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An open letter to PSK PRESIDENT Louis Somoni Machogu

Louis Machogu, PSK president

Man writes an open letter to Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) president Louis Machogu.

Read below.

Niaje mkubwa,

I am crossing my fingers hoping that this letter will reach you, against the obvious odds. I know you are a proud and boastful man, therefore I will be brief.

I have never met you in person sir but everyone in the pharmaceutical field has heard about you considering your sense of pride that appears to have gone out of the window. I’m sure many have been there where you are and soon my daughter will replace you. Am writing this letter to tell you that all power is transitory and by some stroke of fate you could find yourself at the mercy of people you previously considered minions… look at bashir ,Taken to the same prison where people were detained and executed by his regime. You have been having bad days and bad blood and cannot think of anything positive to say to pharmaceutical technologists.. I agree It happens. We have all experienced moments in our lives when we let our emotions get the best of us. But I personally have experienced the other end of the spectrum, more times than I would like to admit.

I am by no means perfect. I have been mean to people, people I barely know, and people who are close to me. However, I have never intentionally gone out of my way to make people feel as if they are worthless, or put them down. That is something I would never want to do. But to you ,a pharmacist who scored a C+ and joined punjab university to only come back and get a position of psk president who have intentionally done that to pharmaceutical technologists who scored B+ and A- and joined various colleges, I would like to know why you ever discredit them yet they can beat you 10nil on the counter while dispensing , I can bet my life that there so many drug reactions that you don’t know but can be taken back to class by a pharmaceutical technologist.

What did we ever do to you for you to say those things to us? I wish I could give you the benefit of the doubt, and tell myself that you did not mean those things or that you were just having a bad day, but I can’t. Those things you said. Why do you preach water and take wine? What used to happen when you were in Harltons? Pharmaceutical technologists used to dispense morphine. Why was is legal that time yet in the current incident its not legal? It still doesn’t get to me as much as I bet you hoped it would. I’m confused, I guess you could say. Confused as to why you chose me to look at in that way. Confused as to why you never had a good thing to say about pharmtechs yet you used to mistreat them at harltons. Confused as to why all your insults directed to pharmtechs really did not make any sense. Confused as to why you were saying all these things when you still don’t even know really anything concerning dispensing and drug reactions apart from seating in your office.

I am addressing this to you because you like to put people down. It happens too often; you do this too often. What is it about putting people down that makes you feel so great? I was never one to truly take it to heart, but I know people who do. Some people care about people’s opinions more than others. Do not blame them for that. They cannot help how they feel, but you can help what you say and do. I truly believe you cannot like everyone you meet. That is just a part of life that challenges us as humans. Clearly, you failed that challenge. I may sound harsh, but I have witnessed too many people I care about being put down for reasons that are out of their control. No one is perfect, and for people to constantly put other people down for these imperfections are hypocrites and just plain mean. No one deserves to feel worthless or uncomfortable by someone else because the other person is unwilling to see the best in people.

So, to those who like to put people down like you, I have some advice for you: Stop. Please. For the sake of those who take people’s opinions of them too literally, and for your own sake. It will take a lot of negativity out of your life if you stop putting others down. I can promise you that it doesn’t make you a better person if you treat people like you’re better than them. This statement is overused, but I think it applies very well to this ending: Treat others how you want to be treated. Living by this motto can make life a lot brighter, and who doesn’t want to live a happy life?

Why didn’t you let the authorized investigators release their report first? Are you a CID or do you of late work with NSIS? Did you even go to machakos to get facts of what transpired? You just writing letters from the comfort of your office. You are ever fighting supremacy battles even in times of mourning you are just writing pathetic letters instead of advising what should be done. Soon, you will not be the president of PSK, that’s when you’ll learn we are all equal and we should think first before lashing out our tongues.

Why did you assume the pharmtech was the cause of the kids death?

Why are you initiating petty battles when a family somewhere is mourning?

Why didn’t you wait for investigations to be complete before concluding?

Why haven’t you gone to shalom to get the details of what transpired ?

Why are you writing things you aren’t sure of from the comfort of your office?

Are you positioning yourself to be a blogger or a CID?

My parting shot is, I dare you to arrange for a dispensing challenge between you and I in any pharmacy in city, we will get judges to listen,watch and even gauge us and give us results at the end of the day…so that we can know who is who . Spending 5 years in pharmacy class doing research doesn’t make you any better than us. I dare you to take up the challenge.

You can still distinguish yoursef by making an indelible Mark in the sand of time & minds of men. Your name can still be written in gold.

Waiting to hear from you .

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