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Cyprian Is Nyakundi

Analysis : Behind the Scenes – How Jubilee ” Bloggers ” Defend the Government .


If you are a Keen Twitter user, you have probably come across Twitter Hashtags #SugarTruth and #RutoSugarVision . Let me tell you this, these hashtags dont just pop up on Twitter, Big Money is the motivation .

In what looks like a Brilliant online strategy, Jubilee online team is one of the most organized. When one of their own has been trapped in a scandal and many Kenyans on Social media are against them, these ” Bloggers ” Usually come out in full force and the damage they can do is immeasurable .

During the NYS scandal, you saw them defending the indefensible but this helped neutralize the effect hence the division you saw .  They are usually experts in everything Sugar issues, Finance , Transport Sector and even manufacturing and aviation industry . To Prove that they are just programmed machines, challenge one of them with facts one day- You will get insults instead of answers

So how do they work ?

The Jubilee government has a budget and they appreciate their ” Bloggers ” as opposed to CORD that has no online team . A close friend tells me that CORD has never and has no intention of having a strong online team . In fact all people that support Raila online do it out of the Love they have for Baba. They are never given handouts as opposed to Jubilee that Bankrolls their online team .

What is their Strategy ?

These Bloggers are fed with information especially about your dark past . They will Tweet everything and fight you endlessly . In fact if things spin out of control, These Online machines have a strong Legal backup in waiting in case somebody decides to sue . Hell yeah !!!

Are the Jubilee Bloggers succeeding ?

The answer is Yes . You see nowadays our media  houses are packed with lazy adolescent media poseurs who take the ” Bloggers ” Propaganda as Kenyans Views and the real Views from Kenyans . This information then flows to Kenyans through TVs and Newspapers –  Case closed .

Are these Guys well paid ?

The answer is yes . In Fact a Top ” Blogger ”  is paid 50K per campaign. Just do your math ( 6 Campaigns * 50 K ) = 300,000 . This cash is not taxed . There ya Go Boys . That is per month

Maybe it is time CORD appreciates their Bloggers . Baba Must stop being mean and understand that you can no longer ignore the Bloggosphere and Twitter World – Says a Cord Blogger I spoke to a few days ago in Town .

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