General Samuel Thuita, current commander KAF took over and changed the all processes and recommended Air Tractors and Hugh Helis after sending his stooge to the US.

CAPTION: Samuel Thuita of the Kenya Air Force.

According to highly placed military sources, Samuel Thuita was appointed to front the interests of President Uhuru Kenyatta in these high-level purchases. The trio who maneuver these deals with direct communication and under the direction of the President include Defence Cabinet Secretary Raychelle Omamo, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich and Solicitor General Njee Muturi. The trio are routinely spotted at five-star hotels in Nairobi, wining and dining on boutique cuisine and choice drinks, while negotiating cuts from these deals.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

This trio should by now be banned from entering the US for corruption, if this socialite-ambassador Robert Godec could do his job, instead of just hosting animal rights-activists and civil-society for cocktail parties at his residence.

CAPTION: Henry Rotich flanked by Njee Muturi whose name we have been bumping into of late. It’s not good to have your name on the radar of bloggers. You can never win that fight Mr. Njee.

We are in possession of correspondence dating back to 2013, where the proposal to upgrade the transport fleet of the KAF was mooted. One is from China and another from France’s Eurocopter, through the Military Attache of the French Embassy in Nairobi.

Indeed, to prove that this was a shoddy deal typical of everything which has happened under the tenure of Uhuru Kenyatta, the thief who has left his mother to run the country while portraying his Deputy William Ruto as the high-priest of corruption, the deal has been questioned by the US Congress. Uhuru has been portraying himself as the “helpless” President under-siege from Ruto, so that he can project the hopeless Kalenjin as the High Priest of Corruption through his Statehouse propaganda outfit.

A US congressman has asked for the sale of 12 Air Tractor aircraft to Kenya to be halted while allegations of faulty contracting practices, fraud, and unfair treatment are investigated.

On 14 February US Representative Ted Budd introduced a resolution to halt the Foreign Military Sale of the Air Tractors to Kenya. “The proposed sale would reward a $13 billion company L-3 that has never produced airplanes of this type and would cost $283 million dollars more than a small business in North Carolina Iomax, which is currently producing the needed aircraft,” Budd stated.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

“This is at least the third instance the disabled veteran-owned NC contractor Iomax was passed over, despite its ability to deliver a more cost-effective option.

“My office has received credible allegations of faulty contracting practices, fraud, and unfair treatment surrounding this sale. Given that this proposed contract was decided without competition, to a company that has no experience or track record producing this kind of aircraft, and for a price that is more than double what a contractor in our district has quoted, further investigation is definitely in order.

“The resolution I introduced today would halt this sale, and give the Congress time to look into these troubling allegations. We need to ensure that Kenya, a longtime ally, is getting a fair deal, and that veteran-owned small businesses in our state aren’t getting shut out of competition because of government favouritism towards giant contractors.”

Budd said that Iomax claims it can fulfil the contract for $180 million, and it has 48 weaponized border patrol aircraft in service, as opposed to zero for L-3. Politico notes that if adopted, Budd’s measure would be the first time Congress votes to block a foreign arms sale since 1986. His resolution has been passed to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Attached, see correspondence to show that communication with various companies had commenced, and that this Air Tractor deal was a last-minute afterthought by people intending to defraud both the Kenyan and American people.

We have concealed telephone numbers and email addresses for the French Military Attache at their Nairobi Embassy, and also contacts of the Eurocopter officials as a gesture of goodwill, for future business collaboration. We have also blurred contacts of Chinese Military supplier Catic on the same grounds.

The question is, why must all our tax money be going to purchase suspect military hardware under the guise of “fighting” Al Shabab? Isn’t this line becoming stale? Why is the US Government allowing this transaction to go through?

We have unsuccessfully tried to contact the Kenya Airforce for clarification to no avail. We also welcome other interested parties to provide us with any extra information. We advise the Airforce Commander to not hire bots like Dennis Itumbi to run parallel campaigns otherwise we will reveal even more damning reports if he does so, which will be damaging to his career and the image of the Airforce.

We are tired of this Jubilee propaganda machinery!

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University of Nairobi Student Murdered In Madaraka Estate

Caption : Edwin Kigen Who was Murdered in Madaraka Estate. We demand for answers from Boinnet !

Another young man may have been brutally assaulted and left for dead early Saturday morning,18th of February. The incident begun on the morning of Saturday 18th, when the brother was informed that Edwin Kigen aged 22 and a 4th year Student of The University of Nairobi had passed away and that the family should come identify his body at MADARAKA ESTATE AGAPE COURT BLOCK 88C.

The guards in the estate who were manning about 50m from the scene claim that he fell from the 3rd floor window of the building having tied a cable on his waist. Upon investigation it was found out that the said window had grills and it was impossible to fall to the ground from the 3rd floor window, the narrative then changed and the guards claimed that he threw himself from the roof and hit the 3rd floor window and finally the ground leading to his death.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”900″ height=”150″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

The following scenarios cast doubt on the nature of death.

1. Who would climb to the roof of a building in an estate he has never been in just to throw himself to the ground?

2. How is it logical to fall 5 stories down a building and not break a single bone in the body? And have only one injury point (back left) of the head.

3. Why did the guards let his body lie there till morning as he bled to death instead of alerting the nearest hospital (Nairobi West Hospital) which is just 5 minutes drive?

4. Where were the residents of this building at the time of the incident and might they be involved as well?since none of them offered to help…no one- even bothered to call an ambulance?

5. Where were the police? Is it logical for Police to arrive 2 hrs later to a scene that’s 10min away. (Nyayo Police Post)…also (Nairobi West Police Post) Both 10min away?

6. Why did it take the Police an additional 2 hours before the Family was 1st called to the scene of the accident? Making it a total of over 4 hours.

7. Could the cable found tied on the deceased waist have been used to tie him up? Could the stones found beside his body have been used to hit him on the back of his head leading to the deceased bleeding to death.

A lot of questions are left asked than answered.

EDWIN KIGEN was a young vibrant man, full of life and a very brilliant entrepreneurial mind and it’s a big blow not only to the family but to Kenya as a whole.

Caption : The Lively Times Of Edwin Kigen before he was Murdered 

Real foul play is sensed on his demise.


CAPTION: Where the body was laying upon arrival to the scene

CAPTION: Cable that was tied on the victims waist when family arrived at the scene. Guards claimed that the victim was using the said cable to bring himself down from the roof. (Movie style)

CAPTION: Where night guards claimed the late Edwin threw himself from

CAPTION: Window that the guards claim the late Edwin hit as he fell from the roof

CAPTION: Occurrence report book. 

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Via Facebook: One Of Kenya’s Most Brilliant Minds Mwalimu Mati Pens Powerful Analysis On Doctors

CAPTION: One of Kenya’s most brilliant minds Mwalimu Mati penned this powerful analysis of today’s happenings at Uhuru Park. Mati is not a fake analyst like Mutahi Ngunyi of the NYS-fame.  

It’s a pity that our society has shunned some of our most brilliant minds and instead elevated commercial sex workers like Anne Waiguru and India-reject like Njee Muturi, while the real brains with the likes of Mwalimu Mati are shunned.

It’s is this sad situation where we saw D minus GSU officers intimidating our A Doctors, because our society has been conditioned to shun brains.

Today, I came across this powerful analysis by Mwalimu Mati, a longtime activist, forensic analysts and one of the smartest brains we have in the country. One wonders why these idiots working in mainstream media cannot give him a column, but perhaps the shameless self-promoters occupying big offices today, are afraid of being out-shined by the real thinkers.

Read the analysis here below.


Watching Uhuru Park evening rally with great joy. Because of the Doctor’s Strike we are entering a new phase of great promise … What Gene Sharp wrote about is now in play …

Nonviolent struggle produces change in four ways. The first mechanism is the least likely, though it has occurred. When members of the opponent group are emotionally moved by the suffering of repression imposed on courageous nonviolent resisters or are rationally persuaded that the resisters’ cause is just, they may come to accept the resisters’ aims. This mechanism is called conversion.

Though cases of conversion in nonviolent action do sometimes happen, they are rare, and in most conflicts this does not occur at all or at least not on a significant scale.

Far more often, nonviolent struggle operates by changing the conflict situation and the society so that the opponents simply cannot do as they like. It is this change that produces the other three mechanisms: accommodation, nonviolent coercion, and disintegration.

Which of these occurs depends on the degree to which the relative and absolute power relations are shifted in favor of the democrats.

If the issues are not fundamental ones, the demands of the opposition in a limited campaign are not considered threatening, and the contest of forces has altered the power relationships to some degree, the immediate conflict may be ended by reaching an agreement, a splitting of differences or compromise. This mechanism is called accommodation. Many strikes are settled in this manner, for example, with both sides attaining some of their objectives but neither achieving all it wanted. A government may perceive such a settlement to have some positive benefits, such as defusing tension, creating an impression of “fairness,” or polishing the international image of the regime. It is important, therefore, that great care be exercised in selecting the issues on which a settlement by accommodation is acceptable. A struggle to bring down a dictatorship is not one of these.

Nonviolent struggle can be much more powerful than indicated by the mechanisms of conversion or accommodation. Mass noncooperation and defiance can so change social and political situations, especially power relationships, that the dictators’ ability to control the economic, social, and political processes of government and the society is in fact taken away. The opponents’ military forces may become so unreliable that they no longer simply obey orders to repress resisters. Although the opponents’ leaders remain in their positions, and adhere to their original goals, their ability to act effectively has been taken away from them. That is called nonviolent coercion.

In some extreme situations, the conditions producing nonviolent coercion are carried still further. The opponents’ leadership in fact loses all ability to act and their own structure of power collapses.

The resisters’ self-direction, noncooperation, and defiance become so complete that the opponents now lack even a semblance of control over them. The opponents’ bureaucracy refuses to obey its own leadership. The opponents’ troops and police mutiny. The opponents’ usual supporters or population repudiate their former leadership, denying that they have any right to rule at all. Hence, their former assistance and obedience falls away. The fourth mechanism of change, disintegration of the opponents’ system, is so complete that they do not even have sufficient power to surrender. The regime simply falls to pieces.

In planning liberation strategies, these four mechanisms should be kept in mind. They sometimes operate essentially by chance. However, the selection of one or more of these as the intended mechanism of change in a conflict will make it possible to formulate specific and mutually reinforcing strategies. Which mechanism (or mechanisms) to select will depend on numerous factors, including the absolute and relative power of the contending groups and the attitudes and objectives of the nonviolent struggle group.

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#DumbKQPilots : With No Honour Or Shame, Bribed KQ Pilots Union Expresses “Solidarity” With Doctors

The Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA), umbrella body of pilots flying the national carrier Kenya Airways, today lent their support towards the on-going doctor’s strike, which has rattled the Jubilee regime.

Jailed for standing firm, by a judge bribed by the Jubilee regime, the doctors resolve was tested to the furthest limits, and now they have crossed the psychological barrier, setting a new precedent for industrial action.

Previously union officials used to call for industrial action, and use it to extort monies from Government or companies they represented. But KMPDU, having learnt from past mistakes, was not bowing to pressure, including bribery attempts in Mombasa where they had been “summoned” for some brown envelopes.

KALPA is perhaps the most notorious union, second only to KNUT when it comes to getting hopes of its membership high, only to be bribed and calling off strikes in rapid succession.

KALPA officials have stood by and watched Titus Naikuni cannibalize Kenya Airways, and now they are in bed with Michael Joseph, who from his history at Safaricom, is set to finish the little that Naikuni left. Unlike the telecommunications industry, aviation has many players who perhaps won’t be swayed by the monopolistic tendencies Joseph is familiar with.

CAPTION: Dumb pilots were bribed to call off their strike by Transport CS James Macharia. 

These same KALPA union officials were misled to believe that Kenya Airways CEO would be sacked before June. It’s now February and the eating-fest between Joseph and Mbuvi Ngunzi continues in earnest. The expensive leases where we hear the Kenyatta Family in involved, continue to drain KQ coffers, keeping ticket prices high.

One would see their young, polished demeanour and think that these pilots are very smart, but flying planes apparently isn’t a preserve of the smartest tools in the shed. Ronald Karauri the former KALPA Secretary General was complicit in enabling Titus Naikuni obliterate KQ coffers.

However, we hope that those dumb KALPA fuckers have learnt their lesson, because we don’t expect them to behave like assholes whose work is to extort money from Government. Pieces of shit like Wilson Sossion and Francis Atwoli. We now want these revolutionary unions to cease any affiliation with COTU because Atwoli just uses it for his own private gain.

Pilots need to convene a Special General Meeting and immediately elect new KALPA officials, who will represent their interests with clarity and finality, unlike this current office whose work is to solicit for bribes from Transport CS James Macharia in exchange for calling off strikes.

[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”401855936569011″ connections=”show” width=”300″ height=”55″ header=”small” cover_photo=”show” locale=”en_US”]

Our generation of young people are the ones who will change Kenya for the better, because we don’t need these greedy, shameless self-promoters, who are attracted to life on the fast-lane and would be excited by the prospect of a cash windfall from such dubious extortion schemes. It’s time we start moving away from old motherfuckers like Wilson Sossion and Francis Atwoli.

Dumb Luhya’s who reckon that Atwoli can be a spokesman of that community, are no different from moronic Kikuyu imbeciles, who spend their days bootlicking the Uhuru Kenyatta business empire as if it’s theirs. Grow up you stupid Luhya’s! How do you allow Atwoli to speak on your community’s behalf? He tried to extort doctors, and they showed him the middle-finger. Even the Court of Appeal has removed them from the negotiating panel and instead forwarded Law Society of Kenya and Kenya National Human Rights Commission.

Because Francis Atwoli is just a retarded wanker and extortionist extra-ordinaire. He just thrives on bribing journalists to posture as some sort of enigma, but he’s just a mere extortionist.

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VODAFONE: What Is Their Role In Defrauding Kenyans Through Safaricom?

CAPTION: Bob Collymore during his lavish wedding to Wambui Kamiru. 

We continue to sift through the technical mumbo-jumbo and tens of pages of explanatory excrement from the staff at Safaricom in the KPMG dossier, hoping to bring you a truly lucid and vivid picture of the official goings-on behind the curtain at the undisputed Kenyan money-spinner.

However, every so often, and confounded by the brazenness of the outright thievery we cannot help but ponder as to the “original sin” that started this company down the road to perdition, where its employees have sold their souls to the devil in return for several pieces of silver.

Mother company –VODAFONE- appears to have bought into the stereotype that Kenya (like any other African country) is hopelessly corrupt and anyone wishing to do any serious business, must be ready to ‘play ball’.

We saw for ourselves the determination of the Serious Fraud Office in the UK, for the successful prosecution and conviction of the officials of Smith and Ouzman Ltd for the crimes of bribery, in inducing Kenyan election officials to award them business in the printing of electoral ballots.

Despite a three year hiatus since the convictions of Christopher and Nicholas Smith in 2014, we saw with our own very eyes last week, the arrest of the ever sulky James Oswago, the immediate former CEO of the IEBC and more interestingly, Trevy Oyombra, a misguided young broker for Smith and Ousman Ltd.

Does someone need to make formal complaint to the SFO to occasion the opening of an enquiry file into the dealings of UK firms like Vodafone in self-evident fraudulent activities overseas?

Moreover, it’s becoming quite clear that we may have seriously underestimated current Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, taken in by his geeky and polished demeanor. It is becoming clear from the KPMG report that all these crazy “deals” couldn’t have happened without his having an inkling, but as a new CEO, was powerless to do anything, having inherited an entire infrastructure from his mercurial predecessor, Michael Joseph.

How else would you characterize the manner in which he kicked in the door of a home (ostensibly one that had problems, like any other in the World) and made away with the wife of another, and subsequently wed her in a lavish ceremony, attended by among others, the major suppliers to Safaricom and who have made a cameo appearance in the KPMG dossier?

CAPTION: “I got her mate!”, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore appears to be saying to Scanad CEO Bharat Thakrar during his white only wedding. Collymore married his love, Wambui Kamiru.

In the case of Bob Collymore, he noted very early in his stewardship the underhand dealings being carried out by members of his board and senior management. He probably believed that these people would be a hindrance to his forging a personal brand for himself, a managerial style that suited him but most importantly, they had created individual fiefdoms within the Safaricom ecosystem, where he would never have command despite being the CEO.

To speak like a Kenyan, Bob Collymore realized that he could not ‘eat’ comfortably with all these powerful vested interests in place, thus he needed to shake the tree. So, like a female Praying Mantis normally bites off the head of the male after mating, Bob Collymore ordered the KPMG audit with which he used to quietly remove some of the more powerful individuals within the organization.

So out went the like of New Zealander John Tombleson to be replaced by Sateesh Kamath, while the eviction of likes of Peter Arina and Pauline Warui allowed the sun’s rays to settle on the more agreeable likes of Stephen Chege and Janet Atika who would probably never have seen these positions in the old dispensation.

Bob Collymore had pulled off a major coup, in one fell swoop, found love brewed in an African pot and more recently had the Board approve an extension of his tenure as Safaricom CEO.
However, the KPMG report appears to have triggered an instant reaction, with Kenyans in London protesting along the sidelines of the International Conference against Corruption. Vodafone barred Collymore from attending the conference where he was slated to be key resource person.

CAPTION: Kenyans protesting against Bob Collymore and Safaricom corruption outside the venue of the International Conference against Corruption.

The ‘original sin’ with regard to VODAFONE and its acquisition of Safaricom relates to the matter of a super-shadowy company by the name MOBITELEA. This company somehow acquired 12.5% shareholding in VODAFONE Kenya Ltd, which in turn acquired 40% stake in Safaricom.
So shadowy was this company that it became part of parliamentary debate early in the Kibaki Presidency. Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph and all Directors of Vodafone Kenya Ltd denied any knowledge of Mobitelea Ventures.

There was speculation at the time that Mobitelea Ventures had something to do with Former 1st Son Gideon Moi and other KANU orphans. These posers certainly made a tidy sum from the dividends of Safaricom.

From there, it was open season on the company with anyone in a position of influence out to exact as much from the company as possible, within the shortest time possible.

However, and probably in a legal maneuver to deflect interest of the SFO in UK over questions about how individuals used a company with UK domicile to fraudulently acquire a stake in a company that had gone public, VODAFONE Kenya Ltd re-acquired the shares from Mobitelea.
By this time Mobitelea had earned billions in Dividends for its shareholders and hundreds of millions for its Directors and nominees.

Our colonial masters are happy to vary their own rules where it suits them, simple hustlers like Smith and Ouzman Ltd will get the Magna Carta hurled at them, while the misdeeds of the likes of Vodafone, with a bigger imprint on Her Majesty’s exchequer, would find absolution and even encouragement from the relevant English authorities.

By 2015, months before the KPMG audit was commissioned, media was awash with stories of Lebanese technology firm Mobinet losing out on a Kes. 1 Billion Contract on the basis of offering bribes to Safaricom employees.

We will continue with our serialization of the KPMG report, and feedback we are getting sent to us by Safaricom insiders on continued schemes to defraud this company.

You can easily bring down an entire building by chipping away at it brick by brick, an adage that Safaricom and its people should remember. It doesn’t take a 9.8 Richter scale earthquake.

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Pussy And The Illusion Of Sex Fuelling Consumer Spending On Valentines Day

CAPTION: A quote from Esther Villar’s critically-acclaimed book, “The Manipulated Man.” 

Men continue getting the short end of the stick, by engaging in these annual rituals of spending money and precipitating consumerism, all in a bid to woo and sleep with a woman, who won’t go out of her way to make your sexual-encounter extra special.

Kenyan women are the least creative in bed, with zero foreplay skills, zero acrobatic skills and no accompanying soundtracks to boot. Some of us are on Instagram and for instance on the WorldStar Hiphop page, there is a daily clip of women doing fitness/stretches/yoga, and you will be surprised by the thick women doing stretches, splits and other exciting thing.

Kenyan women don’t know how to dress in the bedroom, how to get their freak on, how to give head or even positions. Only a very small percentage of naturally gifted “freaks” exist in Kenya.

But what is rare in Kenya, seems like a flooded commodity/product in the US. And thanks to social-media, Kenyan men have finally come to the realisation that we are being overpriced for substandard “goods” by Kenyan women, whose biggest skillset is whining and asking for MPesa.

Feminism has been misrepresented by the marketing machinery, purely for commercial purposes. Movies and music videos have consistently painted Valentines as the day men have to inflict serious damage on their financial health, in pursuit of the same boring Pussy from boring Kenyan women.

CAPTION: Some of the emotional/subliminal tactics women use to undermine men’s self-worth. 

The day helps move volume’s in consumer spending, from luxury items to services, all in pursuit of tired-ass Kenyan bitches, who don’t know how to act/play the part. Many are only familiar with two sex positions (missionary and doggy) and will never go out of their way to please their men, because it’s been imprinted in their DNA’s that giving man Pussy, is a great favour, which must come with some sort of financial recompense.

Women going on dates with men make it look like it’s a big favour they’re doing humanity, as many prefer to moonlight, solicit for “bids” from various men and then pick on the most enticing one based on value/amount of spending.

But this pursuit of vanity is all a fallacy, and men should stop being trapped in this illusion, because women should also meet you halfway. This whole entitled attitude Kenyan women have, that some man must meet all these roles, from being their sponsor, private masseuse, sex-toy and worst of all, play father due to the unresolved “daddy issues” is all in the mind.

CAPTION: Activist against feminism Esther Villar saw through this warped concept of manipulating men, by feigning weakness, emotions and tears. 

Men have to stop this dependence on Pussy as a way of life. This desperate pursuit of different bitches to lay, has led many to financial ruin, and as you will all notice, none of those women will ever come to your rescue in the unfortunate event of your financial constraints.

Women in other parts of the world meet their men halfway, and go the extra length’s to make their men be the best that they can be.

Kenyan women will never buy you even a plate of chips because some feminist mother-hen, told them that it’s a man’s job. Yet they don’t know that in the 1st world, it’s the other way round. For instance this concept of going Dutch involves people splitting bills equally. So when you go on a date, both parties pay bills.

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So with all the strides we have made as regards to women empowerment, from including them into the wage-economy, allocating special elective seats, partitioning tenders specifically for them and the likes, these bitches still want to feign “weakness” under the umbrella of feminism, to extort men?

CAPTION: Don’t listen to society’s prescription of success. Sometimes you’re being set-up for failure. Women, especially the promiscuous Kenyan women looking for a sponsor, doesn’t add any value to man’s life. 

So the whole “women empowerment” cause is a contradiction and a convenient argument used when it suits these bitches? On one hand they want equal rights in the workplace, and on the other hand, want to be treated as “women” when it comes to paying bills or buying gifts?

These bitches can’t even buy a man a gift on his birthday. I don’t know who taught them how to be so shady.

The hypocrisy of our democracy is real.

Men, you don’t have to be tagged along this conceited interpretation of feminism. Be bold and walk away from these latter-day extortion schemes. Only expend your time, resources, to the most deserving of women. Send your mum or sister flowers for Valentines. Splurge on your plutonic female friends that always have your back.

Don’t waste your money trying to impress entitled women who think the world owes them a favour.

Watch this video where a man snaps, when despite his effort to get his woman expensive gifts for Valentines, all she offers him back is (mediocre) sex.


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